Chapter 595How Did You Do That

Madam Xiang looked up and saw Yang Chen, which surprised her a little. “I was wondering who it was that came to meet their in-laws. It turned out to be you. Guifang went over to the Hunan restaurant next door to borrow some food. She should be back anytime by now.”

“Borrow food?” Yang Chen was confused. How does one borrow food?

Madam Xiang replied with a bright smile. “We as restaurant patrons sometimes share our dishes with the other restaurant businesses in the area. Sometimes when one of us runs out and someone else has extra, we would loan some to satisfy our customers. We can’t leave the customers empty handed could we? Besides, that teeny bit of cost wouldn’t kill anyone, but would in turn help you be others good graces.”

Yang Chen eventually got the gist on the situation. He decided to grab a chair and smoke a joint while waiting. It then crossed his mind that it might look bad in the eyes of Ma Guifang, so he awkwardly kept it back in his pockets.

Luckily for him, it did not take Ma Guifang long until her return. She walked into the shop with a black plastic bag in hand; presumably the food she loaned.

However, Ma Guifang looked slightly pale, and was unaware of her surroundings. She even nearly missed Yang Chen sitting right in front of her own workplace.

It was when she was deferring the food to Madam Xiang that she noticed Yang Chen by the corner. With a bitter smile, she said, “Yang Chen, why are you here? Did something happen?”

Yang Chen worriedly replied, “Mother, is there anything wrong with your health? Let me have a look.”

Ma Guifang instinctively shook her hands. “No, I’m totally fine.”

Yang Chen was not convinced, as he held his mother-in-law’s arm closer to himself and checked her pulse. He was in no way a legitimate medical practitioner, but his self cultivation allowed him to diagnose simple medical problems .

Nonetheless Yang Chen really did not find anything abnormal about Ma Guifang’s health. Her health was in tip-top condition, which led him to embarrassingly let go of her hand.

Ma Guifang however was quite impressed by Yang Chen’s actions. With joy in her eyes, she added, “Just say it, what happened?”

Yang Chen nodded, and told her about Guo Xuehua’s acceptance of the meeting, and also for her to pick a date.

Ma Guifang was filled with delight. “Well let her know that I am fine with anything. I don’t really know much about Zhonghai anyway. Just pick a date that we’re all available on for a casual meeting.”

Until this very moment it didn’t cross his mind that Ma Guifang had only newly arrived at Zhonghai. Letting her pick the venue was being inconsiderate. So instead he told her to choose a date, as for the venue he would decide later.

After he bade farewell to Ma Guifang, Yang Chen immediately thought about Rose. So he quickly returned home. And this time, he left his car somewhere outside and ran to her house.

He made a call to Rose’s house, but it took a while before she answered.

“Hubby, why did you call? Did something happen?” Rose’s voice was as melodious as always.

Yang Chen somehow managed to notice double meaning in her words, like she was distressed about something. “Am I not allowed to visit you? I’ve actually been back in the country for a few days now, but never really got the time to come over. Now that I’m already here, open the door for me, will you?”

Rose kept her silence momentarily before she started mumbling, “I was taking an afternoon nap, so I am still a little groggy right now. Hubby, why don’t you come over tomorrow instead?”

Yang Chen frowned as he replied, “Rose, are you hiding something from me? That doesn’t sound like something you’d say.”

This time Rose was silent for longer, before she silently sighed and replied, “Alright, give me a little time, I’ll go down.”

The little time he was expecting became close to five minutes before she finally opened the gate.

Rose was wearing a loose piece of indoor pyjamas, with a pair of fluffy slippers. In Yang Chen’s eyes, she looked exactly like a typical cosmopolitan beauty cosied at home.

Amidst her silky black hair, the few strands of dyed purple could no longer be found, added more to her innocence and less to her glamor.

What caught Yang Chen’s attention however was the slightly powdered cheeks of hers, with hints of lipstick on the edges of her lips. It might just be light makeup, but he couldn’t help but notice.

For a girl like Rose that hardly put on any make up even to go out, there was no reason for her to be in it while taking a nap at home. It made even less sense for her to put on makeup just to open the door.

