Speeding down the street I turned the same corner where they had gone to face a busy intersection with what seemed like hundreds of other vehicles all busily going in every direction. I couldn't possibly know which way they had gone at this point so I let go and allowed my intuition guide me.

I slammed the blinker on and turned out into traffic, scanning everywhere around me for the blue sedan that they had driven away in. Once again tears began to pour down my face in frustration as I passed block after block all loaded with people and cars but I couldn't see the one I was looking for anywhere.

With all the force left in me I drove carefully around the area searching intently for any sign of the car, then just as I was about to give up I caught sight of them. I stepped down hard on the gas and dodged my way through traffic to get to them.

I watched as the car pulled into a small shopping center and slipped into a stall between two large trucks. I quickly pulled up behind them and throwing my car into park, I removed my seatbelt, grabbed the little pink box, and was out of the car and on my feet in one swift motion. I had caught them.

With long strides I made my way to the driver's side window and tapped the glass with my knuckle. The older lady inside the car began to scream and flipped the door locks, it was the wrong car.

Confused and mortified I tried to apologize to the frightened woman now holding a cell phone to the side of her face yelling something incomprehensible, undoubtedly she was calling the police on me, and hanging onto the inside of the door handle for dear life.

I looked around and ran back to my car. I drove myself home somehow and sat in my garage clutching the little pink box and beating myself up inside for my thoughtlessness in not remembering to give her the locket.

It was so important to me that she have a small piece of something to remember me with.

It's been awhile now, since I was allowed to see my little princess. My arms still ache to hold her, my heart begs to hear the sound of her laughter and my very life force craves to hear her call me Daddy, one last time.

So I beg this favor of you, if you see her out there playing in the playground somewhere, she's the pretty little girl without a locket around her neck, would you take the time to tell her that her Daddy loves her and misses her and thinks about her every day.

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