Chapter 573Yang Chen the Ignored

All he could think about now was how to approach Guo Xuehua about it, so the drive back was anything but pleasant. Although he did not know that Ma Guifang was already suspicious of his relationship with Mo Qianni, it didn’t stop him from being anxious about the whole ordeal.

Guo Xuehua knew that he had two other women outside of his legal marriage, and right now he was about to tell her the slightly expanded version of the list? There was no way that he could spin that tale for it to come out alright. In addition to that, his mom being a woman herself can’t possibly accept his polygamous relationships, certainly not her own son especially.

He arrived home at around ten o’clock at night, parked his car in the garage then slowly made his way into the living room.

The scenario in the living room made his face cringe.

Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma were sitting in front of the television. The two had become sisters in all but blood recently lately and were both with teary eyed. They were even too lazy to welcome him home.

A Korean drama was playing on the television, depicting a teenage girl crying out to a middle aged man, “Oppa! Oppa!”

That middle-aged man looked like the sensitive type. On the screen, he said, “In these thirty years I have never met someone that made me feel this way…”

Yang Chen understood that line without even looking at the subtitles, which to him, was the result of having studied so many languages. If he didn’t know what they just said, at least he could ignore the subtitles and save himself and his ears from that cheesy garbage.

Since when did Mom start watching Korean drama? With Wang Ma nonetheless, crying too? Isn’t this sort of thing only Lin Rouxi and her gang would do? Yang Chen thought.

At that moment, Lin Rouxi walked out of the… kitchen?

Wait, what? Yang Chen thought, confused.

Lin Rouxi’s outfit was something Yang Chen could have never ever pictured her in, from her apron to that dress she donned. She was like a whole different person. Holding a plate of freshly cut fruits, she placed the plate down in the living room table.

She walked past Yang Chen and gave him just a glance, just like a passing breeze.

After setting her apron aside, she sat next to Guo Xuehua, clasping her shoulder smilingly and said, “Mom, is it really touching? You and Wang Ma can’t seem to stop crying.”

Guo Xuehua was so emotional she couldn’t really react to what Lin Rouxi said, but then nodded slightly and replied, “Gosh yes Ruoxi, this drama is really too good. It’s so moving… That girl has worked her whole life, and it finally paid off!”

“Well, it hasn’t been easy for the guy as well. The other lady pinning after him is much more beautiful, but he still went for the one he truly loved. This is the kind of guy indeed worth fighting for,” said Lin Rouxi.

Agreeing, Guo Xuehua continued, “Yeah, I thought the guy would have given up ages ago. It was ridiculous for his mother to have even tried to marry him off to another girl. Can a relationship even be forced?”

“Oh! Oh! Quick, look, Xuehua, the vixen is here again!” exclaimed Wang Ma excitedly.

Guo Xuehua upon hearing that, moved her attention to the television.

The three women were all attentively watching the drama, and at the same time would discuss the characters and plot. They didn’t have time to care for the only man in the house who had just returned, who was standing next to the sofa.

Yang Chen’s heart had shattered into a million pieces. I might as well be dead? He wasn’t exactly the top dog before, and right now in a house full of women, it was hard for him to even get his own role.

Lin Rouxi noticed Yang Chen’s unease and suffering, then gave him a sinister look. It was basically her telepathic way of saying, “See, I am capable of making your own mother ignore you.”

Unknown to Yang Chen, this was all according to Lin Ruoxi’s plan, her plan for getting revenge on him.

On normal days, at this time, it would only be his mom and Wang Ma who would watching the television, and Zhenxiu would be upstairs busy with her homework or still at school. Lin Rouxi on the other hand would be in her room working or reading, and even if she had free time, or if she wanted to watch the television, she would do so in her own bedroom. The fact that she came down and accompanied the two elders and prepared some fruit for them, was nothing like anyone had ever seen.

Yang Chen dared not say anything, and how could he? All he could do right now was sit on the high stool at the back while waiting for the drama to end.

Finally, it came to an end. Yang Chen then frantically went towards his mom with an innocent face and said, “Mom, I have something to talk to you about.”

Guo Xuehua finally paid heed to her own son, rubbing her red eyes while facing him and asked, “Yes?”

Not giving him a chance, Lin Rouxi suddenly took a piece of watermelon with a toothpick and started feeding Guo Xuehua. “Mom, see all the fruit I sliced up. Who is going to finish it if not for the both of you? Come on, open your mouth…”

Distracted, Guo Xuehua no longer had any interest in her own son. Of course not, your own daughter-in-law who was rarely so filial, who came back and did all the chores, who recommended such a good drama, and even cooked them one heck of a meal. She definitely counted this day as one of the lucky ones.

So with that, Guo Xuehua gladly opened her mouth and ate the piece of watermelon.

Jealous, Wang Ma said, “Miss, who was the one who fed you when you were younger? Shouldn’t I get the same treatment now?”

Lin Rouxi flashed her smile, which showed such brilliance that would have brightened up the whole room in fact.

“Of course you’re the best Wang Ma, you’ve been so good to me,” Lin Rouxi said while feeding her with a strawberry and continued, “I know you love strawberries so I specially bought some today for you. These are imported from Florida you know! They’re super sweet.”

Eating the juicy strawberry, Wang Ma said, “There’s no need to get such expensive strawberries, even if you have the money, this is such a waste.”

“It’s nothing really, the money we earn is wasted if not spent to make the people in our lives happy!” Lin Rouxi said.

Guo Xuehua really felt the warmth from those words. Lacing her hair, she said, “Ever since you came back from Europe, you’ve been such a good girl! What has gotten into you?”

Lin Rouxi laughed at the remark and said, “This time I went to Paris, and felt like there was something missing. I had missed you, Mom, and it made me rethink some things. So I thought, I should be a really good girl from now on. Besides, you both mean the world to me…”

Saying this, both women instantly cried. This sort of scene was on seen on a TV show—who would say stuff like that in a household?

Women are so sensitive, regardless their age. They’re all so sensitive!

Lin Rouxi continued as she was interrupted earlier, “Mom, Wang Ma, don’t you both worry. I won’t be so preoccupied with work anymore. I want to be a good daughter and look after you both. I want to learn the best dishes, and make you all happy…”

“Silly girl, we’re not that old yet. You already have such a huge responsibility taking care of that company. Being busy is just the result of that.” Guo Xuehua said with a smile, with Wang Ma nodding in agreement.

Lin Rouxi then showed her face of gratitude before picking up the remote and pressing the play button.

“Mom, there are only 10 episodes left of this drama. Take your time to finish them. After you’ve finished all of it, I’ll recommend a better one for you all to watch,” she said.

The two perked up suddenly, and continued to be fixated on the television before getting immersed in the drama again.

And just like that, the prodigal son vanished from Guo Xuehua’s mind. Unable to talk to her.

Yang Chen who witnessed everything that happened, remained speechless. He looked at Lin Ruoxi who gave him a cold smile and sinister snark. If he didn’t know better, that television of theirs would have been grinded into fine powder! Copyright 2016 - 2024