"Gamma look", I exclaimed running to her bedroom windows. I couldn't contain myself any longer and running back into my room I slid my feet into my slippers and yelling out to my mother that the snow had finally come, and on my birthday! I hurriedly raced down the back stairs and grabbed my coat hanging by the back door.

I was bouncing through the thick snow toward the gate when I heard my mother call out for me to come back inside and warned me that I would freeze to death, which fueled me to run even faster toward my tree house.

I played in the snow until I couldn't feel my soaked feet any longer and then begrudgingly went back to the house to get into warmer clothes. I decided that I was going to make myself a snowman for my birthday, sort of like a present to myself and it would be the best one ever made.

Mom was talking on the phone when I hiked my slushy soaked slippers back up the steps and I knew that mom would be upset about the mess, but I didn't care.

I dressed myself in the warmest clothes I could find, the door between mine and Gammas room was closed, which meant that she was awake and breakfast would be ready soon, and I hurriedly grabbed my boots out from under the bed.

With boots and socks in my hands I headed back down the back steps, careful not to step in the cold slush that I had left before, and sat down at the table where we usually ate breakfast. It wasn't until I had pulled on both of my socks that I noticed no one else was in the kitchen.

There was no breakfast cooked and waiting.

There were no delicious smells coming from the oven. Mother must have gone back to bed, and now I was all alone in the kitchen and it wasn't even nap time.

I called out to my mother but there was no reply. I guessed that I had awoken earlier than usual and that when it was time Gamma would be down to make breakfast. I smiled and slid my feet into my boots and once again put on my coat and bolted for the snow cloaked tree house.

I made my snowman, gave him sticks for arms and rocks for the eyes of his face. I went back in the house to get a carrot for his nose and noticed that I was still the only one awake. I went back out and had a snowball fight with one of Gammas wind chimes and tried to dig a fort out of a snowdrift at the very back of the yard before I began to get cold enough, and hungry enough, to want to go back inside.

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