Chapter 583I’m a Serious Man

Yang Chen, who had walked out of the sanatorium with Yuan Ye, was not aware that the mother-daughter pair were busy laughing in the backyard.

At that moment, Yang Chen felt that Yuan Ye was starting to act more absurd than usual. Am I not just his elder cousin? Does he have to stare and smile at me like I’m his lover?

Yang Chen stopped walking and asked, “Alright then, what do you want to say? And for the love of god stop smiling like an idiot.”

Yuan Ye foolishly scratched the back of his head, thinking he looked like an absolute retard. “I really didn’t expect Brother Yang to be my cousin. It’s like a dream come true. How am I supposed to stop smiling?”

“Is that why you decided to drag me out here?” asked Yang Chen gloomily.

“Of course not.” Yuan Ye made sure that no one was around before saying, “Brother Chen, are you having ‘that’ kind of relationship with my mother-in-law?”

“What kind of relationship?” Yang Chen pretended to be unaware.

“The kind between men and women,” said Yuan Ye with a smile.

Frowning, Yang Chen replied, “Mind your own business. I’ll live my life the way I choose to, and you can live yours the way you want to.”

“Eh, Brother, please don’t misunderstand,” answered Yuan Ye hurriedly, “I don’t mind that that at all. In fact, I support you guys one hundred percent!”

“What do you mean by have a thing? Stop spouting out nonsense. I’m a serious man!” Yang Chen widened his eyes in anger. Damn! How can I stand here and let my innocence be slandered by him? I haven’t even taken a bite yet! he thought.

Yuan Ye was obviously helpless toward Yang Chen’s thick face. Smiling awkwardly, he said, “Brother, I was just trying to be more understanding. The seniority here is a bit confusing. If you do have something with Mother-In-Law, should I call you ‘brother’ or ‘father-in-law’?

“In-law your ass! You didn’t have to beat around the bush just for this. Call me whatever you want,” Yang Chen said with a guilty conscience. The forms of address was indeed going to be confusing should certain situations develop. It looked like Tang Wan wasn’t going to be an easy catch after all.

Yuan Ye dared not piss Yang Chen off. Looking troubled, he said, “My mom said that if you really have that level of relationship with Aunt Tang, it would mean that the Tang clan would be brought closer to the Yang clan. This would benefit both parties greatly.”

Yang Chen squinted his eyes. “Did your mom really tell you that?”

“Yeah, I actually feel the same. The Tang clan’s businesses are one of, if not the largest in the whole of China. Being one of the four major clans, you can be sure that they possess more power than meets the eye!” exclaimed Yuan Ye excitedly.

Yang Chen rubbed his nose. This Yang Jieyu is pretty daring, isn’t she? I bet both her and Yuan Hewei were aware of recent events. Everything must be connected to each other one way or another—Master Tang being poisoned, his treatment being interrupted midway, Lu Min’s death, the Yan clan getting elected, and so on.

Yang Chen’s identity was no secret amongst the upper class people. At the very least, everyone knew that he was part of the Yang clan.

As a result, it was expected that the Yang clan would soon descend into chaos. Many negative incidents had shown that some people were plotting against the Yang clan, in an attempt to make them collapse. At such a dire moment like this one, the Tang clan stepping in to support them could mean the difference between life and death.

Although the Tang clan mainly managed businesses, it certainly had its reliance on unknown powers, which was the reason they managed to retain their position as one of the four major clans. Their powers that lurked beneath the surface were unfathomable to most.

It was obvious that Yang Jieyu wanted her son to hint Yang Chen when they met. At the end of the day, being his senior, it was embarrassing for her to tell her nephew to be in a relationship with someone from an older generation. Furthermore, the woman could very well be her future in-law!

“You should go back and try to get on your mother-in-law’s good side. Stop following me.” Yang Chen waved his hand at Yuan Ye.

Yuan Ye looked sad. “Wait, Brother. Why are you chasing me off? I’ve even resorted to asking you on how to please women. Since you have quite a number of women, I’m sure you have some tricks up your sleeve you could share.”

Yuan Ye’s words were like stab wounds on Yang Chen’s heart. I myself am looking for tricks. So what is it then that you can learn from me? he thought. Glancing at him fiercely, Yang Chen said, “I’ll throw you back if you refuse to leave.”

Seeing that Yang Chen was going to whack him, Yuan Ye staggered backwards in fear. Forcing a smile, he said, “Please calm down, Brother. I was just asking. It’s fine if you’re unwilling to teach me. Oh yeah, why don’t we team up for a few rounds of Warcraft tonight? We haven’t played together for sometime.”

“I’m not free!”

Why would Yang Chen be in the mood for computer games now? Too lazy to speak, he left the sanatorium, leaving Yuan Ye standing there pitifully. He was still unsure of how he had displeased Yang Chen.

