“Fuck, Josh.” Finally, we’re skin-to-skin, his body red-hot against mine.

I trace the muscles of his back. Bring my hands around to feel his pecs, his washboard abs, run my fingers along the V that leads to his cock. I take my time before I finally make my way there, thick and erect between us. When I do wrap both hands around him, I marvel at the feel of him. His velvety-soft skin over his hard shaft, so thick that my hands barely fit around him. I slide my hands up to his tip, circle a thumb over it and catch a bead of precum there, as his eyes flutter closed and his mouth parts in a faint groan.

“That’s it, Pau. Right there,” he whispers against my lips.

I kiss him, and tighten my grip on his cock. Start to rock against him in a slow rhythm as I stroke him. He grits his teeth, and I grin, enjoying the effect I have on him. “You feel so fucking good,” I murmur.

He reaches between us to catch my wrists. Pulls my hands off of him, and draws my arms over my head. Holds them in the grass in one wrist while he runs his other hand along my side. “Careful.” He’s laughing as he meets my eyes again, licks my lips quickly. “You excite me a little too much, Pau. I want this to last…”

In one smooth motion, I wrap my legs around his waist. “Haven’t you teased me enough?”

“Never.” He runs his cock along my inner thigh, all the way up to my slit. Then he dances across my pussy lips, and trails along my other thigh instead. “Can you reach my jean pocket?” he asks, though I’m so distracted, it takes me a moment to realize he’s let go of my wrists again.

I pull his jeans over, fish in the back pocket and find a condom.

“Put it on me,” he says, eyes dark with desire, want. He watches me tear it open, his gaze never leaving mine, even as I unroll the the condom down his shaft.

“Tell me what you want,” he says as I wrap my legs around his waist, my task finished and my hands now free to do what they want—which is currently trail my nails down the length of his spine.

He arches against me, all muscle and heat, and my body curves into his in response.

“I want you to fuck me, Josh,” I whisper.

He grins and pauses, his lips a centimeter from mine, so close I feel them move against mine as he whispers back. “Tell me again.”

“Fuck me, Josh. Fuck me hard.”

He traces the head of his cock between my lips, along the length of my slit in slow back-and-forth motions, until he’s coated in my juices, and I’m panting with want. I can’t take it—I want him inside me. Need him, the way I’ve never needed anything before.

When he finally pushes the head of his cock into my pussy, I clench hard around him, tighten my legs around his waist, and grab his ass with both hands. I savor every inch as he slowly, slowly inches into me. He’s savoring it too, clearly, his eyes half-shut, mouth parted in a long, soft groan.

“Fuck, Paulina…” He meets my gaze again only once he’s fully inside me. My pussy aches from the size of him—I can feel him stretching me, filling me to the max, and I fucking love it. The ache, the swell, the sensation of Josh’s thick cock inside me at last. Just like I dreamed about for so many long hot nights after our first kiss. Our first kiss right here on this lakeshore.

This feels like coming full circle. Like returning to that night all those years ago, only a million times better now, because we’re both ready to take everything we want from one another.

“You feel so good,” I murmur. He laughs against my neck.

“You have no idea…” he replies. Then he pulls out of me, agonizingly slowly again, and it physically hurts not to have him inside me. But it only lasts a moment—then he’s thrusting his hips down again, inside me once more, and I arch up to meet him, matching his pace. Before I know it, we’re moving together, both of us growing faster, more desperate as our pace picks up.

He fucks me hard, drives into me, as I slam my hips up into his on every thrust. He grabs my arms again, pins them over my head in one hand, his other hand cupping my breast, his fingers circling my nipple as he continues to fuck me. At the same time, he trails his mouth along my neck, down my collarbone, kissing me, sucking at my skin, unable to leave me alone.

“I want every part of you,” he groans, and I thrust up against him in response.

“Take me, Josh. I’m yours.”

My head falls back against the grass as he keeps thrusting into me, faster, harder, until I lose track of anything but the feel of his body against mine, the hot slide of our skin, the tight grip of his hands. Pleasure starts to build deep in my belly, a rising tide of ecstasy that I won’t be able to hold back when it hits. I hook my ankles around him, grip his waist tight with my hips as I keep thrusting in time with him.

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