Rose noticed the stern look on Yang Chen’s face and made an effort to evade his gaze. She then shifted her body for him to enter. In a feeble tone she said, “Don’t stare at me like that. I just woke up. I’m a bit blur at the moment.”

Yang Chen casually walked into the house and shut the door behind. The sternness on his face had yet to subside. He replied, “You’re injured, aren’t you? And it’s internal isn’t it?”

Without checking her pulse or looking deeper, Yang Chen with his current prowess in cultivation alongside years of combat experience instantly noticed the injury that Rose was intentionally hiding from him.

It was obvious that Rose had tried to conceal her pale and sickly look from him.

“I guess I still can’t hide anything from you…” Rose gave a bitter smile. “I’m sorry Hubby, I shouldn’t have kept it from you.”

Yang Chen without delay moved Rose up to the couch, and carefully took her pulse to determine the cause. He frowned after the inspection and said, “Have you recently fought against an opponent who practises internal energy? Your pulse showed clear signs of battle damage.”

She nodded. “It was from a person who uses hard cultivation. I’m not sure if that’s considered as internal energy. It was me who had carelessly underestimated my opponent…”

Her sentence was cut short as she coughed uncontrollably. With one hand on her chest and the other gripping the couch, she was clearly in a lot of pain.

“Careless? Even your lungs are damaged. Had you been a little more careless, you would’ve been dead! Are you crazy? Why would you challenge those masters? Are you still stuck in the past where we had to kill to survive? How many times must I tell you that I’ll deal with tacky situations should you encounter one!” Yang Chen could not help but raise his voice.

If it wasn’t because she was injured at the moment, Yang Chen would’ve held her on his lap and punished her by smacking her backside. Rose had almost lost her life. How could he just sit there and not be mad?

Rose forced a smile and pouted her mouth. “It’s my bad. Hubby, please calm down. I won’t… let it happen again.”

Yang Chen gave a long sigh and replied, “Alright let’s not talk about it first. I have to treat your wounds. Close your eyes and turn around. Keep your mind clear.”

Even though Rose had no clue what Yang Chen was going to do for her, she obediently did as she was told. The reason why she did not tell Yang Chen anything was because she was worried that he would get mad. Especially after he explicitly told her not to put herself in harm’s way. What was beyond her expectations was how eventually she just could not hide it from him.

Yang Chen kept his silence as he gently placed one hand on her back, and subsequently a warm gush of energy continuously flowed into her body…

All Rose felt right now was a continuous flow of warm, soothing energy at the site of her injury; a little crisp, a little itchy, but pleasant nonetheless.

The warm stream gradually spread throughout her body as she fell asleep peacefully.

But the rejuvenating session was abruptly cut short by Yang Chen, as it lasted less than a minute. “Alright, your injury is gone now.”

Rose was astonished. She turned around and checked every part of her body—the injury was nowhere to be seen. Moreover, she felt more energized and invigorated than before!

Yang Chen did previously mend her by transfusing his blood, and that left her dumbfounded. Now once again she experienced Yang Chen’s treatment of her injury in less than a minute! His skills could rival even the best doctors money could buy.

“Hubby, how did you… do that?” Rose could not hold it in, and with her bubbly eyes stared at Yang Chen with much curiosity in mind.

For Yang Chen to be so mesmerized by his own woman was a little awkward for him. After all, to him, these were just small tips and tricks that he picked up along the way.

“I recently had a deeper understanding in the cultivation method I practise. The True Qi inside me seemed to have transformed into something else as a result. But with that being said, I still am in the process of figuring it out myself. In short, it appears to be pretty effective, hehe. Should I just take up a new profession as a doctor? It’ll definitely heal faster than the pills and injections,” Yang Chen said with glee.

The True Qi of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture inside Yang Chen’s body had undergone changes that morning when he unraveled some unknown wisdom. Until now it was still a mystery to him. All he knew was he had understood something, but he couldn’t put it into words.

It struck him that the next time he met Yan Sanniang, he would probably be able to find answers. Copyright 2016 - 2023