Chapter 97: The Eagle Shooting Heroes

Left without a choice, Yang Chen felt conflicted as he was dragged towards the tennis court, he bore a innocent expression and asked Mo Qianni, “If you want to go you can go ahead, I’ll go somewhere else to exercise. I’m not a VIP after all, it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to participate.”

Mo Qianni glared at him, then spoke in a low voice, “Don’t you think that I don’t know what you’re thinking of. You want to go to the swimming pool to look at women don’t you? Know this, the VIPs here are all rather famous in the business and political world. Since you work as PR for Yu Lei International, you must come in contact with these people, every level of relationship is a key to success, remember your leader’s advice!”

“I’m just someone who buys breakfast, my previous job was being a mutton skewer seller, I feel that these matters are still distant from me.”

“It isn’t far, the tennis court is right ahead.”


Maple Forest Leisure Centre’s grandeur indeed lived up to expectations, once he entered the tennis court, Yang Chen felt as if he had entered a soccer stadium. This made him feel as if he was in a western country where tennis flourished, this is because tennis isn’t very developed in Huaxia, it was truly special to use such a large space to play tennis; he would be able to understand it if it was table tennis though.

On the tennis court with a meticulously coated red and green surface, there were already quite a number of people in tennis wear and swinging rackets, there were also beautiful ladies among them, the well-developed chests shaking as they ran was a sight to behold. The men were at a side cheering, but who knew what kind of “ball” they were actually looking at.

Following Tang Wan, they walked to the southeasternmost court. The facilities there were even more luxurious in comparison, other than the grandstand with leisure seats, there were several attendants serving beverages, and there was beautiful blues music being played in the background.

At this time there were already quite a number of men and women chatting at the court, and the only ones who were actually playing tennis were two young ladies. According to the analysis of Yang Chen, a tennis amateur; these two ladies adopted very graceful postures, and had fascinating physiques, but their eyesight must be pretty bad. The ball is so slow yet they can’t receive it, it was basically a ‘you serve, I serve’ situation, neither of them could receive a served ball.

“Boss Tang, you’ve finally come, we’ve been waiting for you.” A handsome man said with a smile.

“I didn’t expect Boss Xu to be here too, you’re a truly rare visitor.” Tang Wan generously shook hands with that man.

“If Boss Tang didn’t come, it’d be boring for us to continue playing.” Said a middle aged man with a large belly.

Tang Wan exposed a radiant smile, “Boss Shao sure knows how to crack a joke, today we’re all here to have fun playing tennis, it’d have made no difference even if I didn’t come.”

“Don’t say such a thing, if the host doesn’t come, we won’t have the heart of the group.” A pretty lady flattered.

This bunch of rich people warmly greeted, but in ten sentences not a single one was true.

Mo Qianni and Yang Chen who made their appearance alongside Tang Wan naturally received attention as well, some of them instantly recognized Mo Qianni who was rather famous in the business world, and immediately came forward to greet her.

“I never expected Miss Mo to come as well, long time no see. Miss Mo is still as beautiful and charming as ever.” A middle aged man with scholarly looks praised Mo Qianni, he seemed very sincere.

Mo Qianni nonchalantly smiled, “Boss Huang is too polite, I bumped into Boss Tang and she told me there’s a game going on here, Qianni is just here to join in on the fun.”

After that, a number of people came up to chat with Mo Qianni as well, the mood was pretty good, but they very naturally left Yang Chen alone, without rejecting him or getting closer to him. These elites of the business and political world had rather cruel judgement, they could easily tell that Yang Chen’s true identity definitely wasn’t some important person. From the way Yang Chen followed Mo Qianni, they were able to obtain a verdict, majority of them directly guessed that Yang Chen was something like an assistant to Mo Qianni, while some secretly thought that they could be having some sort of affair; this was something that was commonly seen in their circles.

As a result, Yang Chen relaxed and sat in a corner, watching the two women chat with a bunch of people he didn’t recognize.

“Miss Mo, I heard that your company’s Boss Lin is unwell and has been hospitalized, is this true?” As they chatted, there was finally someone who brought up Lin Ruoxi’s condition.

Mo Qianni nodded with a slightly worried look, “That’s right, Bureau Chief Zhao, but our CEO should be discharged next week, she’s already back to good health.”

Bureau Chief Zhao joyfully said, “That’s good, our government’s leader actually has a very high appraisal of your company’s performance over the last few years. Boss Lin is a lady who could triumph over men, at such a young age she managed to lead Yu Lei International to obtain such fantastic results, with even more boldness than the previous CEO. She’s truly a necessary pillar for Zhong Hai’s chamber of commerce. I still remember the time last year when the top ten entrepreneurs of Zhong Hai were being listed, Boss Lin’s unforgettable charm…”

When Lin Ruoxi was mentioned, the bunch began flattering again, several young and promising men also showed slight expressions of yearning.

Yang Chen secretly forced a laugh, looks like there is nothing that could be done about Lin Ruoxi’s cold temper, if she showed a little more warmth, the men that had ideas about her would indeed be enough to flood her doorway.

Seeing that they had chatted just about enough, Tang Wan suggested, “Everybody came here to play tennis, I think we can just leave official matters aside for now; I wonder who would like to go up to warm up first?”

“Haha, Boss Tang is right, then let me Old Liu go up to show off a trick or two, who would like to exchange blows with me?” A straightforward middle aged boss smiled as he picked up his tennis racket and asked.

“Let me.” A slightly plump woman who had obviously taken good care of her skin picked up her racket with a smile, “Big Brother Liu must show me mercy, I’ve just given birth a few months ago, my body still isn’t it tip-top condition.”

“For sure for sure……”

Yang Chen looked at the woman swinging her plump butt to chat and play tennis with the man, in his heart he secretly laughed and thought whether this was playing tennis or flirting?

