Chapter 559Godlike Travel

On the highway toward the airport, a military Jeep with a modified engine sped through at an insane speed of near 200 kilometers per hour, streaking past other vehicles like a bolt of dark green lightning!

Almost every car fearfully made way, especially because it was a car owned by the military. No one would be compensated for any losses should they be hit.

Yang Chen stared in front expressionlessly. To him, drifting a car was no exceptional skill. Instinctively controlling the car, as if it was a part of his body, he didn’t need to consciously think about anything to draw a perfect arc when driving.

In fact, the task of eliminating Lu Min could be passed to Sea Eagles or Rose from Red Thorns Society. They would all be able to stop him much faster than Yang Chen could. Getting rid of Lu Min who was lacking reliance was a piece of cake.

However, Yang Chen chose to take action himself. Lu Min had intended to touch his woman in addition to getting him arrested. Yang Chen felt that there was enough reason to deal with the problem personally, solely based on these two points.

Furthermore, knowing that Lu Min had an unusual background, Yang Chen didn’t plan to let anyone around him get involved. He alone would be responsible for the cause of his actions.

The Jeep’s speed was astounding to the other drivers. Even at the final corner approaching the airport, the car didn’t slow down for the slightest, dashing forward in craze at its top speed of 200 kilometers per hour!

Some of the drivers thought that it was a madman who drove the Jeep. Indeed, wasn’t he courting his own death this way?

Screech! Unexpectedly, as the Jeep reached the corner at high speed, the friction between the car tires and the ground was so large that it made a shrieking like sound that resounded within the whole airport. As sparks arose, the degree to which the car turned was just enough for it to get through the turn without overturning!

What wonderful driving skills! cried the drivers in their hearts. The Chinese military is indeed impressive!

Should Yang Chen find out what those people were having in mind, he would certainly not be happy. He didn’t expect to have boosted the fame of Yang Pojun’s army.

He was less than 3 kilometers away the departure hall of Zhonghai International Airport. According to the report from Sea Eagles, Lu Min should’ve just arrived at the airport.

A cold smile surfaced from the corners of Yang Chen’s lips. All the fellow had to do to die was just set foot into the airport. At least he wouldn’t have to go through security check.

Yang Chen wasn’t so foolish as to reveal himself as the murderer. Channeling True Qi to break an ordinary person’s heart from a distance could be done with ease. At most, he would allow Lu Min to share a look with him, to prevent Lu Min from having no one to take revenge on after turning into a ghost.

However, just as Yang Chen felt that the ending was set, his mind was suddenly alerted!

“Who’s there?!”

Even with Yang Chen’s reaction speed, he was still a second too late!

At the instant Yang Chen felt a formidable presence, the Jeep disappeared from the highway!

In the minivan previously behind the Jeep, an old couple looked at each other, confused.

“Old Man, there was a car in front of us just now, wasn’t there?” the old woman asked blurrily.

The old man frowned his white brows. “I think I saw it too. It may have gone ahead though. It might have been too fast for us to see.”

While the old woman was a little doubtful, she didn’t keep it in mind for too long.

On the other hand, Yang Chen’s expression darkened inside the Jeep.

The car was miraculously transferred to a deserted land below the highway just a moment ago.

It was an empty plot of land not too far from the airport. Around a kilometer away was the Zhonghai International Airport.

At this season between spring and summer, the land was full of weeds dancing in the wind. When looked from above, the field alternated between light green and dark green repeatedly, just like tides.

As a result, the dark green Jeep was allowed to camouflage at a place like this one, as if it had become one with the field. If it wasn’t for the heat coming from the engine, one would think that the car had been parked there forever.

Yang Chen’s expression initially displayed caution, to astonishment, fury, and at this moment, perplexity.

After quite a while, Yang Chen finally regained awareness. He realized that the engine of the Jeep had been obliterated by a shapeless yet immense force, forbidding it to move.

Judging from his current location and the nearby airport, Yang Chen was sure that the car had been teleported from where he was to where he is!

Based on the execution speed, Yang Chen instantly thought of space folding, achieved only by gods post-unsealing!

However, there weren’t the slightest fluctuations in the surrounding space!

