Chapter 589Fully Content

At midnight, the five-star hotels in the city centre were lined up like a staircase to the heavens. Illuminated in colorful lights, the city looked as bright as day.

At that moment, a black Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG slowly pulled up outside Hilton Hotel. It came as quite a shock to the people working there as there weren’t many people who would arrive at this time.

The security guard on duty at the parking area was dozing off, but quickly got up when he heard the car pull up. Taking a closer look, he immediately became wide awake.

Ever since he was employed by the Hilton Hotel, he had seen his fair share of luxury cars but none as expensive as that one. Even though Zhonghai was filled with wealthy people, a car like that was quite a rare sight. Thus, the experienced security guard assumed that it was either a businessman from another city or a certain celebrity.

As he contemplated the possibilities, he maintained a humble smile and helped the car owner look for a parking spot before silently waiting to welcome the driver.

When the driver got out of the car, the guard took a subconscious glance at the car plate. When he realized what the unique car plate meant, he staggered backwards with his mouth wide open.

It was a military car plate. Specifically, the car plate started with a bright red ‘V’!

The guard dared not raise his head. He also didn’t have to do so anymore!

That car plate basically meant the car was from the Central Military Commission of China. Regardless of what number it had, the person in the car was someone with immense power from the Chinese military!

Since the car came from Beijing’s Central Military Commission, the guard was excited yet frightened.

Every guard working at Hilton Hotel had undergone special training. Recognizing car plates from the government, police, and military was naturally included so that they could identify important guests.

The guard had learnt the car plates from the Central Military Commission as well, but never did imagine that he would be able to see one in this lifetime.

At this moment, a dignified, expressionless man got out from the driver’s seat. His background could be judged solely by his upright posture.

After the man shut the door, he opened the back door with his head lowered, welcoming his superior.

The guard shivered slightly. Although he had yet to see the person inside, he guessed that it must be a dignified man dressed in a military uniform as well.

However, the guard was sorely mistaken. That was because the person inside utterly mismatched the car’s origin!

A long-haired, good-looking man with an evil aura, wearing a black Armani suit with a white shirt within, got out of the car.

The man had sharp facial features and eyes similar to an eagle’s. His gaze was as empty as they came. His relatively long hair was tied behind his head. While being slightly unruly, it made him more masculine at the same time.

No matter how one looked at him, he was certainly a man who could mesmerize the young ladies from the upper class!

“You may stay here. I’ll go up alone,” the man informed the driver.

The driver nodded in acknowledgement, without the slightest hint of hesitation.

The man advanced towards the hotel like a British gentleman from an ancient clan, passing by the guard, exuding the pleasant smell of men’s perfume to his surroundings.

When the man entered the lobby, the guard suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to greet the guest!

What he did not know was that the man had not noticed him at all. The man’s eyes vaguely contained burning desires.

When the man came to the counter, the female server couldn’t help but feel her heartbeat quicken at the sight of him. She instantly became wide awake. Smiling, she asked, “Sir, may I be of any assistance?”

“I would like to check into my room. I believe I have it reserved.” The man’s voice was cold yet attractive.

“Sure. May I ask for your name please?” asked the lady gently.

“Yan Buwen.”

The server quickly looked up the name before respectfully raising her head with a smile. “Mr Yan, our presidential suite Numbered 001 is yours. Please take the elevator to the sixty-eighth floor. Here’s your access card.”

As the lady spoke, she passed a platinum-colored card to Yan Buwen.

Without another word, Yan Buwen took the card and proceeded to the elevator.

Before long, the elevator stopped at the sixty-eighth floor. Yan Buwen followed the signboards and came to the Number 001 presidential suite.

Flashing his access card, Yan Buwen unlocked the door and entered. He took a deep breath, as if he was trying to calm his excitement.

After that, he ran his hand through his hair worried that it might have gotten messy. He then arranged his shirt collar and carefully checked if he looked appropriate.

If Yang Chen who had met Yan Buwen this morning saw this, he would likely laugh his ass off. The fellow usually looked so sloppy. What made him care about his appearance so much, like a woman on her wedding? Could he be on a blind date?

Yan Buwen used almost five minutes to make sure he looked his best before he finally opened the door and walked inside.

Yan Buwen inserted the access card to the slot beside the door, causing the room to light up. The majestic chandelier and different kinds of lamp emitted warm lights, shining upon the generous and elegant design of the room.

“You’re half an hour late.” A female voice as tender as the mountain stream echoed in the previously dark room.

Yan Buwen accidentally revealed a sense of excitement in his eyes. Swallowing his saliva audibly, with a stiff smile, he walked towards the living room.

