Chapter 577Ended on That Day

Yang Chen kept his mouth shut knowing that this woman did not joke around when it came to work. He obeyed without complaint and took off all of the metal objects he had on him before lying on the examination table.

Jane pushed a few buttons and performed the necessary procedures. The machine then slowly slid Yang Chen’s body into the cylindrical orifice.

As soon as Yang Chen was inside the machine, it lit up with colorful lights. It looked straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Jane, however, was less concerned about the light and more about the three large monitors which was transmitting data and readings from the machine.

The screens displayed different medical l jargons, waves, and light spectrometry. It was not information easily perceptible by laymen. Even biologists or medical experts would find it difficult to decipher the relationship between the data as the system was specially designed by Jane.

Jane sat there unwavering. Her eyes never left the screen. All data passing through her eyes were immediately analyzed in her brain. She was better than the best data scanners money could buy.

As the data gradually surfaced, Jane’s face started to show a mixture of emotions, ranging from surprise to curiosity and even an irresistible joy!

After Yang Chen was released from the machine, Jane immediately asked, “Yang Chen, you said that you had a headache in France. Was there anything else besides that?”

Yang Chen sat down and thought for a while. “Not really, did the test result show a problem?”

Jane lowered her head for awhile before shaking it happily. She exclaimed, “The issue isn’t that fact that you have a problem, It’s the exact opposite.”


“If the data shown is correct, your brain has recovered,” Jane said, excited..

Yang Chen was surprised to hear that, but was relieved nonetheless. He said, “Since I have been cured as you said, I can stop worrying about it. Actually, I already had a feeling that it was probably the case. But I still needed concrete proof.”

“Do you mean you’ve discovered the reason?” Jane immediately read between his lines and asked, “Is it the Chinese internal energy that you mentioned earlier?”

Yang Chen scratched the back of his head and said, “To be honest I’m not sure myself. All I know was that after i had finished meditating on something, the previously invincible tumor seemed to have vanished. Even my knowledge on internal energy cannot explain it.”

Jane frowned at the statement. She couldn’t come up with anything useful when faced with non-statistical data, so she stopped asking more.

Yang Chen looked at the time—it was almost ten in the morning. “You’ve been working so hard lately. Are you free for me to take you to a appreciation lunch?”

“You’re not that terrible, are you?” said Jane with a smile. Knowing that Yang Chen’s illness was suddenly gone, though for no apparent reason, she felt delighted.

The two left the sanatorium, and had Hannya take care of Tang Zhechen. Hannya did not have any objections. She was aware that during the secret meeting in Europe, Yang Chen had single-handedly defeated two six-winged angels. She wanted to maintain her relationship with Yang Chen, so that the Yamata Sect would prevail in the long run. In order for this to happen, she couldn’t resist any of his orders.

Jane rarely came to China, and this time she was tied up in taking care of Master Tang in the sanatorium. She wasn’t given the chance to actually head out nor have any free time for that matter. Which was why she felt particularly excited this time round.

Jane changed into a white dress, with white heels and a black belt. All in all it was quite fashionable. Nothing she wore resembled Welsh royalty but instead looked more like a tourist. However, judging by the number of people who stop to stare at her, she was clearly no ordinary tourist.

Yang Chen assumed that a girl who was raised well off would find street food fascinating. Evidently, this was not the case for Jane. Driving through a row of hawker centers, he asked Jane to select a lunch destination.

Jane raised her eyebrows and answered, “Yang Chen, why did you bring me here? Are you really so stingy?”

“Huh?” Yang Chen asked, confused with her question. It would seem that he may have assumed wrongly. Which led him to ask, “I thought that you would be sick by now of high-end places, so I decided to take you here.”

“You’re right, I am sick of high end restaurants. But what I am not sick of is clean food which places like these don’t provide. Furthermore, I don’t feel like being an endangered animal being paraded on the streets for all to see. The point was to eat out with you, and you’re the one who really eats a lot, not me,” complained Jane, as if she was dissatisfied with Yang Chen for not knowing her intentions.