How is this possible? Just what energy was used to accomplish such a terrifying move without relying on space laws?! thought Yang Chen.

It wouldn’t be a problem for Yang Chen to lift the Jeep up and run across the highway before tossing the car down. However, it was impossible for him to achieve what had happened earlier without unsealing. Moreover, even if he did unseal, he might not have been able to do it as quickly as this!

“Young Master Chen.” A gentle voice echoed from behind the car.

Yang Chen violently turned around to look outside the car window. Did he just fail to notice that someone was right behind him?!

It was the old woman Sanniang dressed in plain old clothes, affectionately looking at Yang Chen while smiling. The kind of fondness displayed was as if she was looking at her own grandson.

Yang Chen managed to recognize the woman immediately as she left him a deep impression. She was the woman beside Yang Gongming!

However, every time he saw this old woman, due to her ordinary look, Yang Chen didn’t pay much attention to her. Now that Yang Chen thought of how Yang Gongming only had this one person with him whenever he was out, when he was such a key person in the country, Yang Chen should’ve guessed that she was no ordinary attendant. But even so, he would never have guessed that she would possess this amount of terrifying strength!

“Just who… are you?” Yang Chen wasn’t bothered with Lu Min anymore, and went straight to the point. He found it hard to believe that the stunt earlier was pulled off by the old woman whom he had ignored all this while!

Why is there someone like this around Yang Gongming?!

Could she be a member of Hongmeng?!

Yang Chen’s back was drenched in sweat. He wasn’t afraid, but the sudden event had made him lose control of his mental state.

To Yang Chen who had always had matters under control, the current situation was incredibly strange.

“This one is named Yan Sanniang, a servant exclusively serving Master in the Yang clan. If Young Master Chen doesn’t mind, you may call me Grandma Yan,”said Yan Sanniang with a smile.

Yan Sanniang? Yang Chen had never heard of this name, but it actually made sense; amongst the elites in the world, he was most uninformed of the ones from China. The Hongmeng Messenger Ling Xuzi back then had been quite a shock to him as it is, and it was the same for Yan Sanniang now. Yang Chen had remained undefeated for so many years abroad, but upon returning to this country, two people whom he failed to comprehend had appeared within merely a year!

“Why are you stopping me, did Yang Gongming send you here?” Yang Chen frowned. He realized that killing Lu Min night not be an option for him anymore.

Yan Sanniang didn’t confirm his question nor did she deny. “Young Master Chen should call Master ‘Grandpa’ instead. Of course, this one totally understands if you refuse to do so. Regarding why I have come, I believe Young Master Chen is utterly aware of the reason. Why do you still have to ask?”

Getting out of the car, Yang Chen stood in front of Yan Sanniang. Scratching his head bitterly, he said, “Your information is surprisingly complete. I just returned to the country a few hours ago, but you’re already in Zhonghai to stop me. Is that old man here too?”

Yan Sanniang shook her head with a smile. “Master received a call from Madam Jieyu earlier, so this one rushed over immediately. Master is still in Beijing.”


It should be mentioned that Yang Chen had never been dumbstruck upon succeeding Pluto’s position; he would at most feel a little nervous.

However, Sanniang’s words had shocked him thoroughly!

Beijing was in the north and Zhonghai the south—they were at least a thousand kilometers apart!

Even if Yang Jieyu’s call was made when the incident took place, there was no way that she could have travelled here in time by plane!

In other words, Sanniang didn’t rush here via any known for of transportation!

A terrifying thought surfaced in Yang Chen’s mind. Was it possible that the kind-looking old woman in front of him had used the same technique as moving the Jeep, just like manipulating space, travelled from Beijing to Zhonghai in a matter of minutes?!

Yang Chen was confident that he could move a thousand kilometers through space laws if he had unsealed. If he wanted to go any faster, even if he had the capability, his body would not be able to withstand the pressure!

However, Yang Chen remembered that Ling Xuzi from Hongmeng earlier seemed to have used a similar technique to move in space, one that Yang Chen couldn’t comprehend. Is this woman possibly related to Hongmeng? Where did she come from?! Copyright 2016 - 2023