I grab the base of my cock and hold myself there as I look into her eyes. She’s got a slight sheen of sweat across her forehead, and her cheeks are flushed from her powerful orgasm.

“I want you raw, Noelle. Nothing between us. I’ll take care of you if I get you pregnant, but I won’t wear a condom with you. Not ever.” She looks into my eyes, and after a second she licks her lips and nods. “I’ve never ridden bareback before, but I won’t have anything between us.” She nods again. I know I’m clean. I haven’t been with anyone in years. I didn't even have a desire to after the first time I heard Noelle’s voice. From that moment I knew another wouldn’t do. I thought I could never have her and was planning to be celibate for the rest of my life because I knew I’d never want another.

I lean down slightly so she doesn’t miss what I’m about to say. “I won’t pull out either. Once I get inside you, I’m cumming in you.”

Her breath catches, but once again she nods. I feel her lift her hips in invitation, and all I can hope is that my seed clings to her womb and I bind us together forever.

I press my cock to her opening, and at the first touch of her heat, I thrust in hard, breaking through her virginity in one movement. I didn’t want to cause her prolonged pain, so I thought popping her cherry in one thrust would be best.

Feeling her tense under me, I wonder if I did the right thing. I brace my elbows on either side of her head, rubbing her forehead and trying to soothe her with kisses. After a moment, the pain seems to ease, and she starts to clench around me.

Her pussy is tighter than anything I’ve ever felt, and it’s squeezing me almost to the point of pain. I have to grit my teeth and fight myself not to cum, not wanting to end this too soon.

I start to make small shallow thrusts, working my way up to fully moving in and pulling out. After a few more strokes, Noelle is moaning and scratching at my back, begging me to go harder. I bury my face in her neck and give her what she wants, all the while trying not to cum too soon.

I feel her legs go around my waist, her heels digging into my ass. I moan at the feeling of being inside her tight body. The sound of our sexes slapping the sticky passion between us is loud in the quiet room.

“Oh, God, Noelle.” I take her mouth again in a kiss like no other, trying to make her feel what I feel.

Her pussy clamps down on me one final time as her body explodes in an orgasm. I swallow her cries, wanting to devour her passion, as I thrust into her and release my own orgasm. I feel the cum pump out of me as her pussy squeezes it from my cock. My seed coats her unprotected womb, possibly making a baby to bind her to me.

The thought has me pumping even more cum into her, wanting her to be mine in every way.

Once we’ve both come down from our peaks, I kiss her lips softly and smile down at her. I feel like I’m floating, and at the same time I’m completely spent.

Not wanting to pull out of her, I roll us over so my big body isn’t crushing hers. She lies across my chest, and I play with her hair, whispering all the ways I’m going to love her body tonight.

Chapter 9


“That was…” I trail off, searching for the words for what that was. My body feels like Jell-O, and I have no desire to leave this spot for the rest of my life. His cock is still nestled deep inside me, as hard as he was when he first entered.

“Perfection,” Alex finishes for me, drawing my eyes up to his. I see a fire dancing in the deep blue depths. ‘Perfection’ works, but it was more than that. All of this feels…life-changing. He holds my stare this time, not looking away as he gives me a clear view of his face. The fire lends a glow to the room, letting me see all of what he’s been trying to hide.

I don’t want to hide. I’m sick of this game. Just like when I got naked and went after him, I’m going to throw my cards on the table. All or nothing. I can’t go back to what we had before. Not even just working for him, but being forced to have daily calls with him and not being with him would rip me in two. There’s no going back. I’ll just fling myself over the cliff and I pray he’s going to catch me.

“I’ve wanted this for so long.” His eyes widen a little at my words like he’s shocked by them. How he doesn’t get it, I have no freaking idea. Any red-blooded woman would want him. He’s beautiful in a rough manly kind of way. His scars only add to his whole appeal. After all the romance novels I’ve read, I seem to have found my own sweet, brooding, scared hero. I want to keep him, and I want him to want to keep me, too.

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