Her soft full lips part slightly, and all I can think about is kissing them.

“Alex,” she whispers, and I start. I think for a second she’s awake and knows I’m here, but she doesn’t move and doesn’t open her eyes.

She’s dreaming of me.

The thought has my heart beating out of my chest, and the biggest, goofiest smile crosses my face. She’s dreaming of me. Me!

I reach down and scoop her up in my arms, carrying her out of the room. She wakes a little at the movement, wrapping her arms around me, her body clinging to mine.

“Alex?” This time when she says my name, I can hear she’s still a little sleepy but coming round.

“The power’s gone out, and there’s no heat up here. You can sleep downstairs with me.” My cock tries to break free of my underwear at the feeling of her in my arms and the image of her in my bed. Even though there are about three feet of layers between me and her body, having her against me is heaven.

The temperature is in single digits outside right now, and the chill is settling in fast upstairs. The house is built well and insulated for the cold, but even a place like this is affected during this kind of winter.

“Okay.” She leans into me a little more, and I feel her cheek press against my neck. I nearly lose my footing on the last step. My body goes rigid with equal parts fear and lust.

I walk back to my bedroom and place her on my bed, and she looks up at me sleepily. “Where am I?” She blinks awake, and I turn away from her to grab some more wood and throw it on the hot coals. The fire comes to life, crackling as the flames lick the logs, and I stand still, facing away from Noelle.

“You’re in my bed. It will be warm in here for you tonight. I’ll sleep on the floor.” I grab a blanket and pillow from the closet and throw them on the ground between the bed and the fireplace. “The fire in the living room is out, and it’s late.” I don’t mention that I could get it going again in about sixty seconds, opting instead to keep that fact to myself.

“The bed is huge. You can sleep up here with me. I’m sure we can manage to stay on our own sides.”

My cock aches at the thought of not only having her in my bed but my being in it with her. Her voice once again penetrates my body and makes a chill run down my spine. What I wouldn’t give to have her read to me.

I turn to face her, the only light in the room from the fire behind me.

“You should undress.” I see her eyes grow wide with shock, and I realize how my words sound. “I mean that you actually stay warmer in cold weather if you’re naked. I mean, you should remove your coat and as many clothes as you’re comfortable removing. It will help keep you warm tonight in case it gets colder.”

I see her nod, and she sits up, removing her heavy coat. I can’t help the laugh that escapes me at her Christmas sweater. She looks down at her chest, and I think I can almost see her blush in the weak light.

She reaches under her sweater and I hear a click, and suddenly her sweater lights up. I actually laugh out loud, and I hear her laughter too as the room is illuminated by the blinking lights. “I should have thought of this when you said the power went out.” We both laugh a little more as she reaches under again, clicking the switch and turning it off. “Better save that for an emergency.”

I love the sound of her giggle, and my own cheeks hurt from smiling. I can’t remember the last time I felt so light and…happy.

Trying not to stare as she removes her sweater, I go around to the other side of the bed, sitting down and facing away from her. I remove my own shirt and slip off my sweatpants, leaving on just my underwear. I’ll be fine as long as I stay on my side of the bed. It’s a king-size, and I’d have to roll over a couple of times before we touched, so it should be totally okay.

When I’m as undressed as I think I can be, I lie on my back and look up at the ceiling. I feel my heart beating a thousand times a second as I try to breathe regularly. Why does it feel as if I just ran a marathon?

I feel the mattress move, and the top comforter rustles. Oh, God, she’s in bed with me. Noelle is in bed with me.

“Thank you, Alex. For everything.” I close my eyes as I listen to her words, her voice hypnotizing me. Suddenly, I feel her cool fingers touch my hand and run up my forearm. “I know this isn’t what you had planned tonight, but thank you for taking care of me.”

“Always,” I whisper as I feel her fingers leave my arm, and a silence falls between us.

Chapter 7


I wake plastered to a warm, giant body. It takes me a moment to remember where I am. It all comes flooding back to me, but I stay perfectly still, not wanting to wake Alex. It’s still dark out, and I know if he finds out I’m awake I’ll have to move, and I’ll be so embarrassed. I can’t believe how easily I wrapped myself around him.

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