Chapter 579Yan Buwen

While cutting the steaks, Yan Buwen asked calmly, “Does Princess Jane think I am an imposter?”

Jane was sick of looking at the disgusting fellow eat. Her nose was filled with the pungent smells of the Jamaican rum and bloody beef. Turning her head away with her brows furrowed, she said, “Although I knew that you were quirky to a certain degree, I didn’t think that this would be the extent of the abnormalities.”

“Thanks for your praise,” Yan Buwen said for no apparent reason before shoving yet another mouthful of meat into his mouth. As he chewed, he spoke, “I heard that Princess Jane from the scientific institution Royal Society of London had recently made her way to Zhonghai, so I left everything I was doing and came here. Of course, I have long admired Mr Yang as well. Master Yang is an elder whom this one deeply respects. Since I’m lucky enough to have met the both of you, would you guys do me the honor of having a drink with me?”

Yang Chen was displeased at the request. Expectedly, his relations with the Yang clan wasn’t exactly a well kept secret from the major people in Beijing. No matter how hard he tried to leave that part of his past behind him, he would always fail.

However, following the improvement of his relationship with Guo Xuehua, he began to be able to tolerate the Yang clan. At the end of the day, even if Yang Pojun and Yang Lie detested him, Yang Gongming, Guo Xuehua, and Yan Sanniang all held him in their good graces.

Furthermore, it wasn’t the Yang clan who had intended to abandon him back then. While they each had their role to play in it, Yang Chen couldn’t blame them entirely.

Following his elevation in cultivation, his emotional quotient rose as well. He was now able to be more open minded to new ideas.

Of course, that didn’t mean Yang Chen was a completely different man. It was just that he could handle things more rationally.

Jane snorted scornfully. “Don’t you think you sound hypocritical at the moment?”

Yang Chen was slightly surprised. It seemed like Jane had a past with Yan Buwen. Yang Chen had whacked Yan Buwen’s brother. However they have yet to have gotten on each other’s bad terms. On the contrary, Jane was usually calm and peaceful; she wouldn’t usually be offended easily.

“Princess Jane seems to have misunderstood something. I am not quite sure when I had displeased Princess.” Yan Buwen was well aware of Jane’s true identity, so he was rather outspoken.

Yang Chen looked at Jane curiously as well. It was the first time he saw her scorn someone.

Jane pouted in dissatisfaction. It was rare for her to display anger. She explained to Yang Chen, “For the selection of last year’s Nobel Prize, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Nobel Committee had both invited me to be one of the finalists judges. Originally, I had not planned to take part as not only would I violate the rule for successively doing so, it was also against the dying wish of Mr Nobel.

“But soon after, they revealed some information about the candidates. That was when I realized the most popular candidate was a Chinese.”

At this moment, Jane had her gaze fixed on Yan Buwen who was quietly chewing his steak. Obviously, the ‘Chinese’ was a direct reference to him.

Yang Chen was surprised. While he knew that Yan Buwen was impressive in his field of research, he didn’t expect him to be a big hit among the candidates for the Nobel Prize.

He also knew why Jane was invited. It should be mentioned that the Nobel Prize had never awarded scientists of the Chinese origin due to many political or international issues. Hence, it became much more complex than just an average award ceremony.

As a result, the Nobel Committee sought someone who could take up the responsibility as their final resort.

Jane happened to be the only one with the recognition of scientists worldwide, so the backlash would not be as great.

In the scientific community, Jane had a special status, as she didn’t serve under any particular institution.

Jane’s students were all elites from around the world, and she chose not to participate in any of their studies. Of course, that included not developing technologically advanced weapons for any countries.

That was the reason that although her talent was recognized all over the world, no countries had tried to recruit her. It was due to her identity as the heiress of the Welsh queen that it wasn’t in anyone’s best interest for her to be so directly affected by their wars. Secondly, she was one of the few people whom Yang Chen had publicly announced to protect.

As Jane wouldn’t aid any countries and cause an imbalance, while she would train every country’s scientists equally. No one bothered her to do anything she didn’t want to. Not to mention that there were repercussions for people who did.

Yang Chen just couldn’t understand why Jane was mad about Yan Buwen being one of the candidates.

