“You need to eat.” He gives me another kiss. “Stay in bed and off your foot,” he says before going back to the table. He starts opening up packages. I just roll my eyes, even though I think it’s adorable that he’s so worried about a little scratch on my foot.

He hands me a granola bar and I take a bite and then another. It’s gone in a matter of seconds. He does the same, then offers me an apple, which I polish off next, along with a bottle of water. The food makes me feel tired. Between the sun and all the swimming today, and let’s not forget the incredible orgasm, I’m shocked I can even keep my eyes open at this point.

Kenton sits down next to me on the bed. “Lie down with me for a little.”

I nod as he lies back, pulling me with him. I wrap my arms around him and throw my leg over his waist, burying my face in his neck. Then my eyes feel heavy.

“Do you really want to get married?” I ask him sleepily.

“I didn’t think I did until a few months ago,” he admits easily, like it’s no big deal that he keeps implying that we are going to get married. I just kiss his neck because I don’t really have a response to that.

I want to believe everything he’s saying, but I did grow up with four brothers, and I know all the games men play. They will do anything to get in a girl’s pants, but for someone reason, I just don’t care.

Maybe I will get my heart broken into a thousand pieces, or maybe I’ll fall madly in love and really marry Kenton. Either way, I’m taking the chance. I told myself I wanted to find a little more of me, and in the few hours with Kenton I’ve already found a lot. And I want to see how much more I can find. Broken heart or not.

Chapter Eight


I wake from one of best nights of sleep I've had in years. A small stream of sunlight comes into the hut. It’s early, maybe 5 a.m. The sun is just rising and casts a sliver of orange through the small window.

Immediately I’m aware of every inch of Madeline on top of me. Somehow, during the night she rolled over onto me, her body spread out over mine. Her head is on my chest, but her legs have fallen on either side of my hips. Her small white bathing suit is the only thing keeping her from being completely naked.

The thought has my morning wood aching with need. I don’t move. Instead I just lie there and enjoy the feeling of her pressed against me. Every inch of her is touching me, and it feels like I’m in heaven.

I’ve waited so long to be this close to her. To be able to hold her in my arms and have her feel what I feel. I’ve wanted her from the minute I saw her, and nothing has changed since then. She’s fought me and pushed me away, but it finally feels like she might be mine. That we’ve cleared that air. Made her see how much I want to be with her.

I wasn’t joking when I said I was ready for marriage, and I meant with her. I never thought it would happen before I met Madeline, and I know now that it’s because I hadn’t met the right woman. When I met Madeline, that was it for me. I knew that if she wouldn’t have me, I’d just be alone the rest of my life. But I hope that I can convince her. That somehow I can make her mine, and we can have it all. The house with the white-picket fence, babies, grandbabies: a life.

Her heartbeat is steady, and I feel my own match her rhythm. I fell for her hard and fast on day one, and I haven’t stopped and thought about what to do once I finally had her in my arms. I wanted that sweetness I knew she has but could never get her to direct it towards me. It drove me crazy.

Oh, I’d planned a lot of dirty things I wanted to do, but now that she’s here with me, I just want this moment to last. I savor it and every part of her. I want to spend eternity coming up with ways to keep her and make her fall in love with me. Is that so wrong?

I feel Madeline stirring, and I smile as she lifts her head to look down on me. Her hair is a knotted mess, but she looks so adorable as she blushes.

“Guess I used you as a pillow last night,” she says, biting her lip.

“That you did. But I didn’t mind one bit.”

I place my hand on the back of her neck and pull her lips down to mine. It was meant to be soft, kind of like saying good morning to her. But when our lips connect, all of that goes out the window.

Madeline deepens it, slipping her tongue into my mouth. Her hands go to my bare chest, and I feel her nails dig in slightly, and my hands go to her hips. After just a second with her leading us, I have enough and flip us over.

I pin her arms above her head and move between her legs, the need I have for her overtaking everything. I’ve waited too long to have her, and all of that seems to be bleeding out now.

My mouth goes back to her, and I growl into her mouth as I eat her moans. She’s wiggling under me, but my weight on her is solid, and she’s unable to get free. I don’t think she’s trying to, but if she wanted to, she’d have a tough time.

I break the kiss, needing to look into her eyes. They’re so beautiful, and I want them looking at me. I’m nearly out of breath, and my heart is pounding out of my chest, but I gently brush my thumb across her cheek and take a chance.

“Let me make love to you, Madeline. I’ll take care of you, no matter what.” I lick my lips and give her one more soft kiss before pulling back and looking down at her again. “I’m all yours, sweets. Let me have all of you.”

She looks away and then looks back at me, and I can see indecision on her face. “I’m a virgin, Kenton.”

She acts like it was difficult to admit, but I just grin from ear to ear. I didn’t know how experienced she was, and I didn’t really care. But I’m beyond excited to be her first. And her last. I’ll make it perfect for her.

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