Chapter 92: They may all get lost

When Yang Chen said that, it was as if everybody in the scene froze over with interesting expressions.

Liu Yun and An Zaihuan both began to suspect that they heard wrongly. Immediately after, An Zaihuan was once again bubbling with anger, while Liu Yun squinted his eyes, like he couldn’t understand what was going on in this man’s mind.

An Xin was the most excited, crying tears of joy. Her sparkling tears rolled out of her eyes!

He is truly my knight! The knight that would charge through, regardless of everything for me!

Damn their reputation! Damn their money! Damn their tight-lips!

If I did it then I did it! There’s nothing that mustn’t be said, nothing that can’t be said!

This man who smoked pungent tobacco that’s of poor quality, who looks average, who I haven’t known for a day, who I used for my absurd plan, used his reputation to protect my tottering dignity!

“Yang Chen I love you to death!”

Because she instantly returned to heaven from hell, An Xin joyously jumped into Yang Chen’s embrace, her arms hooked onto Yang Chen’s neck. Without caring about how Yang Chen smelled of smoke, she firmly kissed Yang Chen’s lips.

Even if there is my father, fiance, and bodyguards watching, so what!?

They can all get lost! I’m kissing this man!

Yang Chen was a little shy. Girls these days are too innocent, my old hoodlum roguish style is seen as dashing to her, and she even took the initiative to to kiss… yep, although it doesn’t feel as good as smoking, once the fact that we’re kissing in front of her father and fiance factored in, this feeling of superiority is actually pretty good.

Especially a young and rich man like Liu Yun, who puts on even more airs than me, but in the end, didn’t your woman still leap into my embrace?

“Wuwu……” Yang Chen vaguely said, “An Xin… don’t bite my tongue……”

An Xin couldn’t control herself, and left many hickies along Yang Chen’s mouth, face, and even neck.

An Zaihuan who was already angered to the point of fainting saw how affectionate his daughter was to this wild man, and nearly puked blood from the anger. He trembled and clenched his teeth as he watched, yet he wasn’t able to curse out, and panted.

Liu Yun’s face was incredibly gloomy, but he still wasn’t angered. He calmed An Zaihuan down, so as to avoid injuring the body, after placating him for a while, he gracefully turned back and unflinchingly said, “Mr. Yang, it looks like you aren’t willing to cooperate.”

Yang Chen laughed and said, “Well… it isn’t that I’m unwilling to cooperate, but as a person I don’t have the habit of staring straight at someone and lying, especially when it comes to a serious matter like this. A person needs a good reputation, but also needs to have an understanding of shame and honor. A lady’s chastity cannot be made into nothing. I believe that if Great Young Master Liu truly likes An Xin, he would understand this principle.”

“If I don’t truly love her, I wouldn’t put in so much effort to cover this up for her.”

Yang Chen shook his head, and revealed a serious expression for once, “What do you want to conceal? What you’re concealing isn’t just her purity, it’s also her dignity. If you truly love her, you should love everything about her, even if she slept with a hundred, a thousand or ten thousand men, you should still calmly accept her, and not put in all your effort to concealing the facts. Unless… what you love is just the outer shell, and not everything else there is to An Xin other than her body.”

“Mr. Yang, take back your preposterous speech, do not doubt my sincerity towards my fiancee.” Liu Yun face turned unsightly.

An Xin, on the other hand had difficulty concealing how touched she was, she had just wiped away her tears, and was about to cry her eyes out again. She slapped Yang Chen’s chest to complain, “Annoying, you keep saying words that would make me cry, are you trying to bed me again?”

“About that, it wouldn’t be good to do it in broad daylight, right?” Yang Chen awkwardly laughed, he was just being honest.

Seeing the two of them flirting as if there was no one else around, no matter how much self-control Liu Yun had, it still wasn’t enough. He squinted his eyes and said, “Mr. Yang, please watch your conduct. An Xin is still my fiancee, I will not change my decision when it comes to this marriage! If you wish to witness the scene of us getting married unscathed, then you better stop sticking onto my fiancee!”

After hearing these words which contained a tint of threat, Yang Chen instinctively got into a bad mood. He sneered and said, “How I treat my darling is my freedom, as for whether or not I can witness the scene of your marriage with An Xin, you’d still have to ask An Xin whether she’s willing to marry you. I believe this problem is still worth discussing.”

An Zaihuan slowly breathed out, he was already in a towering rage as he loudly reprimanded, “You bastard! Did you eat the heart of a dragon? Who the hell do you think you are!? You think that we truly can’t touch you just because this stinking brat is protecting you!? As long as I, An Zaihuan, still have a single breath remaining, I definitely wouldn’t let a bastard like you who is lower than low have a peaceful life! Do you believe that I can have my people beat you up right now!?”

“You’re not allowed to harm him!” An Xin noticed that her father genuinely intended to make a move, and quickly spread her arms to protect Yang Chen. Her heart was very touched and full of guilt and towards Yang Chen, how could she care about anything else!?

