That morning she had already walked Stargazer using the old mechanical horse walker since she was forbidden to ride Stargazer until master Ahriman came. She finished giving him bath and fixing his stall for him when the vet came. Even the foreman didn't cut the horses nails and put on new hooves. After Dr. Logan was through with the rest of the horses he started in on Stargazer and heard Victoria reciting something that sounded odd. He asked her about it. She told him that was Mr. Ahriman's native language. Dr. Logan left without saying another word to her.

Victoria thought it was because the fore man had came in and she had told him that in Master Ahriman's country it was consider an abomination for a woman who was spoken for to talk to other men unless they were given permission. She had already had told Dr. Logan that plus she couldn't hang around his ranch or talk to Sarah any more, which she hated that. His ranch was the only place here in New York she felt safe. Her mother told her she was foolish for thinking that way. She saw an area of the grounds close to the barn that she could walk Stargazer around for him to get the exercise he needed to stay healthy.

Miss Schnauzer complained that Victoria was spending too much time with Stargazer and not enough time on her other tutoring to master Ahriman. He scolded her very harshly over the phone. Victoria wasn't allowed to eat that evening and made to clean the entire bottom floor. She went to bed exhausted after she sat her alarm clock. She was up early and fixed breakfast for everyone. She made biscuits and gravy. She was scolded for the biscuits not being the same size and some was not brown enough while others was too brown.

The fore man had to go to town to get supplies with the other men. Miss Schnauzer went along to get a certain book that was waiting for her at a book store. Victoria used the mechanical walker. Good thing the women were in their class. She quickly took of Stargazer before returning to the house. She was deep in her studies when Miss Schnauzer came in. She grabbed Victoria by the collar on her dress and lead her to the basement where there were almost ten loads of laundry. She ordered her to get the washing done before she had to start dinner.

As Miss Schnauzer was leaving the basement Victoria under her breath stated you look one hundred thousand times meaner than a schnauzer, so I'm calling you Miss tutor butor and then made a sound while sticking her tongue out at her back. Since they had huge commercial size washer she was done with the laundry before she had to start dinner. .Victoria took down the linens and folded them the way she had been taught at prep school but Miss Schnauzer didn't think they were folded right and made her refold all of them. Copyright 2016 - 2023