Ah so that’s was what she was concerned about, thought Yang Chen as it became all clear to him. She was right. Every time he rolled the windows down, passersby would stop to stare. It was because the foreigner in the car was simply too gorgeous for them not to take a look.

Realizing his mistake, Yang Chen immediately drove to a high-class district with fancy restaurants instead..

They soon arrived at a restaurant where the server seated them at the second floor by the window. They could see the beautiful lake glistening in the moonlight. Since it was April, the grass out in the field was especially pleasant to look at.

The restaurant did not have many customers to begin with. Coupled with the violin in the background, all in all it was quite the relaxing environment.

After their meal, Jane asked, “So regarding the two angels you defeated in Europe, did you keep their bodies?”

Yang Chen replied, “What? Are you thinking of experimenting on them?”

“It’s not illegal is it?” asked Jane with an innocent face. She then lowered her head to sip on the fruit juice. “These bodies are hard to come by. I’ve been dying to find out what it takes for a body to be able to host an angel. I don’t believe that their existence is purely spiritual. There would still be a scientific explanation, albeit a mysterious one.”

Yang Chen laughed awkwardly and said, “Although they were killed by me, you have to understand that the Vatican holds these people in high regard. They would rather die than let their people turn into guinea pigs for a science experiment.”

Jane laughed and said, “Well if you were the one that asked for me, would they really refuse?”

Yang Chen sighed and said, “You are so similar to your mother. You both like to look for tasks blindly. The apple did not fall too far from the tree in this case I suppose. I wonder why the Welsh citizens picked your family.”

“Humph! If you think we’re alike, why do you sleep with her, but dare not lay a finger on me?” she asked straightforwardly.

Yang Chen almost choked on the water he was drinking as soon as he heard that. Smiling awkwardly, he replied, “What happened between Catherine and I lies in the past. She and I hold a different relationship now.”

“But that woman had the audacity to call me two days ago to announce her battle in bed with you. She even bragged about how it lasted all night and into the morning!” Jane replied feeling sour.

Yang Chen was stunned at the revelation. When will the two of them ever grow up? he thought. “The both of you are seperate people regardless of your similarities. You’re still young, and there are still many people that you have not met that may be right for you. I believe that you are still stuck in the past, which may explain your reluctance to move on. I think… we are better off friends. You of all people should be aware of the number of women by my side. As it is, my problems have only doubled in size in the past year.”

“Eight years ago if I fancied a man, it must have been because I didn’t know any better. But if I still like the same man eight years later, how then could it be just a passing infatuation. I am Jane. I think rationally even in the most emotionally complicated situations,” said Jane with confidence.

Yang Chen was speechless. He could not think of another way to persuade her. This woman had possessed a stubbornness unique only to her. Everything she had done thus far had Yang chen in the center of it all. She had so many achievements along the way but it all began with her wish to cure Yang Chen of his brain disease.

If it wasn’t for that, she would’ve just gone back to her mansion and continued to live like a princess. She wouldn’t need to wear that goofy lab coat, nor did she have to bother herself with research and lecturing work.

From Yang Chen’s silence, Jane knew that she wasn’t going to be accepted anytime soon. Letting out a bitter smile, she held her own chin with her fair-skinned hands. “Sometimes… I think that if I knew I had to suffer for you everyday for the rest of my life, I would’ve rather had my life cut short on that day.”

“Don’t put it that way. You’ve always been someone of significant importance to me. It’s just that I’ve been troubled by relationship issues lately. Adding one more into the mix is essentially just going to cause more trouble for everyone already in the mix.” Yang Chen felt his heart ache a little.

Jane’s appearance had far exceeded those of the typical western and eastern beauties. She could have easily picked any number of men to do her bidding. Instead, she had waited all these years while bearing no fruit. This was why Yang Chen felt extremely bad for her.

The atmosphere between the two soon turned gloomy. It only became slightly better when the meal was served. Yang Chen asked for a bottle of red wine. Although the wine served at a place like that would most likely not meet Jane’s standards, Yang Chen promised to treat her to a proper meal.

When the two wanted to start drinking, an eye-catching silhouette appeared near the staircase. Upon noticing the approaching figure, Jane who was usually calm let out a look of astonishment. Copyright 2016 - 2023