I can't begin to thank you for believing in me so strongly and devoting so much of your efforts toward advancing me into such success. In this I regret to admit that I will not be renewing another contract with you or submitting any more manuscripts for you to publish.

I remember because I cannot forget, and I tell you this because it is a part of me and I must tell this story.

You see it is important for me to finish a journey that I have realized is my true destiny. I have sold everything there and will not be returning. I have moved back to Oregon because after all these years I was finally able to buy back my Gamma's house and the land around it.

There is this very bare plot of land at the back of my property that I must tend to and the matter has become quite urgent for me, because my daughter is now expecting a little girl, our first grandchild, and in my heart I feel that she must have a tree house waiting for her to grow old enough to discover and I need time to prepare because I will soon have a very new audience to tell new stories to.

I know now what driving force that my grandfather must have had, and my wife is in her own search to find a recipe for the best lemon sugar cookies in the world, and I have little doubt that they will be smothered in love by her for our special little lady.

You see, I have a lot of work ahead of me and a desperation to finish it which is growing in me at a rate I cannot ignore any longer. Please accept my deepest apologies but I must stop now, and go finish a summer garden.


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