Yang Chen’s drive home was one filled with mental distress. He was wondering what gift to get for Lin Ruoxi and how he could learn more about her hobbies, interests, and past experiences.

However, to dismiss Lin Ruoxi’s ‘offense’ needed more than a day’s effort. Patience, he figured, was the key to all this. Thus, he went to the seaside training camp to seek Cai Yan just as planned.

As Yang Chen had promised to ‘propose the marriage’ to the Cai clan in Beijing, he had to give an answer as to when that would happen.

However, unexpectedly, upon arriving at the training camp, Yang Chen was told by the person in charge that Cai Yan had left the place!

After the training of Dragon Group Recruit came to its end, Cai Yan was planning on taking the final assessment, which she had sought Yang Chen’s permission for. However, because of the one thing Yang Chen did in the past, Cai Yan was unable to do so. This thing was obviously Chief Lu’s death by Yang Chen’s hands!

Initially, Cai Yuncheng didn’t plan to really allow his daughter to join Dragon Group. Furthermore, she had promised Yang Chen that she wouldn’t join Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. As a result, letting Cai Yan take over Chief Lu’s position was the best possible alternative.

The reinstatement of Cai Yan’s position was supposed to take place at least a month later. However, no one expected Chief Lu to have been slain two days ago!

That matter didn’t give rise to a large aftermath because of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. However, the police department still needed a chief and there were no suitable candidates. Hence, being the general, Cai Yuncheng begged his daughter Cai Yan to give up the final assessment and return to the police department.

It was also because of Cai Yan who had become Yang Chen’s woman that he was fine. She was pissed off once, and whacked the crap out of the policemen in that department.

Yang Chen felt rather guilty about what had happened to Cai Yan. He had promised her that he would allow her to complete the training. But his actions seemed to have unintentionally taken back his word.

Since Cai Yan didn’t give him a call after becoming the chief again, it was safe to say that she was probably pissed at him.

Yang Chen pondered for a while, and thought it would be appropriate to visit the police department to give her an explanation.

Having driven for yet another half hour, Yang Chen came to the police station where he had caused a huge mess two days ago.

Getting out of the car, Yang Chen walked toward the entrance, only to find two policemen who were staring at him in fear and anxiety.

Yang Chen noticed that they even reached for their handguns, which made him smile bitterly. “What are you afraid about? I came here to look for Chief Cai. Is she inside?”

“Chi—Chief Cai went out to arrest criminals,” stammered one of the policemen.

Yang Chen frowned. She is not taking enough breaks. When I first met her, I knew that she was a stubborn but hot policewoman. How is it that she is already working on her first day back?

“When will she return?” asked Yang Chen.

Before the policeman answered, he looked to his left. Hurriedly, he exclaimed, “Chief is back!”

Yang Chen turned around. Expectedly, three police cars approached the parking area and stopped right outside the station entrance.

Dressed in green police uniform, with short hair and an elegant figure, Cai Yan got out from the passenger seat right after the door was opened.

Cai Yan looked ever so charming in her uniform. The curves on her body were clear, while the part between her brows was now filled with glamor, causing her sharp face contours to appear particularly eye-catching.

For some reason, Yang Chen felt his heart heat up upon seeing Cai Yan dressed the way she was. Ignoring everything else, if Yang Chen was able to convince her to make love with her uniform on, wouldn’t it be a dream come true for him?

Cai Yan raised her head and noticed Yang Chen by the entrance. Seeing the strange man who was smiling at her for no reason, she didn’t look the least bit pleased. Ignoring Yang Chen, she snorted and ordered, “Bring these perps into the station. I will personally interrogate them!”

“Yes, Chief!”

The policemen were high-spirited, as if Cai Yan was dignified and respected as ever.

The four to five policemen, together, pulled the handcuffed criminals out of the car. They were around six burly men, and a middle-aged, polite-looking middle-aged man wearing golden-framed glasses.

The fair-skinned, beardless man frowned in displease when forced out of the car. With his face filled with malice, he spoke in his rather magnetic voice, “Chief Cai, should you do any harm to us, I, Gao Yue, from the Green Dragon Society will not let this slip. Once my lawyers arrives, he’ll charge you for using violence in law enforcement.”

“Stop your crappy overused act. You’re a scum of the society with no evidence—even a hundred lawyers can’t save you!” Cai Yan snorted coldly. She waved her hand before the man called Gao Yue was pushed into the police station.

Yang Chen was slightly stunned, standing still by the entrance. What did he just say? Green Dragon Society? Isn’t that the gang controlled by Liu Mingyu’s father, the one partnering up with Rose? he thought. Copyright 2016 - 2023