Jane continued, “When I found out the intentions of the Nobel Committee, I had already known that this Chinese man would be one of the winners of the Nobel Prize that year. Since I only had to be there to withstand pressure, I accepted their request in the end.”

At this moment, Jane stopped speaking. Raising her glass, she sipped on the ice-cold red wine before clenching her teeth. “At that time, I announced Yan Buwen from the Chinese Scientific Academy as the overall winner in every field of chemistry. However, within an hour, China called to inform us that Yan Buwen refused to accept any awards from overseas.

“When I asked for the reason, I was told that Yun Buwen didn’t think his work could be judged by anyone!”

After listening to Jane, Yang Chen looked at Yan Buwen strangely, clearly not expecting him to be as arrogant as explained. Then, Yang Chen smiled and asked, “And it was because of this, you have become mad?”

“How can I not be? I initially wanted to help the committee withstand pressure, to declare the result through me. But this man had dared to reply me in this fashion! I basically embarrassed myself in front of the entire world!” Infuriated, she drank yet another mouthful of red wine, causing her cheeks to turn red.

Having consumed more than half of the steak, Yan Buwen suddenly let out a smile. “Princess Jane, so you’re still mad about that. Actually, I wouldn’t have remembered it if you hadn’t regaled that story to me. If I really displeased you, I will apologize to you now.” Yan Buwen raised his bottle of alcohol before downing a mouthful of the Jamaican rum.

“Forget about it. I don’t deserve an apology from a great scientist like you,” said Jane coldly.

Yang Chen shook his head with a smile. He had only just returned to China when all that had happened and so he wasn’t aware of it. It would be fine if someone else did it, but the one who looked down on her was the field that she was the most well versed with. She was the teacher of so many core researches from different countries. And she managed to embarrass herself in  front of every single one of them. No one would be happy coming from a situation like that. Especially not someone who was a girl and her age.

Just like that, the atmosphere turned dull for a while. Yang Chen had unknowingly finished the steak in his plate and Jane’s unfinished portion.

Looking at Jane who was pouting in anger, Yang Chen said smilingly, “I’ve finished. Why don’t we leave now?”

Jane wouldn’t object it of course. Although she knew that Yan Buwen wouldn’t have come just to chat for a moment, she was indifferent to his actual purpose.

Seeing that Yang Chen didn’t plan to talk to him, Yan Buwen asked, “Mr Yang, don’t you have anything to tell me?”

“What do you want me to say?”

“You beat up my foolish brother last time,” Yan Buwen said and squinted his eyes.

Yang Chen tapped his head and looked like he remembered something. “Oh, so are you here for revenge?”

“Of course not. Since I called him a fool, I do not think it is Mr Yang’s fault,” said Yan Buwen in disdain.

“Since that’s not the case, why are you still speaking? You don’t seem very smart, do you? Tsk, tsk. Just get to the point.” Yang Chen frowned and looked at the time from his phone screen. “Because of your presence, my lunch with Miss Jane has been interrupted. It’s good enough that I didn’t seek your trouble for that. Not to mention, you wasted our time with a bunch of nonsense. Don’t you know that we’re in a rush? We are not here for you to bully. Let me tell you, I’m not afraid at all to fight you!”

Yang Chen acted irritated. Pulling his sleeves up, he posed a fighting stance.

Yan Buwen was confused. Yang Chen was fine just a moment ago, but now he looked like he wanted to pick a fight. Also, wasn’t Yang Chen the one wasting time now? He was the one with the most nonsense!

Seeing Yan Buwen’s dazed expression, Jane burst into laughter. She knew that Yang Chen only put up the act to deal with Yan Buwen’s arrogance.

It was just like an intelligent man who meets a farmer for the first time. No matter how logical the former was, the latter would never get it.

Yan Buwen, previously aggressive, had no clue how to continue the conversation, now that his flow was interrupted by Yang Chen’s abrupt change.

“I believe Mr Yang has misunderstood. I didn’t come here today to talk about my foolish younger brother.”

“Then why did you bring him up then?” Yang Chen snorted.

Yan Buwen was once again speechless. He didn’t want to explain anymore. Clenching his teeth, he said, “I came here to tell you that I’m not the one who has poisoned Tang Zhechen.” Copyright 2016 - 2023