Chapter 567Tell Me You Love Me

Listening to Lin Ruoxi’s words, Yang Chen’s face darkened with his fists clenched.

Lin Ruoxi did not look at Yang Chen’s face. She turned around and said in a cold tone, “I lied to you. I was extremely afraid when I realized you killed. How I wish you would just leave and take this incessant killing with you!

“Do you know how horrible you are, you are like a murderous demon, with a body full of blood, and I feel like one day it will be me on the other side of your hand!”

Lin Ruoxi’s voice shook a little, before she took a deep breath.

“But I can’t let you go. If you are not with me, then who will protect me? If there are any other clans that are going to harm me, there is no one around me and they take advantage of it, will I not die in vain then? I still have such a big company to manage, there’s way too much unfinished businesses,” Lin Ruoxi said, “So, I thought about the story of a ‘poisonous scorpion’. We are both poisonous, so you will not be affected by me, and I will not be afraid of you either.

“In this case, you can stay and protect me again. Although I’m scared, at the very least, with you here, I don’t have to be. However, you still do foolish things after that. You asked to end our marriage contract early and divorce me right after that.

“I felt lost at the time. If we ended our marriage early, then I would be back to single. Men would come surrounding me like smelly flies once more. Moreover, if you are not with me, I may not be able to refuse if Lin Zhiguo forces me to do anything. To me, you are still very important, how could I let go of you? Especially if you have so many mysterious mysteries that have not been solved?”

“Quiet! Lin Ruoxi, that’s enough!” Yang Chen felt that his blood was spilling and pumping all over his body. The woman’s words were as sharp as a knife, stabbing into his heart, as if he couldn’t take a breathe anymore.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t seem like she was going to. She burst into laughter and continued, “Enough? I’m going to say everything today. Why, can’t you stand it? Can’t you stand how vicious I am?

“Didn’t you already know it back then? Since that time I designed to topple both Changlin Media and Donghua Technology, I sent you and Qianni to Hong Kong in order to make my plan flawless. Weren’t you in the car that day, when I put Qianni in danger? In fact, you should be able to realise that I am an unscrupulous woman, don’t you?

“Oh, yes, and one more thing. I went to the base factory for inspection and I really miscalculated. I didn’t expect them to be so daring, but because you were with me, I took my chances for dinner with them. Finally, I met the idiots who wanted to harm me, but eventually they failed because of your existence.

“When we returned to Zhonghai by car, you comforted me, and said that I could do this to help more ordinary families. In fact, we were doing great deeds…”

Lin Ruoxi looked down and smiled exasperatedly. She then shook her head and sighed, “I am not afraid to tell you now, in fact, the factory owner was more right than you could imagine. I did make the government and the banks pressure his family. I did all that to acquire them. I lied to you because you were there, and told you that it had nothing to do with me… Actually, it was all part of my schemes.

“Do you remember? I’ve told you that I’m a businesswoman and as long as it’s not against the law, I won’t get arrested, and there will be profit, I’m willing to do it, no matter how vicious and ruthless. I will still do it that way. Compared to that… lying to you was much simpler for me.”

Yang Chen’s face sank. He suddenly felt that the woman in front of him was ever so foreign.

Lin Ruoxi had yet to finish. “After inspecting the factory, we went to Zhonghai for dinner and you started telling me a lot about your shortcomings, making yourself sound like a mess.

“I already guessed that you were trying to make a point, but I just wasn’t sure what you were trying to say, I was so nervous at the time. What I was most afraid of was that you would leave me all of a sudden. I am used to having you solve my problems. Things will go back to being hard for me if you decided to leave.

“Fortunately, I shed a few tears and that was all it took for you to tell everyone in public that you liked me.

“Haha, don’t you know how stupid you are? if you said you want to break up with me and divorce me, I have no way to stop you. I know that your identity is definitely significant. You aren’t the hawker I thought you were at first, so I can’t do anything about it.

“But, you told me that you like me, someone who used you, and lied to you…”

“Shut up!!!”

