I'm glad you're having a better time, but you had better be very careful with all those guns, and I don't like the sound of you jumping out of airplanes.

Why don't you ask that Sergeant or someone if they can find something else for you to do? Something on the ground would be nice. You have always been very good with animals; see if you can train their dogs or something.

Kallie just came home from school, so I'll stop for now. We need to go get her a new pair of shoes again already. She's growing up so fast. You both are.

I think we will stop in at the Diner on the way home. I don't feel much like cooking tonight.

All our love,

Signed, Mom


Dear Mom,

October 26th.

Sorry I haven't written more, but I've been real busy lately. We are all a bit anxious here. I don't know where it started but there is a rumor going around that now our unit is getting shipped out right after graduation.

Things around here have really changed.

Everyone is edgy and quiet. Sgt. Bell has been driving us all real hard too. I can't get a straight answer out of any of the Brass about the rumor.

I think that it has suddenly hit all of us, the real reason why we are here. Training to fight. Training to kill. I gotta make this letter short. We are going out on night maneuvers again and I've got to finish getting ready. I'm getting very nervous about what's going on here, we all are.

Give Kallie my love and kisses. I hope to see you soon.

Tell Kris not to forget to write to me. I still haven't gotten those pictures you told me she was sending.

Tell her to send them soon. I want to show her off to all the guys, but don't tell her I said that OK.

Signed, Your son.


My Dearest,

October 30th.

Kallie and I have spent just about every day of the last week making her Halloween costume. It's a beautiful costume, but I'm glad that it's finally finished. I've used most of this morning dipping apples for the trick-or-treaters.

I sure do wish you were here to help. You do them so much better than I do. You should just see me. I'm a complete mess and just about everything is covered in sticky.

Kallie and I came up with an idea at breakfast this morning. Since it's your birthday tomorrow, we decided to go ahead and have a party for you, even though you're not here.

Kallie is going to do the decorations. Kris said she will make your cake and Bill is going to bring his big fancy camera and take loads of pictures. Gary promised to get the guys together and bring them all over too.

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