“Plus, admit it, it’s nice to have this place to ourselves.” I wriggle against Josh.

Josh pulls me even tighter against him. “Oh, definitely. No more sneaking around…”

I turn and wrap my legs around his waist instead, until I’m practically sitting in his lap. “No more being quiet while you fuck me,” I point out, before I lean in to kiss him deeply.

He grins into that kiss. I can feel the hard press of his cock growing beneath me through the thin fabric of his swim trunks. If it weren’t for the neighbors, I’d have already insisted he stop wearing those damn trunks altogether. But I have to admit, sometimes it is fun to peel them off him slowly. Like unwrapping a present every time.

I do that now. Slowly slide those shorts down his tan, perfectly-shaped legs until he’s naked beneath me. He grins up at me, and takes advantage of my momentary distraction to tug my shorts off too. I straddle him again, and he catches my hips in his strong hands. Guides me into the perfect position over him, before he slides a hand between my legs to stroke me gently, finger tracing along my slit. I’m already wet, but I only get wetter as he fingers me. He knows every way to push my buttons, exactly how to turn me on, set me on fire. Ignite the passion that never seems to die between us.

“Fuck, Josh.” I let my eyes flutter closed, rocking against his hand.

“I can never get enough of your tight little pussy,” he murmurs, as he slides one finger into me, testing. Pressing his index finger along my front wall.

In response, I wrap my fist around the base of his cock. I slide my hands up and down his length, marveling at his thickness, the velvet-smooth feel of his skin and the steel beneath. Steel that's hard for me. "I can't get enough of your cock either," I whisper. "The way you feel inside me, like you're possessing me..."

"I do." His eyes burn hot into mine. "You're mine, Paulina. And I'm yours."

I lean down along his bare body to kiss his lips. Then I work my way down his stubbled cheek to his neck, his shoulders, his chest. I get my tongue all the way to his abs before he catches me and pulls me back up to face him.

"I need you now," he hisses, and I can't deny the desire and ache in his tone.

I squeeze my legs on either side of him, let him position me directly above his cock. I shut my eyes as he lowers me onto his cock, spearing my pussy, pulling me onto him as he goes deeper, deeper. At this angle, he hits all the right spots, and I groan aloud as our hips finally meet, his cock fully inside me, making me ache with pleasure.

"Fuck. Every time." He gazes up at me with sheer lust in his eyes, which I return in equal, burning measure.

"Tell me I'm yours again," I whisper.

"You're mine, Paulina."

"And you're mine, Josh."

He starts to rock his hips, thrusting up into me. I move with him, circling my hips every few thrusts to hit a new angle, and smiling wider at the way he gasps and moans when I do that.

His thumb finds my clit as we continue to fuck, and it doesn't take him long to work me up to the brink of an orgasm. "Come nice and loud for me Pau," he orders.

His wish is my command.

When he pushes me over the brink, I cry out loud from the sheer force of it, my body shaking, pussy spasming reflexively around his cock.

"That's it, come hard for me baby."

"Josh!" I grit my teeth as he keeps his thumb circling my already-sensitive clit, making me linger at the edge, rising straight toward a second orgasm. "Fuck. I'm gonna come again. Fuuuuck," I moan again, already at the peak, falling over it.

Just when I think I won't be able to handle any more sensations, Josh grabs my hips with both hands and thrusts deep into me again, coming himself with a guttural growl.

"Paulina," he gasps as his cock twitches, and I keep rocking against him until his arms drop and his expression falls into that post-orgasm lull that I love watching.

Only then do I drop back to lie along him and wrap my arms around his face. Turn him to face me so I can gaze into his eyes close-up.

Once upon a time, he was the boy that got away. Never again. Now, he's the man who loves me. The man who has always loved me, the man I was destined to be with ever since that summertime first kiss.

"I love you," I whisper, and even now, after two years together, I still feel a spark deep in my belly as he leans in to kiss me softly, eyes locked on mine.

"I love you, Paulina. Always."

We roll onto our backs on the dock and watch the sun set overhead. We lie there until the stars come out, and I lean in against him for warmth as the air begins to chill.

“What do you think?” I murmur. “The stars still nostalgic? Still the same?”

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