“She’s Marsh now,” Nate corrected.

“You’ll always be my Miss Lisiewicz.” He spread his arms. “Ah, I forgot to give you a kissie. Remember Jamie’s kissie time?”

I almost burst out laughing. Among the brothers, Jamie was the most affectionate. He always hugged and kissed me. Maybe because he’d grown up without a mother, he saw me as a surrogate.

Jamie pulled me into his arms and embraced me tightly, but it wasn’t the same feeling anymore. His scrawny arms had become toned with muscles, and his sweet kiss had become hot with lust. I was startled. And when he said, “I love you, Miss Lisiewicz, if Luke won’t marry you, I’ll marry you,” I froze.

Luke, the oldest, had a crush on me when he was growing up. I was seventeen at that time, while he was nine. And he always said to me, “When I grow up, I’m going to marry you.” And then, Jamie always chirped up, “If Luke won’t, then I’ll marry you.”

At that time, they were both adorable, but hearing it from a grown man was different.

“Stop it!” Nate smacked Jamie. “You’re creeping her out.”

I smoothed out the awkward moment with a laugh. Jamie joined me, but I think he did that just to humor me. Our laughter died away when we saw Luke come home. He was stunned when he saw me, and I was speechless too. If Nate and Jamie had grown to be such good-looking men, why would Luke be any different?

Standing before me was a tall, handsome man dressed in a law enforcement uniform. His hair was cut short, military style, and his firm, toned body was a testament that he was born and bred a soldier. His eyes were the brilliant green I remembered, but they were hardened as if he’d been to hell and back.

“Simone?” he started, uncertain.

“Hello, Luke,” I said, then nudged Nate. “You didn’t tell him?”

“He didn’t pick up his phone,” said Nate, shrugging. “Not my fault.”

“Good lord, it is you!” Luke strode across the room and gave me a bear hug.

I couldn’t breathe again. “It’s… shoo… goohd to shee… yoo… thoo…”

“Cut it out, Luke. You’ll suffocate her.” Nate smacked Luke’s shoulder.

Luke quickly released me. “I’m sorry.”

I gasped a breath. “That’s okay. You boys have grown so much.”

“What do you mean, ‘you boys’? You’re only eight years older than me.” Luke furrowed his lush eyebrows. “I’d say you haven’t changed much.”

“I’ve gotten fatter.”

“I like you this way. You were way too skinny back then. Now, you’re just perfect.”

The sliver of a thrill found its way into my heart. It felt nice being complimented by a strapping young lad. I’d gained fifty pounds over the years, and that was part of the reason Sam had turned his attention to a younger women. In the last fight we’d had, Sam called my ass ‘as big as a footstool.’ Damn, that hurt. It wasn’t as if I was lazy or letting myself go or anything. Not all women once they reached their late thirties could maintain their figure like they were seventeen.

“So, what brings you here?” Luke asked me.

“Nate just hired me as the housekeeper.”

“Oh?” He turned to Nate. “That’s good news. What happened to your husband? Didn’t you marry Sam Marsh?”

Jamie cleared his throat immediately while Nate made a “cut off” sign.

“Oh. I’m sorry.” Luke gave me a tight hug again. “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you. I’m so glad to see you again.”

I was a bit lightheaded when he let me go.

“When did you arrive?” Luke asked.

“This afternoon.”

“I see. I suppose you’re hungry. Why don’t we go out to eat?” he suggested.

“I thought you guys were tired of eating out. I don’t mind cooking,” I said. “I need to do some grocery shopping, though.”

“Are you sure?” Jamie asked. “It’s been forever since we had a good home-cooked meal.”

“No problem, at all. Really.”

“I’ll drive you to the grocery store then.” Jamie beamed.

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