Amery bucked and arched.

“Ah ah ah. None of that. You have to stay still because I do have you on a short leash today.”

“You bastard.”

He laughed. “Keep it up, sassy mouth, and I’ll add to your punishment.”

“Punishment? What the hell? I didn’t do anything!”

“Really? Making plans when I’m dead to the world and then ignoring me for fucking Facebook when I try to discuss those plans is something.”


His breath drifted across the nape of her neck. “Feel free to scream and moan, but baby, you don’t get to move.” Ronin started out by kissing and teasing her upper back—one of the most sensitive sections of her body. He yanked down the front of her camisole and played with her nipples, amused by the arch and release of her spine when he worked both sides of her at once.

When she’d settled down, Ronin upped the stakes by turning on the vibrator. First he used it on her nipples and the lower curve of her breasts, then he rolled it between her hipbones before he set it directly over her clit.

Once again she bucked hard.

“Let it happen,” he murmured against her shoulder. “But keep your body still.”

“I can’t!”

“You can. I know you’re gonna come hard, baby. So hard.” He sucked on the back of her neck, marking her. “I feel your blood pumping. I feel your heartbeat here”—he slid the vibrator up and down her slit—“and here”—he rocked his hips against her ass—“and here”—he pinched her nipple and held it. “I want you to feel all those places pounding when you come. But I do not want you to move.”

“Ronin. Please.”

“Can you do that for me?”

After a moment she said, “Yes.”

“You are so fucking sexy.” He dragged an openmouthed kiss across the breadth of her shoulders. Then he pressed his body down to hold hers steady as he cranked the vibrator to high.

Within about ten seconds, Amery detonated. The only outward sign of her coming was her yelling, “Jesus-fuck-oh-my-fucking-god!” But she kept her body still. So still that Ronin swore he felt the deep spasms of her pussy muscles against his cock when she squeezed her butt cheeks together.

When Amery dropped her forehead to the cushion and groaned, he knew she was done in.

So was he.

He shut off the vibrator and tossed it on the couch. After he straightened her camisole, he kissed the spot behind her ear. “You did great, baby.”

“Can I move now?”

“How about if you stay put and I move so you can give me that blow job you mentioned last night?”

Amery slowly raised her head and turned to look at him. “You remember that?”


She offered him a sneaky smile. “Poor baby. Tying me up always gets you so hard, doesn’t it? And add in that Master Black control-freak thing that you love to use on me and I bet it’ll take about a minute before you’re coming down my throat.”

Ronin growled and smacked her ass again. He skirted the end table and stood behind the couch. He could not take his eyes off her mouth as he dropped his shorts and took his cock in his hand.

Amery lewdly licked her lips. “Set the timer, baby, ’cause you’re going down.”

He curled his hand around the back of her neck. “No, baby, you’re going down on me. You’ve got a little give in your cord so scoot closer.”

She angled forward and ran her tongue around the head of his cock.

He hissed at that first wet lash of heat. He didn’t paint her lips with the drop of pre-come or let her tease him with tiny licks. He held her jaw open and pushed his shaft over those perfect lips and across her tongue until her mouth was full of him. There was nothing like his cock surrounded by that wet heat.

Amery closed her eyes and moaned.

The vibration traveled from the head of his cock, pressed into the back of her throat, clear down into his balls.

Keeping one hand on her neck and the other on the side of her face, Ronin started to move. Fucking in and out of that suctioning heat. Moving faster with each plunge and retreat, knowing she could take it. Knowing how much she loved it when he became a mindless beast. When his world boiled down to the hot haven of her mouth.

And goddamn if she hadn’t been right; he was about to blow.

“Look at me, baby. See what you do to me.”

Her eyes shone with possession and satisfaction as she gave him what he needed. Sucking harder when he started to come. Swallowing every hot spurt.

At some point Ronin’s head fell back and he let that dazed sensation of completion wash over him. He opened his eyes and feathered his thumb across Amery’s cheekbone as he pulled out. Slowly. Wanting to keep this connection with her as long as possible. Once the tip slipped free, he said, “Thank you.”

Amery nuzzled his hand. “I love you, Ronin. And if you really don’t want to go to the bondage club tonight—”

He put his thumb over her lips. “I want to go. I’m looking forward to it.”


Ronin hadn’t visited the clubs in Tokyo since before he’d been involved with Naomi. Although he’d done several kinbaku demonstrations, it’d been more performance art to titillate and shock because that’s what club-goers expected.

While Amery fretted about what club attire to wear, Ronin dressed as he always did; with comfort in mind. Black jeans, black boots, a long-sleeved black button-up shirt. He ran his hands through his damp hair, realizing he hadn’t had it cut since before he left the States and it needed a trim. Copyright 2016 - 2023