“Lucky thing you don’t have to.”


“I promise.” Keely stood on her tiptoes and kissed him. “Now will you please take me to bed? I’ve heard married sex is pretty hot.”

Laughing, Jack swept her into his arms and started toward the villa. But he didn’t make it far before he stopped and set her back on her feet.

“Oh, for Christsake, Jack, what now?”

He put his mouth on her ear, loving how it always caused her to tremble. Loving her whimpering sigh.

“Ever rolled around naked on a beach?”

“Ah. No. Have you?”


“That’d be a first for both of us.”

“That would be pretty goddamned romantic.”

They looked at each other. Grinned at each other.

Keely said, “First one undressed—”

“Gets to be on top,” Jack finished as she started stripping.

“And also gets to decide if it’s hard and fast or slow and sweet,” she added.


Keely won. She had less clothing on than he did. But truthfully, the first rays of moonlight reflecting off all her mouthwatering curves distracted him.

That, and the fact she still wore that sexy white wedding lingerie beneath her sundress.


She tackled him. Pinned him. Kissed him. Owned him completely. And when they were joined in body, as well as in their hearts, Jack knew this woman would give him the ride of his life.

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