Yang Chen interrupted Lin Ruoxi in a low tone of voice. The look on his face was terrible, “Lin Ruoxi, do you know what you are saying?“

Lin Ruoxi turned around and gave a look at Yang Chen’s ferocious face without fear. “I most definitely do. It is nothing but the truth after all. Since we’re at this point already, I don’t have to hide anything from you anymore. Since us parting was a matter of time anyway, letting a stupid man like you know how you’ve been used is much better. You can finally end your adoration for me. ”

“Stupid… humph.” Yang Chen walk towards Lin Ruoxi and sneered.

Lin Ruoxi did not look away in the slightest. She was emotionless and didn’t seem to budge.


A loud slap on the face!

Yang Chen smacked Lin Ruoxi on her left cheek!

Lin Ruoxi only felt a little dizzy. She then subconsciously reached out and grabbed her left cheek which was pulsing with pain. She quickly realized that Yang Chen really slapped her!

“You… hit me…”

Lin Ruoxi was flabbergasted.

Yang Chen sneered and said, “This is the price for lying to me. Vicious women like you should be hit.”

Lin Ruoxi teared up and smiled awkwardly. “Yes… you should hit me. You did right.”


Another slap on the face on her right cheek this time!

Lin Ruoxi was shoved by the force of the slap to the table, barely being able to support her body. But she managed to not fall down and grab her reddened right cheek. She suddenly looked up and asked, “How many slaps must I endure before my payment is made? Better for you to finish it one shot, or kill me if you have to.”

Yang Chen leaned forward and approached her. His hands clasped Lin Ruoxi’s body under his. The two were less than an inch from each other. The whole situation would have been considered intimate if not for the reason they were in that position in the first place.

“Say it.” Yang Chen coldly starred at the woman who’s leaning against the table.

“Say what?” Lin Ruoxi replied with the same tone.

“Say you love me,” Yang Chen said.

“Why should I?” Lin Ruoxi’s tears were glimmering.

“Because I already said that I like you,” said Yang Chen, strong-willed.

Lin Ruoxi froze for a second and shook her head. “I don’t like you.”


Another slap, now on Lin Ruoxi’s left cheek again!

“Say it, tell me you love me,” Yang Chen demanded mechanically.

Lin Ruoxi was like a female leopard that intended to resist, but couldn’t move because of the male lion on top of her. She could only grit her teeth and pretend that she heard nothing.


Yet another slap; Lin Ruoxi was dazed now! What else does he want from me?!

“Say you adore me, I’ll keep slapping you if you don’t.” Yang Chen, as if he was possessed by a demon, stared into the woman’s eyes.

Lin Ruoxi finally couldn’t resist tearing up. Two streaks of tears rolled down her face and she couldn’t control it. She was like a helpless, bullied child, but no one would help her, because the only person who would help her in her time of need, was mercilessly slapping her.

“You… you bastard, even if you beat me till I die, I will not say it!” exclaimed Lin Ruoxi in a sobbing tone.

Yang Chen’s expression shifted before he finally moved away from Lin Ruoxi.

She thought that he was letting her go. But all of a sudden, Yang Chen picked up a platinum-tipped pen from his desk.

Realizing there was something wrong, Lin Ruoxi ignored the pain on her face and asked, “What are you going to do?”

Yang Chen glanced at the woman and laughed. “Since you won’t tell me you like me even if I beat you to death, I can’t get away with hitting you and not paying for my mistake. I have to sacrifice something too.”

As he said that, Yang Chen plunged the ball pen into his heart!


The ball pen was shoved into his chest!

Lin Ruoxi was instantly stunned. Her tears could no longer fall. Only grief was visible in her eyes!

“Are you crazy?!” Lin Ruoxi exclaimed, and approached. She grabbed Yang Chen’s arm and saw Yang Chen’s chest, the blood flowing down from the pen made her feel like the sky was spinning again!

“You… why did you do something so stupid?” Lin Ruoxi cared not for her reputation. Her face was red and she sobbed nonstop.