On the real-leather sofa lay a lady dressed in a slip, black-lace dress. She was lightly swirling a glass of red wine, enjoying the smell as she silently stared at the night sky.

A rush of fire surged in Yan Buwen’s eyes after merely looking at her from her side, as if he was dying to envelope the lady in her arms. As his desires started to rise, he thought that every second spent blinking was time wasted.

His throat was a little dry. Forcing a smile, he answered, “I… got into an emergency on the way here. I didn’t mean to be late.”

Actually, Yan Buwen was only late because he felt that his previous suit wasn’t fitting enough. However, he was never going to reveal that.

The lady didn’t mind his tardiness too much, and didn’t bother dwelling in it. Under the black silk dress, her jade-like slender legs were crossed. Adjusting to a more comfortable position, she said leisurely, “How’s the experiment on the specimen going?”

Yan Buwen answered eagerly, “I have successfully replicated the specimen using the information you gave me. I’m confident that the specimen will recover to its original look within a year at most. It might even surpass the original!”

“I don’t issues. I don’t hope that you’d end up wasting something I have risked so much to obtain,” replied the lady softly.

“I absolutely won’t. I’ll complete everything you wish for me to with no errors!” Yan Buwen’s eyes shone. Confidently, he said, “I’ve also discovered a possibility for the gene mutation through my experiment results. If my past research proves to be right, I believe the future you wish to witness will come true. We’ll soon be unstoppable!”

The lady furrowed her brows slightly. “Not us, but me… I want to make it clear right now that you are nothing but a tool to me.”

Yan Buwen’s enthusiasm instantly vanished, but he looked like he soon found hope again. Smiling, he said, “I’m willing to be used… as long as I can remain useful to you.”

“Yan Buwen…” The lady’s voice turned incredibly cold. “You better not stare at me this way with your stupid eyes. I am fully aware of the pointless intentions you hold. In my eyes, you’re just a dog with a smarter brain than most. I have no interest in dogs.”

Yun Buwen’s expression turned stiff. He forced a smile and answered, “I—I understand. I’ll be more careful next time…”

Disappointed, Yan Buwen forced himself to shift his gaze away from the lady. She didn’t even want to turn around to look at him, although he had spent much effort just for this meeting tonight.

The lady ignored his feelings and moved on. She continued, “Two days ago, you’re the one who framed Hades for Lu Min’s death, aren’t you?”

“It—it’s me…” Yan Buwen lowered his head, his forehead covered in sweat.

“I don’t remember ordering you to do so,” the lady said coldly.

Yan Buwen swallowed his saliva in fear. “I just felt that Lu Min’s death wasn’t considered a very significant issue. Should his grandfather Li Moshen go against the Yang clan because of that, regardless if Yang Chen takes action or not, there’ll be chaos in the Central Military Commission. This way, Hongmeng would most likely take action against Yang Chen…”

The lady laughed in contempt. “Have you lost your mind while researching so hard? Or do you fancy yourself the more intelligent one? What makes you think Li Moshen and Yang Gongming would get tricked that easily? Make no mistake. I am well aware of your intentions”

Terrified, Yan Buwen was at a loss of words.

“I’m warning you, stay focused . I don’t want nonsense like this to happen again. Do what you are told and only that. Perhaps in the future, when I get rid of Hongmeng, you will be benefited slightly. At that time, whatever you do to the Yang and Li clans, or even Yang Chen, will be none of my business. They’ll be nothing but insects crawling on the ground,” said the lady.

Yan Buwen finally felt relieved, knowing that he was forgiven this time for making a decision himself.

The lady stood up and put her wine glass down. With her back facing Yan Buwen, she elegantly walked towards the floor-to-ceiling window.

Thanks to the lights shining on her back, the lady’s skin under her black dress looked like snow and white porcelain. Her black hair which stretched to her waist formed the perfect view of her back.

Yan Buwen’s heartbeat quickened violently as his hands trembled. He had felt the urge to embrace her, but was too afraid to do so. He almost lost his mind holding himself back.

“Sword of Thanatos is placed inside the safe in this room. Take it back to Beijing. I believe you are aware of what you have to do next. Don’t stay in Zhonghai for any longer.”

As soon as the lady finished speaking, her silhouette faded and vanished in the blink of an eye!

Yan Buwen rushed forward, in an attempt to make her stay but ultimately failed to do so. All he was left with was dejection and indescribable agony.

Nothing but silence was left. The only trace left by the lady was the glass of half-finished wine. Copyright 2016 - 2024