“I loved how round you got with each pregnancy.” Trevor let his fingers drag across her lower belly. “It’s a miracle. Three miracles. So don’t ever think we’re lookin’ at you with anything besides love, admiration and lust. It’s humbling what this body can still do to me every time I look at you or touch it.”

“Same here, querida. Mr. Smooth said it all right for a change.”

Chassie closed her eyes...overwhelmed by her love for them.

Trevor gathered her against his chest. “Hey. No cryin’ allowed. Why don’t we all just stay right here and nap for a little longer? There’s no reason to get up.”

“Sounds good. So we don’t have any big plans for tonight?” she asked with a yawn.

“We do have a few movies left to watch,” Trevor said.

“Right, we didn’t make it through the first one before we were all on each other.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

“It’s not. But, man, it’s been a few years since we’ve gone at it this hard.”

Edgard kissed her eyelids. “So you’d probably better rest up, huh?”

The next morning Chassie had managed to shampoo her hair and shave before she was joined in the big shower by both her men.

“You know, we’ve been talkin’,” Trevor started.

Her gaze zeroed in on their crotches, one at a time. “Looks like you’ve been doin’ more than talkin’.”

Edgard poured body wash in his hands and created lather. Then he began soaping the front side of her body, starting at her collarbones. His soft, sure lips moved from the tip of her chin up the side of her jaw.

Her entire body became a mass of gooseflesh.

Then Trevor’s body was snugged up behind hers, his mouth on her ear. “We had plans for you this morning before we have to leave.”

“But this will work too,” Edgard murmured in her other ear.

“So just relax and let us take care of you.” Trevor’s mouth skated along the arch of her neck.

Chassie sighed and closed her eyes. She loved everything about the three of them being together, but when they double-teamed her like this, focused entirely on her pleasure, well, it reminded her of how lucky she was.

Slippery hands caressed her body, front and back.

“I love how your skin smells. Not only because you use this honey, goat’s milk, and lavender body wash.”

“It is pretty cool that Sky Blue uses so much of our goat milk in their products. I never thought I could make such a good living selling—”

“Really, Chass? We’re all three nekkid together in this shower and you’re talking business?” Trevor admonished with mock outrage.

She laughed. “I’m sorry. I surrender to you both completely.”

“Good choice,” Edgard whispered, sending goose bumps cascading down her body. “Close your eyes. Let us take care of you.”

Every touch, every kiss, sent her deeper into that fuzzy white void where they owned her completely. She trusted them with everything she had, with everything she was.

“Hands on the wall, sweetheart.”

Trevor entered her from behind, angling her slightly forward as she braced herself against the shower wall. His hands continued that constant stroking as he slid in and out of her pussy; his mouth busy teasing the back of her neck.

Then Edgard dropped to his knees.

Her knees nearly buckled when his tongue began tracing her slit, top to bottom, circling her clit. “Oh God this feels so good.”

When Trevor pulled out and paused, she felt Edgard’s tongue licking the head of Trevor’s cock, then switching to swirl his tongue around the opening to her sex.

Trevor growled against her nape, slowing down so Edgard could tease them both.

Chassie started to drift, the steam from the shower returning her to that hazy state, Trevor sending her to another plane with his mouth, his hands and his cock.

When Edgard zigzagged his tongue back up her slit, her belly performed a slow, delicious roll. He spread the fleshy skin covering her clit and settled his mouth there until she came against his flickering tongue and sucking lips.

Her body still was quaking when Edgard stood and pulled her against him. Mashed between two wet, hard male bodies caused her sex to clench around Trevor’s hard shaft.

Edgard and Trevor shared a long, sexy kiss.

After Edgard pulled away, Trevor growled, “She tastes good on you.”

Chassie curled her hands around Edgard’s face.

“I need to fuck you, Chass,” he said against her lips. “With Trev. Right here, right now.”

“Yes. Please.”

Trevor pulled out of her body and backed away.

Before she lodged a protest, Edgard said, “Jump up. Legs around my waist.” Grabbing her butt cheeks, he gave her a boost. Then they were indulging in those drugging kisses.

Chassie threaded her hands through Edgard’s dark hair, holding him close and tight enough to feel his heart pounding against hers.

A cool and slippery finger circled her anus as a warm mouth sucked the droplets of water from her shoulder. Then the slick digit pressed against the opening and slipped inside.

