I don’t know why, but being restrained like this really turned me on. My ex was lazy when it came to lovemaking. He expected me to do it all myself, and when he was satisfied, he snored himself to sleep.

I writhed as Nate removed my socks. The emergency restraints didn’t give me much room to move. He’d rendered me helpless, completely under his mercy.

Dear, Nate. Have you always been this way? Under your choirboy façade, you’re actually a perverse bastard? Behind that banker’s haircut. Behind those intelligent-looking glasses you wear…

“You’re smiling.” He noticed me, in the midst of removing his clothes.

“I didn’t expect to see this side of you,” I admitted.

He leaned down and licked my lips. “You’re going to see more than that. All sides of me.”

Nate straddled me and fisted a handful of my hair. He kissed me. He licked. He nipped. He sucked on my breasts. He painted my skin with his saliva.

I moaned. I thrashed against my bound wrists. I was his candy. His morsel of delight. He turned my brain into mush and my body into a brimstone of fire. He took his time, exploring every inch of my skin, leaving nothing untouched.


I bit my lip and shut my eyes when he tasted inside me. I didn’t expect him to do that so brazenly. Embarrassment washed over me at first. Then a pure pleasure took over. His mouth enclosed my sex. His teeth grazed my labia.

I was going to lose my mind.

He sucked and tongue-fucked me at the same time, and soon I could feel only fire. His mouth and my pussy were a welter of heat.

When he claimed my clit with the same ferocity, a violent climax wrenched my soul from my body and catapulted me onto cloud nine.

I died a little death. Like the French said: “La Petite Mort.”

I lingered in perhaps a fugue state for several long seconds. I couldn’t remember my own name as the unadulterated state of pleasure made me soar into the realm of twilight. When I came back to my senses, Nate pushed my legs up to my stomach, and his cock rested on my pubis. He was well endowed like his brother. I shouldn’t have been surprised. Great genes flowed in the Cody blood.

Without missing a beat, he put a condom on his cock.

“Simone, look at me,” Nate ordered.

In a trance, I did what he asked.

The fire in his eyes made him like a different person. What shade of Nate was I seeing now?

His voice was hoarse with lust. “Watch me as I fuck you.”

I widened my eyes. Coarse language didn’t befit him, not with that angelic face.

But my thoughts immediately burst the moment he penetrated me. Fucked me, as he said. It was more carnal than romantic the way he wanted me to see. He thrust. His cock spread me open despite the resistance from the rings of my vagina muscles. He didn’t stop until he hit my cervix.

Nate tugged and pulled as if he was looking for a deeper penetration. I moaned hard. I loved the sensation of being filled to the point of hurting. It was a good pain. One that was addictive. Even through thin rubber, I felt his veined shaft. The texture of his cock. The way he pulsed inside me. The way it juddered.

Oh my fucking God! I loved the way he felt. Loved it, loved it, lo—

I sucked hard through my clenched teeth. He pummeled his cock into me like a jackhammer, giving me no pause. No time to think. He forced me to feel, to surrender to a very basic human instinct.

Nate stared at me the whole time. He brushed a thumb over my lips. “Suck it.”

Like an obedient girl, I sucked his thumb. Seconds later, I knew why he’d ordered me to do that. He picked up speed and fucked me ferociously. Hard. Fast. So fucking deep.

Suddenly, a climax hit me.

Nate didn’t stop and continued battering me with that avalanche of thrusts. I yelped a little when a third orgasm raked through me. He removed his thumb and kissed me open-mouthed. Then he thrust his tongue inside my mouth like the way his cock ravaged my pussy. He fucked and fucked until I exploded again. I blacked out this time, even though it was only momentarily. He thrust once, twice, and climaxed.

Nate tore his lips away and groaned hard. Perspiration beaded his forehead. Our bodies covered with a sheen of sweat.

I cried quietly as I drifted into an afterglow.

He kissed me again before rolling off me and removing his condom. He lay next to me for a while, staring at the ceiling.

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