Chapter 90: Assets worth over a hundred million

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Early this morning after being sent into the police station, Yang Chen felt that it was truly a bad sign, at the very least, because he wouldn’t be able to buy breakfast for the ladies in the office, when he returns he would face a barrage of bullets.

Under the watchful eye of two policemen Yang Chen who wore a pair of handcuffs entered the West Region Police Department along with An Xin.

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Yang Chen looked at An Xin who refused to speak a word all this time, and couldn’t help but to ask something he was puzzled over, “Is this a deliberate plot against me, or was I so lucky to jump into the line of fire?”

An Xin apologetically looked at Yang Chen. Things had gotten till this point, and they all knew what was going on.

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“You just happened to jump into the line of fire……” An Xin softly replied.

It was definitely impossible for a well-known five star hotel like Jade Clouds Hotel to have policemen casually raiding to arrest prostitution. For Yang Chen to be caught red-handed after coming out to play once was obviously a part of An Xin’s scheme.

A woman gave her first time to a stranger she had met in a bar. After she went to the hotel she even called the police to catch him red-handed. What’s worse was, she didn’t just call the police, she even called in reporters!

Yang Chen felt that if it wasn’t An Xin who had gone mad, then the world had gone mad… he himself had gone mad, how lucky was he for a large ‘metal pan’ to fall from the skies and crash on his head like that!?

Sometimes being too liked by women isn’t a good thing for a man. Yang Chen narcissistically thought.

Although he didn’t know the specific reason as to why An Xin did this, Yang Chen wasn’t too interested in knowing either. He just thought about how to deal with the incoming onslaught of problems.

“No whispering! Move quickly!” A policeman urged them on with a yell.

Yang Chen turned around and smiled, “Police comrade, thank you for your trouble, I shan’t whisper anymore then, I shall speak loudly. However, I can’t move quickly, if I ended up running away you guys would have to catch me again.”

After seeing the policemen reveal pained expressions, An Xin who was originally in a terrible mood couldn’t help but chuckle. This man’s reaction is truly strange, he knew that I am using him, I caused him to enter the police station, which might even ruin his reputation. Yet he’s still able to joke with the policemen, if it isn’t because he was broad-minded, then it might be because he is frighteningly shrewd.

A familiar figure was already standing by an office desk when they entered the police station for an interrogation.

Cai Yan who wore the deep-green police uniform looked as graceful and valiant as ever. She crossed her arms in front of her chest, causing her pair of bulging mountains to seem extremely conspicuous. If it wasn’t that for that face which could injure people with its chilliness, she would definitely be the best choice for a uniform cosplay adult movie.

“Police Chief Cai, we meet again.” Yang Chen greeted with a forced smile, as the place they met was rather bad.

Cai Yan sneered, “You’ve made progress, the last time you entered the station by going against a syndicate. This time you got caught playing with a woman you met in a bar. I hope your wife is broad-minded enough to forgive you, if not, I don’t mind disciplining you in her place.”

Early in the morning when Cai Yan came to work, she received a report from her subordinate that they received a tip, stating that a man and woman were having special relations in Jade Clouds Hotel. As the woman involved had a rather sensitive identity, this case was immediately reported to her, the Police Chief. But what she didn’t expect was, other than this woman’s background being special, the man involved was actually Yang Chen!? She originally didn’t have a good impression of him, yet he was now her good sister Lin Ruoxi’s husband. His wife was in the hospital, yet he was doing something like that behind her back. This caused Cai Yan to turn so angry that she nearly flipped the table! She was determined to get involved in this case personally.

Yang Chen didn’t care much about the fierce words Cai Yan spoke, he smiled, looked towards An Xin and said, “This is Police Chief Cai, a good sister of my wife.” He looked as if he was very intimate with her, like he was meeting an old friend.

An Xin was shocked, she didn’t expect that the man she seduced was married! So this fella actually came out to be unfaithful, looks like he isn’t a good man either… when she thought this way, An Xin’s feeling of guilt decreased. Seeing Yang Chen still beaming at her and introducing this beautiful Police Chief, she felt that this man had a really thick skin, she forced a smile and said, “Hello, Police Chief Cai.”

“Hmph.” Cai Yan naturally wouldn’t be polite to An Xin, women were always jealous or disliked other women who are of the same level of beauty as them, especially those rotten ones that give the impression of being a slut in their first meeting, “Miss An, you are also someone who has status, and born with great assets, yet you do despicable things like seducing a man who has a wife, becoming an adulterer, is there the law in your eyes!?”

An Xin didn’t mind what was said, she instead showed an enchanting smile and said, “Which is why we were caught, and even photographed by the media. Humans aren’t holy beings that never sin, if Police Chief Cai wants to interrogate, An Xin will definitely cooperate.”

“You have no shame.” Cai Yan snorted, “Don’t think that just because your clan is supporting you, I will skimp on my work, what I want to know is the truth.”

Yang Chen raised his hand and said, “The truth is very simple, we both drank too much, our emotions welled up, then we lost control of ourselves, causing us to do something beyond our ordinary man-woman friendship.”

A young policeman who was recording the words spoken smacked the table, “Don’t speak nonsense! Prostitution is prostitution! Selling the flesh is selling the flesh! Speak the truth!”

