The first few weeks of her tutoring things seemed to be alright until they heard of a special guest coming. Everyone started rushing around getting things ready. Victoria was shown how to make this special dinner for him. Her tutor became so upset and yelled child I gave you the recipe that you need to use for this one dish and you need to follow it just as it is written

The day he was due to arrived they were contacted by him that he had been detained due some very important matters overseas. After receiving that message the rushing around calmed down. Victoria suggested that the arm hands kept the farm up so there wouldn't be any more hustle and bustle running around as though they had their heads cut off.

The foreman of the ranch wasn't present when Dr. Logan came to examine the new horses. One in particular the foreman was concern about it's behavior. Stargazer wouldn't follow commands plus his head was always tilted up as though he was always looking at the sky. The vet found out quickly why he did that. The horse had a hearing problem and could hear better when his head was tilted up. Victoria begged him not to tell the foreman that. She stated they would kill him if they knew. Stargazer had already been beaten several times

Victoria and Stargazer took a liking to each other. As long as it was a horse that had her attention and not one of the ranch hands that was fine. She was no longer allowed to help Dr. Logan at his ranch. She strictly wasn't allowed to go anywhere. In the next few days a bunch of dresses came to begin her married life in but she could only wear them if the man she was promised to was present.

That didn't bother Victoria at all. She was happier wearing her jeans around the barn and her simple dresses in the house. She hadn't met him yet but to hear every one on the ranch you would have thought he was of the women about her mother's age said oh we just love to be his followers. She told Victoria her daughter was only seven was going to be his wife when she grew up. Victoria asked how can this be if I'm marrying him. The lady didn't answer her, she just walked away.

Victoria just shook her head and wondered what kind of a cuckoo that lady was. There was a rodeo in town and she wanted to go. She was about to sneak out when the foreman caught her. She used Stargazer as her excuse. She was taking him to the horse run to see how good he was. The fore man yelled at her replying that Stargazer was such a stupid horse that the master would have him put down. Somehow she knew she had to save this beautiful blondish gold horse with the prettiest set of eyes and reddish brown mane and tail. Copyright 2016 - 2023