Chapter 564Upstairs and Downstairs

Guo Xuehua froze at Wang Ma’s mention of ‘Miss’.

Ruoxi is home? Why now?!

Guo Xuehua would never have expected things to pan out this way. Why must she come back now? Didn’t she say she would only be back in a day or two from now? I have been telling her not to overwork all the time, but why must it be today that she decides to listen?

This time around, her bad decisions were coming to bite back at her. No matter how experienced she was in life, the role of a mother-in-law was still so new to her, and her ‘perfect’ son was no help in a situation like this one.

“Alright, just rest for a bit. I have prepared some breakfast. Okay, okay… I’ll open the gate…” Wang Ma cut the call short and exhaled.

Guo Xuehua immediately asked, “Yulan, Ruoxi came back? Didn’t she say she’ll only be back the day after tomorrow?”

Wang Ma looked right at Guo Xuehua’s worried face, which she found to be funny, though it was highly inappropriate to comment on it now. “Miss said she’ll be back in ten minutes. She finished her tasks in Europe early so she rescheduled the return ticket. She also added that she wanted to have breakfast before she leaves for work.”

“She just got off the plane and wants to leave for work again?” Guo Xuehua was stunned. To think that Lin Ruoxi was that much of a workaholic. She gave a bitter smile. “Even without the Yang clan, Ruoxi has enough money to ensure that her family lives well several generations after her. I really don’t know what goes in her mind. If this goes on I would never know when can I finally expect a grandchild.”

“I think it’s better if you leave the matter of your grandchildren aside. Our main priority is dealing with what happens when Ruoxi comes back to see Miss An. It’s already too late to go upstairs and drag An Xin down now, isn’t it?” Wang Ma said with a heavy heart.

Guo Xuehua couldn’t even look Wang Ma in the eye. At this point, what could she possibly do? All she could do was to blame herself for her foolishness!

Meanwhile in Yang Chen’s room, the couple had no idea what the two elders downstairs were arguing about.

An Xin was awake till late last night until she finally gave in and dozed off, which resulted in her sleeping well into the morning.

When Yang Chen came in, he saw An Xin lying on his bed. It looked like she was having quite the eventful dream, and they didn’t appear pleasant, as was apparent from her pale face.

Yang Chen instantly knew the gist of the situation, and he immediately forgotten about the real reason he came up. He casually moved to the side of the bed An Xin was on, kneeled down and silently stared at her soft, lovely face. The long night before might have taken some of her glamour, but also added a hint of innocence to her look.

Yang Chen smiled like a kid, his eyes filled with warmth. Even though he never seemed to get along with his legal wife, his relationships with his other lovers was always improving. He felt very conflicted with this situation.

He attentively pulled the blanket over An Xin, who was still fully dressed when she dozed off waiting for him.

This light gesture however, did not go unnoticed by the sleeping An Xin.

Almost telepathically, the moment Yang Chen covered her with the blanket, An Xin’s huge, bubbly eyes opened wide.

Her eyes were moist but still contained some degree of drowsiness. She saw Yang Chen and thought it was her imagination. She then lifted her pale, white hands and rubbed her eyes. Yang Chen was really there!

Yang Chen’s filthy attire did not matter to her at that moment as she leaped out of bed into his arms.


She coyly babbled as she open her arms wide and latched herself to Yang Chen like a serpent. She could not contain her emotions any longer.

Yang Chen was mesmerised by the captivating odour, the softness and warmth of the body of the woman he loved as she weeped.

It took him awhile to finally get a grip as he gently patted on her back and said, “Silly, I wasn’t even gone that long. Why are you acting as if I had abandoned you?”

An Xin continued sobbing, “I… I was afraid something happened to you.”

“What could have happened to me?” Yang Chen coyly rolled his eyes.

“I don’t know, I was just worried,” An Xin innocently replied.

Yang Chen sighed, and lifted her up like a koala as she was latching on him, and gently placed her on the bed. “I need to shower and rinse the dirt off me so I don’t stain your clothing.”

An Xin however didn’t loosen her grip, and single-handedly grasped on Yang Chen’s hand. “I don’t care.”

Yang Chen was not sure how to feel. “No matter what, I still have to wash up a little right?”

“I don’t want you to leave me.” An Xin stared at him with watery eyes.

This woman was terrified. Last night had been a nightmare to her. She was a part of all these incidents that led up to yesterday, and she was riddled with guilt, terrified that she would be the cause of something irreversible.

It was not easy for her to finally see her man return safe and sound to her, and have to let him out of her sight again.

Yang Chen coyly pinched An Xin’s nose lightly with the his fingers, feeling a little horny. “If my dear An Xin wants to, we can both go to the shower.”

While speaking, he bent down and scooped An Xin up as he marched into the bathroom.

An Xin blushed, but she didn’t refuse the offer. Even though she found couple baths slightly ridiculous, especially since she was in Yang Chen’s family house, with 2 elders downstairs, An Xin as it is could hardly control her urge to make out on the bed with him, so why would she care about the bath?