Feeling vexed, Yang Chen sighed, and patiently explained, “Policeman bro, I wasn’t speaking nonsense. After I was done playing with this woman I didn’t pay, so this can’t be considered as prostitution, right? Even if she wanted to sell herself she didn’t successfully sell!”


The other policemen present couldn’t help but laugh and even An Xin felt that he was too shameless. Her pretty face turned scarlet, and she rolled her eyes at Yang Chen. What about money and sale, why didn’t I realize how shameless this man was last night? But… he’s pretty fun.

Cai Yan noticed the abnormal mood, so she coughed, and the policemen in the room all obediently quietened down.

“Don’t flaunt your debating skills, you’re a rogue, and a gangster, we can’t win an argument with you, and don’t want to talk to you about these.” Cai Yan coldly glared at Yang Chen, and spoke with disdain, “However, today’s events are already known to the media, even if I don’t do a thing to the two of you, your family and friends probably won’t let this matter rest.”

An Xin rolled her hair with her finger in a relaxed manner, calm and composed, “Police Chief Cai, if there aren’t anymore superfluous questions, we can continue talking after I meet my lawyer.

“Your lawyers have already arrived.” Cai Yan forcefully held in her fury, and pointed at the two balding men who were walking in from the door.

One of the men seemed familiar to Yang Chen, it was precisely Lawyer Zhang who brought him out the first time he came to the police station. With his arrival, Yang Chen figured that Cai Yan had already reported this matter to Lin Ruoxi. As for the other man holding a briefcase, he reckoned that that was An Xin’s lawyer.

Seeing the lawyers enter, Cai Yan no longer had the free time to care about the two of them, and began negotiating with the lawyers, narrating the case in detail.

Utilizing this free time, Yang Chen asked An Xin, “Hey Miss An, can you explain the cause for all this? Although I didn’t shed my blood or lay down my life for you, I still spent assets worth of over a hundred million on you, you should at least tell me the reason you are playing me to death, right?”

Puzzled, An Xin pouted, “What assets worth over a hundred million? I remember that the charges for the room were even paid by me when we left the hotel, all you did was treat me to a cocktail, don’t exaggerate!”

“These words of yours are incorrect, how can filthy money compare with this hundreds of millions of mine…… my manly essence?”

Seeing Yang Chen’s nefarious smile, An Xin immediately understood what that so called “essence” was, she couldn’t help but ruthlessly pinch the flesh on Yang Chen’s waist, while blushing she said, “You still dare say! You tortured me for an entire night without putting on any contraceptives, if I get pregnant, I will carry the baby and knock on your door! We’ll see what your wife would do!”

“This… how else can this be settled? Accept! Both woman and child will be taken in!” Yang Chen said with an tyrannic expression.

An Xin pursed her lips and smiled, “Save it, once this matter is over, we will walk our separate ways. If you really want me to birth a child for you, wait till you have the capability to meet me again.”

“That can’t be, so heartless… wait, you haven’t told me why all these happened.” Yang Chen pursued.

An Xin hesitated for a while, then lowered her head in shame and said, “The reason I came back to the country this time is because my father is hurriedly trying to marry me off to a person I don’t like. I don’t want to get married to him, yet I wanted an easy way to dispel this idea of theirs, so……”

“So you chose to give your body to a stranger, and using this as compensation, force the stranger to be one of the sacrifices for your plan, turn your reputation to absolute shit, and make the opposing party give up on marrying you.” Yang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, why was he always encountering something like this? He rubbed his face, and with a hoarse laugh he said, “Luckily, you’re a beauty with value, otherwise I would’ve made a huge loss.”

An Xin initially thought that Yang Chen would fly into a rage when he heard about this absurd matter, but Yang Chen still maintained that happy expression, so she carefully asked, “Aren’t you angry? I deceived you, and even brought so much trouble to you.”

Yang Chen laughed out loud, “This isn’t my first time entering the police station, and reputation can’t bring me any food. What you did didn’t truly make me lose anything I truly care about. I instead feel like I made a profit I didn’t just taint a beautiful virgin, I don’t even need to take any responsibility for it.”

“Hmph, I could see that, your skin is unimaginably thick, that layer of mine was given away in a truly unjust manner.” An Xin pretended to be angry as she brandished her little fist.

Without giving the two more time to chat, Cai Yan and the two lawyers walked over. Cai Yan was a little discouraged as she said, “The two of you may leave.”

After all, both parties had big-name lawyers, while Cai Yan didn’t have enough evidence either, so she could only release them.

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But before they left, Cai Yan still sneered towards Yang Chen and said, “You can prepare to divorce Ruoxi, she knows everything.”

Yang Chen rubbed his nose. This marriage of mine simply didn’t have any real feelings mixed in from the start, even if Lin Ruoxi knows about this, I reckon it’ll just be like a passing cloud to her.

Leaving the two lawyers to deal with some procedures, the man and woman who entered the police station only a short while ago walked out of the main entrance under the disdainful gaze of the policemen.

The moment they walked out to the car park outside, Yang Chen and An Xin noticed a pair of black S-Class Mercedes-Benz parked.

An Xin’s complexion was a little unsightly as she bitterly laughed and said, “They came really quickly.” Copyright 2016 - 2023