Trevor’s breaths were short and choppy across her skin as he worked more lube into her ass, using two fingers. “Ready to take both of us, sweetheart?”

“Always.” A tingle of anticipation unfurled low in her belly as they aligned their cocks.

Both men released a hiss of pleasure when the tips of their cocks rubbed together. They pushed inside her with a simultaneous thrust. She moaned, loving that immediate feeling of fullness with a sharp bite of pain.

“You feel so good, Chassie,” Trevor murmured in her ear. “Tight and hot.”

“Warm and wet,” Edgard added in her other ear.

Trevor moved and Edgard countered the move. Slow, slow, slow and then four rapid-fire thrusts as he bottomed out in her ass. Edgard would keep the same maddeningly steady pace...and then jackhammer into her pussy like a man possessed.

Chassie’s entire body was awash in sensation. Inside. Outside. Hands, mouths, cocks. Teeth on her skin. Fingers pinching her nipples. The muscular heat of Trevor’s body behind her. The grinding thrusts of Edgard’s pelvis against her clit. She was suspended between them. Bent to their will. Their bodies working in tandem and in opposition to make her fly apart.

Edgard kissed her. Then Trevor angled her head to kiss her. Then three mouths met and it shouldn’t have worked, but it did. It was erotic as hell.

“Come on, baby, I know it’s right there,” Edgard panted. “I can feel your body vibrating. You know how this goes. We don’t come until you come.”

“I know what’ll get her there.” Trevor grabbed a fistful of her wet hair and pulled.

The sharp sting on her scalp and Trevor’s mouth sucking on the spot below her ear was like a jolt of electricity. She arched and cried out, “Harder. Faster. So close.”

The sounds of their heavy breathing bounced off the shower walls as their cocks powered into her, creating the most amazing friction.

Chassie drew one breath before she unraveled. Her cunt spasmed around Edgard’s cock and her anal muscles clamped down on Trevor’s shaft. The throbbing pulses so intense she held her breath. As the last twinge faded, twin grunts echoed. Trevor’s pelvis slammed into her butt as he spilled heat in her ass.

Edgard’s cock remained buried deep, his hips bumping short jabs as he came in hot spurts.

Trevor rested his forehead on her right shoulder and Edgard rested his forehead on her left shoulder. Her pulse still raced and her body quaked from aftershocks when she kissed Trevor’s temple and then Edgard’s. “That was...spectacular. Thank you.” She whispered, “I love you,” to each man, nuzzling ears and necks.

They lifted their heads and looked at each other with cocky grins.

“I definitely think we need to build a shower like this at home.”

Rough Road: Chapter Three

Two days after returning to Sundance, Chassie was cleaning Max up after lunch, when the phone rang. Caller ID said, Moorcroft Elem. She answered quickly. “Hello?”

“Mrs. Glanzer? This is Patricia Donkle. I’m the school counselor.”

“What happened to Westin?”

“He was involved in an altercation on the playground. He hit another student.”

She closed her eyes. “Where is Westin now?”

“He’s in my office. I’ve called the parents of the other student who was involved. School policy is a face-to-face meeting. How soon can you be here?”

“Fifteen or twenty minutes.”

“Good. Just check in at the front office.”

Chassie hung up. Max had stopped pounding on his high chair tray and looked ready to crash since it was close to his naptime.

Trevor and Sophia bounded in, Sophia chattering a million miles an hour, Edgard bringing up the rear. So it wasn’t a surprise that Edgard noticed her distress first.

“Chassie, what’s wrong?”

“The school called. Westin has been involved in a playground incident. So the counselor has asked me to come to the school.”

“Just now?” Trevor asked.

“Yeah.” Her mind raced. “So if you’ll get Max down for his nap, I’ll go—”

“No. We’ll all go.” Edgard spoke to Sophia. “Can you get Max’s coat?”

“Sure.” She skipped off.

“Now you wanna tell us what’s really goin’ on?”

“I told you everything I know. The other kid’s parents will be there.” She lifted Max out of the high chair. “Wouldn’t it be easier if one of us stayed here with the younger kids?”

“Which one of us stays?” Trevor demanded.

They looked at each other.

“We all go,” Trevor reiterated.

The ride into town was quiet—even Sophia and Max were subdued.

They traipsed into the school and signed in at the office before being directed down a long hallway. A heavyset woman, probably mid-fifties, exited the office marked Counselor. “Hi, Mrs. Glanzer?”

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