Yang Chen looked extremely tired. He had been heavily wounded and felt incredibly weak. “I like you, but I hit you. How can I forgive myself if I don’t endure myself the ultimate punishment?”

“Who said that I don’t like you!?” Lin Ruoxi suddenly yelled, “Bastard! Stupid! Idiot! Yang Chen, you rogue! I like you! I like you I like you! You… why are you so stupid…”

Yang Chen gasped hard and smiled bitterly. “Are you only comforting me out of sympathy? Is it because I am dying?”

Lin Ruoxi shook her head desperately. Her crying made it difficult for her to speak. “It’s… It was all my fault… I just want to anger you… It hurts… My heart hurts… I really like you… Yang Chen don’t let anything happen to yourself… Look at all your blood…”

“Why do you like me… Am I not someone who is so stupid I fall for your tricks all the time? And… I’m always not serious…” Yang Chen said with all his remaining strength as his lips paled.

“I like you! I really do! I really don’t know why but I really like you!” Lin Ruoxi was going insane. He was already in such a state, yet he was still talking about something like that.

Suddenly, Yang Chen smiled creepily, as if he found a million dollars on the road.

Seeing Yang Chen look fine all of a sudden, Lin Ruoxi finally realized that she seemed to have been tricked!

“Hey, you don’t know why you like me, but isn’t that precisely what true love is? Oh, my good wife, you really like your husband so much, don’t you? Hahahaha, is stabbing myself once was all it took, it was really worth it! Haha…”

“You… you fraud! You lied to me!” Lin Ruoxi was both happy and angry. She suddenly realized that Yang Chen was not an ordinary person. How could he just die so easily? She was scared by him and immediately worried about everything, and lost her cool completely. She didn’t know what to do now. Her cheeks turned into two red puffs upon thinking of the cheesy words she just spilled.

Yang Chen didn’t really care about it and pulled the pen out of his own chest. Although it was covered in blood, only his muscles were harmed. Even though Yang Chen rarely exercised, his strong physical attributes healed the wounds almost instantly.

With a smile, he held her soft body in his arms and smothered her rosy lips with kisses, covering her face with saliva.

Lin Ruoxi nearly fainted. The man was like a roller coaster. At this moment, he played with her like a doll, hugging her tightly with his lips engaging hers.

“Babe Ruoxi, what you said just now almost broke my heart. Now we’re even. I got mad with you, and hurt me thoroughly too. Despite lying to me and using me, we put it all behind us today. Just take it as your lovely husband stupidly wanted to be used by you.

“But as for you, dear little Ruoxi, a glutinous-rice-ball-loving Korean drama and Hello Kitty fanatic, how can I believe how cruel you make yourself out to be?” Yang Chen squinted and said.

Lin Ruoxi pouted and realized that he never trusted her words from the beginning. He was just waiting for her trip herself up.

Yang Chen looked at the angry and dissatisfied woman and found her to be quite cute as he stroked Lin Ruoxi’s lovely cheeks.

Lin Ruoxi subconsciously felt that Yang Chen was about to hit her again and shrunk back.

The cold, iceberg-like CEO that other people saw on weekdays, was now hiding like a timid and terrified kitten.

The woman was ever so gentle after her cold front was torn off.

Yang Chen felt a tinge of pity, and said, “Silly, I was just trying to snap you out of it. Don’t say those silly words. I’ll channel some internal energy to remove the slap marks on your face. Otherwise, how could you show your face to the others?”

“Ah…” Lin Ruoxi said. She lowered her head and let Yang Chen put his hand on her cheeks, feeling the warmth coming from them.

After a while, the redness on the cheeks disappeared and her skin turned fair once more.

Feeling Yang Chen’s mysterious ability up close, Lin Ruoxi felt more perplexed than surprised. Looking at Yang Chen’s face, she appeared rather fascinated.

Yang Chen carefully checked whether there was any part on her face where her blood didn’t circulate well, only to see Lin Ruoxi’s big round eyes staring back at himself. Shocked, he smiled. “Wifey, look at the neediness in your eyes. I see that you want to improve your relationship with your husband, right?” Copyright 2016 - 2024