In the midst of foreplay, the bathroom was filled with Yang Chen’s weird laughters and An Xin‘s high pitched giggles, intermixed with the sound of water.

Even though it was a couple bath, it ended surprisingly quickly. Yang Chen, with his raging hormones had to get out of there quick. After just a couple of minutes, Yang Chen carried An Xin out from the bath.

Water was still dripping from their heads and their naked bodies.

An Xin arms encircled Yang Chen’s shoulders, her supple breasts latching on Yang Chen’s chest as they copulated, from the bed to the floor. Yang Chen was supposed to go downstairs for breakfast, but right now all he could think of was the woman in front of him and what he was going to do to her.

It did not take long for the whole house to be filled with the sounds of youthful lovemaking. Meanwhile, on the side of the road next to the estate, a white Mercedes-benz just pulled up.

The driver sprinted off the car and ran to the back, as he gently opened the door of a passenger seat with his head hung low.

Out came a woman in a beige British fall fashion coat, wearing a laced one-piece with a leather bag. Lin Ruoxi had the elegance rivaling that of nobles in British movies. With her poise and grace, it was hard not to mistake her for royalty.

She let her hair down, letting them casually sway in the fall breeze. Her facial expressions were hidden beneath her huge pair of shades, which made them impossible to guess.

Next to the car stood the driver who had respectfully kept his head low. He was actually working under the Yu Lei security department, but was told that he was to pick up the CEO from the airport.

“You may return to the office now,” Lin Ruoxi casually replied as she opened the metal gate and walked towards the house.

“Yes, Boss Lin!” The young chauffeur was visibly nervous as he bowed and hurried up the driver’s seat and drove back to the office.

Lin Ruoxi waited until she was sure that the car behind left before she let out a long breath and removed her shades. Fatigue and paleness were visible on her face.

It was something she would not want the employees of her company to know, hence the shades.

She wanted to come back the day after tomorrow, but after Yang Chen abruptly mentioned that something happened to An Xin and rushed back to Zhonghai yesterday, she had lost the mood to continue working and decided to come back a little earlier.

Lin Ruoxi felt that An Xin had nothing to do with her, so she did not care about what Yang Chen was going to do for her, but her mind said so and her heart dictated otherwise, which led her back to Zhonghai.

Lin Ruoxi went as far to assume it might even be her mental well being that was in the way. Why should I care about all these insignificant things? But her curiosity and insecurity insisted that she find out what that man was doing, especially after leaving her alone in Paris.

What is he going to do An Xin? What could have been that important?

She didn’t ask him that directly. She didn’t know the reason herself. Perhaps it was her stubbornness and ego that kept her from asking. She hated it.

Anyhow, Lin Ruoxi got her employees to reschedule the flight ticket. After some simple packing, she left for home a day earlier.

The route back home was a lonely one. Though they came together, she was returning alone. But it didn’t bother her much, after all she had been alone for the better part of her life anyway.

However, along the way she had been thinking about what happened in Zhonghai, and the more she thought the more she felt that there was something not quite right with the situation.

She was well aware of the man he was. No matter how serious the situation was, that ass would not even bat an eye; problems that would cause even the toughest of people to falter, wouldn’t even make him flinch in the slightest.

Nevertheless, would he have hurried back home if it wasn’t something consequential?

However as her worries grew deeper she developed the sense of unknown fear, a fear that gradually grew to become a emotional burden: a colossal sense of guilt.

Even though she and Yang Chen liked each other, why couldn’t she bring herself to admit it? Why was she so stubborn to the point that it hurt the both of them?

If she could lower her pride, she could ask Yang Chen about it and she was sure that he would be more than willing to talk. If it wasn’t serious, Yang Chen wouldn’t say that something was up and he had to help An Xin deal with some issues.

During her flight back home that lasted more than 10 hours, she had been constantly questioning herself whether she should be giving something out.

Even though that man had a lot of shortcomings, at least he would stand up for her. They were also a married couple… If she continued that way, would her troubles really fade away? Was enduring it the solution?

Step by step, she walked towards the estate. Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma were welcoming her by the window.

“Miss, you really came back.” Wang Ma donned her usual smile while carrying Ruoxi’s bags.

Guo Xuehua, too, greeted her warmly, “You look so tired. Your lips are so pale. It must have been more than a day since u last slept, right? Well, hurry up and come on inside.”

Lin Ruoxi felt worse after hearing that from Guo Xuehua. Her mother-in-law had always looked out for her, hoping that she would improve her relationship with Yang Chen, but she had always been rejecting this and that, or evading the chances to make up with Yang Chen.

“Mother… I—”

Lin Ruoxi was about to say something, but suddenly, a woman could be heard moaning from the balcony on the second floor.

“Hah… urgh… Hubby… don’t… Aaah..”

What was that? Was it An Xin’s voice?!

Lin Ruoxi abruptly looked up, and she turned even paler and froze at the sight of that, unable to move whatsoever.

Among the witnesses were Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma, both horrified as they slowly came to the realization of what they were hearing. They shared a glance with each other. At their age, it was not hard to guess what was happening upstairs even without looking! Copyright 2016 - 2023