Yang Chen sneered, as if he heard the greatest joke in the world, he gently yet irresistibly pulled An Xin behind him, took a few steps forward, and said to An Zaihuan and Liu Yun, “I’ve been rather poor recently, and can’t compare to you guys in riches. I don’t have as many subordinates as you, and the car I drive isn’t as expensive as yours… however, that doesn’t mean that I’ll let you guys bully me. Also, I don’t have the habit of using a woman as my windshield. Face is acquired by one’s two hands, and not by one’s mouth.”

When he spoke till this point, Yang Chen’s expression was frighteningly gloomy, his penetrating gaze made An Zaihuan and Liu Yun feel a little uncomfortable.

“Old man, let me tell you, I hate being threatened the most. I, Yang Chen, stand before you today, with a pair of arms, a pair of legs, I also have much thicker skin than you guys. I banged your daughter, and I didn’t just bang her once or twice, I did her over ten times in a single night, are you as competent as me? I already did it, and had a great time doing it! Your daughter also had a great time! Perhaps in days I would have your daughter give birth to a son for me! What can do you about it!? What do you want to do about it!?”

“You… you… I…” Hearing such flagrantly foul language, An Zaihuan’s eyes directly rolled back, he was so angry that he didn’t get to say a thing and fainted over.

Several bodyguards were flustered as they supported him and brought him back into the car.

Hearing Yang Chen’s tyrannical words, An Xin’s cheeks were flushed. She herself was astonished by the fact that she didn’t get angry over those words, and instead felt sweetness inside. She looked at Yang Chen’s figure from the back, which wasn’t tall or broad, yet felt a firm and steady mountain-like feeling of security from him.

However, Liu Yun was agitated to the limit, there had never been a person who blatantly provoked him like this. He sneered and said, “Mr. Yang, you will regret your rude actions today.”

“Regret your sister!”

At the same time Yang Chen said that, his body suddenly charged forward. Like a snake, his hand abruptly grabbed onto Liu Yun’s neck!

“Young Master!”

The bodyguards simply didn’t have any time to react before Yang Chen had already grabbed hold of Liu Yun’s neck, the most deadly point to hold onto!

“Release our Young Master!” Several bodyguards angrily shouted, but didn’t dare to rashly make a move. This is because they felt vigorous rage from Yang Chen’s eyes, and also… killing intent!

Liu Yun saw that he was taken hostage, and tried punching and kicking Yang Chen to release himself, but how could that little bit of strength he obtained from physical exercise be compared with Yang Chen’s? His punches and kicks landed on Yang Chen’s body, but it was like he was tickling him and had no effect whatsoever.

Yang Chen sneered, put in a little more strength and strangled Liu Yun, then lifted Liu Yun’s body which weighed over a hundred pounds with a single arm, raising him in mid-air. It seemed as easy as lifting a rag doll.

“You… quickly let go of our Young Master!”

The bodyguards panicked, but didn’t dare underestimate this man’s strength, if he used a little more force, he might break Liu Yun’s neck. After all, someone with nothing isn’t afraid of doing anything, none of them could bear the consequences if anything happened.

Liu Yun was practically unable to breathe, his face was flushed, and he struggled for his life, but no matter what he tried to do he couldn’t break free from Yang Chen’s steel-like arm.

Yang Chen indifferently said, “I spoke nicely to you guys, if you want to get angry, then that’s fine, you wanted to scold me, and I let you scold me, for I’m magnanimous that way, but threatening me is wrong……” After he said this, he turned to An Xin who was petrified and asked, “Darling An Xin, should I strangle him to death?”

An Xin quivered all over, then understood what was going on in front of her eyes, while she was still stunned by Yang Chen’s godly speed and great strength, she hastily yelled, “No! Don’t kill, Yang Chen quickly let go of him!”

“Since darling An Xin asked for it, I’ll let you go.” Said Yang Chen as he released Liu Yun’s neck.

Liu Yun coughed severely as he fell onto the ground, his whole face was deep red, with dread he fell back to his bodyguards as he panted heavily.

“Your life is saved by An Xin, so you better not make things difficult for her, otherwise I won’t let go of your neck this easily the next time. If there’s nothing else, I’m leaving.”

After saying that, Yang Chen winked at An Xin, then turned to leave.

Liu Yun and the bodyguards expression changed, but in the end they didn’t have the courage to obstruct him.

On the contrary, An Xin couldn’t bear him leaving, but she knew that this wasn’t the time to cling onto Yang Chen. Furthermore, things had progressed to this stage, Yang Chen had already done too much for her, she had to face all of these herself next. Like Yang Chen said, she had her own dignity!

Feeling grateful to Yang Chen from the bottom of her heart, An Xin saw him off, tidied her appearance, then walked towards the Mercedes Benz.

“An Xin, where are you going?” Liu Yun asked in a deep voice, he wasn’t going to let this woman out of his sight again.

An Xin smiled, she simply couldn’t care less about him, “Where else could I go? I’m going home.” After she said that, she got into the car.

Many complicated emotions appeared on Liu Yun’s gloomy face for a moment, in the end, he murmured to himself, “What’s mine, nobody can take away……” Copyright 2016 - 2024