The warm-up game for tennis had only just begun, and another bunch of people came from the side of the court. The one leading them was a man who wore sunglasses, pink polo tee, and had a fair and clear skin. He wasn’t considered tall or large, but he had a charming aura which ordinary men didn’t have, causing him to seem rather feminine and glamorous. If it wasn’t for his adam’s apple, he could easily be taken as a youthful maiden with gender neutral makeup.

The man was accompanied by three subordinates who held sports equipment, and four bodyguards fully clad in suits; even under the blazing sun they didn’t let allow any slack, and they vigilantly observed their surroundings, they seemed to be of high quality.

The appearance of this group of people received the attention of many others at the court, but their expressions were somewhat different from when Tang Wan came. Although they were still smiling, these people’s eyes contained a tinge of fear.

“I never thought Young Boss Zhou would come, your presence truly brings light to my humble place.” As the host, Tang Wan was the first to go up and greet him.

The young man with the surname Zhou gently smiled, took off his sunglasses, and revealed a pair of enchanting single-eyelids. He made a light handshake with Tang Wan, and immediately let go in a refined manner, “Boss Tang must be joking, I, Zhou Dongcheng had just used my father’s reputation to get to know everybody here, I’d be happy as long as everybody doesn’t hate me for interrupting midway.”

Hearing the name ‘Zhou Dongcheng’, Yang Chen’s eyebrows creased, he pulled on Mo Qianni’s elbow, and whispered a question, “This Zhou Dongcheng, is he Dongxing Group’s Zhou Dongcheng?”

Mo Qianni gave him a weird look, and said with a smile, “I couldn’t tell, you even know about the Dongxing Group, looks like you aren’t actually completely ignorant. That’s right, he is Zhou Guangnian’s only son, the great Young Master of Dongxing. I’d advise you to stay away from him, otherwise it could be dangerous.”

“Dangerous? He seems rather polite though.” It was the first time Yang Chen met Zhou Dongcheng in person, he’d never have thought that Rose’s potential enemy’s young master would be a delicate young man like this. Moreover, from his manners, Yang Chen definitely wasn’t able to tell that he was born as a part of the underworld.

Mo Qianni face warped a little, and she used small voice to tell Yang Chen, “The danger I mentioned, is because he doesn’t like women……”

If he doesn’t like women, then what does he like?

That’s right, men!

Yang Chen quivered all over, it’s no wonder he refused to touch a top grade beauty like Tang Wan for a single moment longer than necessary, it wasn’t about being polite, he just didn’t like coming into contact with women!

Mo Qianni saw how Yang Chen’s face looked like one that had just eaten rat poison, so she chuckled and whispered, “What are you afraid of, with a face like yours he wouldn’t even look at you!”

But Yang Chen wasn’t listening, because he had suddenly thought of something. A few days ago he saved Chen Bo while he was out for supper, at that time Chen Bo said there was a man with the surname Zhou that requested for Chen Bo to serve him. Surnamed Zhou, yet able to force a small gang leader like Guo Ziheng to personally go out to catch someone, seems like there was only this man, Zhou Dongcheng!

Thinking in this way, he was able to connect the dots. Some time ago, he was followed by a black Honda with several strangers, and was puzzled as to who sent them, but now it seemed like it had something to do with Zhou Dongcheng. It was him who told Guo Ziheng to let that boss come look for him after all.

Sure enough, after Zhou Dongcheng simply chatted with the people of the business and political world for a while, then carefreely looked towards Yang Chen while giving him a “lovely” smile.

Yang Chen originally thought that would be all, but after Zhou Dongcheng chatted with several of those big bosses for a while, under their astonished gazes, he walked with a strong ladies’ perfume smell to Yang Chen’s side, and sat down in a womanly manner.

“Hello mister, would you mind if I sat here?” Zhou Dongchen had a face that resembled male korean celebrities, thin lips and rosy face, looking at him closely now, his skin looked pretty smooth as well.

Although Yang Chen had met a number of men like this overseas, it’s the first time one sat so close to him. He forced a smile and spoke in a reserved manner, “You’ve already sat down, what’re you asking me for?”

“To sit is my right, I asked because I wanted to know your opinion.”

“Then can I not permit you to sit here?”

“You can’t.” Zhou Dongcheng spoke unreservedly.

Seeing the two who were strangers speak like they were familiar with each other, those who knew better revealed weird smiles; they naturally thought that the homo Zhou Dongcheng had already taken fancy to the male secretary Mo Qianni brought.

Mo Qianni’s mouth was hung open, amazed to the point that she couldn’t speak a word. She had just said that Zhou Dongcheng wouldn’t have interest in Yang Chen, but she didn’t expect her words to have the opposite effect. After seeing Yang Chen’s distressed look, Mo Qianni nearly couldn’t hold back her laughter.

The two’s conversation wasn’t in whispers, so a number of people in their surroundings heard it.

At this time, Zhou Dongcheng courteously asked, “I wonder how should I address you, Mister. My name is Zhou Dongcheng, currently Dongxing Group’s vice-chairman.”

Feigning ignorance? Yang Chen felt a burst of discomfort in his heart. He pouted and said, “My (laozi) surname is Yang, name’s Xijiu, Yang Xijiu! Yu Lei International’s PR Department’s number one male PR. Incidentally, there are a total of two men running for that position……”

[TL: Laozi is a rude way of saying ‘I’ to someone, could be referred to as ‘I, your father’ but it’d sound weird in this case. As for his made up name Xijiu ‘西就’ , it’s to complement the name Dongcheng ‘东成’ because together they form 东成西就, which is a movie called The Eagle Shooting Heroes, a parody of Louis Cha’s Legend of Condor Heroes.] Copyright 2016 - 2024