Chapter 557Head of Spies

The two who entered were Ye Zi and Sky Dragon who had been observing the situation by the side. They knew that something had gone wrong when they heard the gunshots!

They had thought that by contacting Yang Chen’s family and relying on Guo Xuehua to deal with the situation, the matter could be settled; but they were one step too slow!

By the time Ye Zi and Sky Dragon had reached the perimeter of the interrogation room, the shots had stopped. The pitter-patter of the guns’ echoes were like exploding beans. They rang out over a hundred times, caused by the dozens of police officers unloading their entire clips.

In the smoke-filled room, the police were stunned speechless in their spots, because the target of their collective fire—was completely fine?!

Through the white smoke, Sky Dragon and Ye Zi exchanged a bitter smile. They watched the expressionless man in short-sleeved shirt and loose pants pushed his way out from the crowd of police officers and calmly walked out. The ground in which he walked over was filled with bullets and empty magazines.

Is he even human? Are they making a film?!

The bunch of police stared blankly at their weapons, and even suspected if these were fake—just special effects?!

Ye Zi and Sky Dragon knew that things like bullets wouldn’t even get close to Yang Chen before being stopped by his protective True Qi. He was already doing a surprising favor by not reflecting the bullets.

The couple were more afraid of Yang Chen using the police station as a way to release his rage, turning the whole situation into a bloodbath.

In fact, he did think of that when he was shot by that group, but he suppressed it firmly. He knew that most of the police were innocent, plus if he killed dozens of ordinary humans at once, he would definitely lose control, so he used all his strength to direct the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture to stifle that murderous intent.

Yang Chen shot a casual glance at Sky Dragon and Ye Zi who had just arrived, and exited the police station. The scarlet in his eyes had become somewhat stronger than before.

The police had no courage to stop him; it was good enough that they didn’t faint.

“Brother Yang, where are you going?!” Ye Zi stepped in front of Yang Chen, asking in panic.

Yang Chen shot her a glance. “Step aside.”

“I won’t!” Ye Zi shook her head stubbornly, saying loudly, “You must be going to find Lu Min. Brother Yang, listen to me, behind Lu Min is not just the Lu clan, his grandfather is…”

Without waiting for her to finish, Yang Chen had pulled her arm and flung her to one side!

Ye Zi gave a cry of alarm. Her skills were average in the Dragon Group; she couldn’t possibly withstand Yang Chen’s force. Fortunately Sky Dragon caught her in time, avoiding the pain of crashing into a wall.

“I don’t care who he is. If you can’t tell me where he is, don’t get in my way. Don’t think that just because I know you, I will spare you.” Yang Chen hurled one cold line and continued walking out.

Ye Zi was about to loudly say something, but was stopped by Sky Dragon who shook his head heavily. “Don’t say anything else, he won’t listen. Didn’t you see his eyes—he’s really about to kill someone!”

“Then what do we do? If something happens to Lu Min, the whole of Beijing will descend into chaos!” Ye Zi said worriedly.

Sky Dragon gave a sigh. “Stabilize the situation first. Anyway, we’ve already informed Lu Min to get on either a plane or a train, as long as he escapes Zhonghai to Beijing quick enough. Otherwise… who could stop that killing god?!”

Ye Zi bit her lip helplessly, knowing that they were powerless, and said bitterly, “It’s all Lu Min’s fault! I’m so angry!”

Seeing his wife’s rage, Sky Dragon could only shook his head with a hard smile. Looking at the open-mouthed police officers by the side, he had another headache. News about the unconventional character these people had witnessed must not be leaked out. The Yellow Flame Iron Brigade had to clean up after Yang Chen.

Elsewhere, as Yang Chen headed for the exit, he fished out his phone. Naturally, he would call the leader of the Sea Eagles, Molin.

As the training for the Dragon Group Recruit drew to an end, Molin had brought the other member, Fanny, back to the temporary base in Zhonghai. The last few subjects for the Dragon Recruit Group didn’t require instructors of real combat, so their job was done.

“Your Majesty Pluto, what are your orders?” Molin knew that Yang Chen had returned to Zhonghai early—Sauron had told the members of Sea Eagles all over the world about what happened in Europe. Molin and the rest were still excited over their idol’s killings, and was extra devout when he received Yang Chen’s call.

Yang Chen cut straight to the point, and said coldly, “Help me find out everything you know about someone named Lu Min, about thirty years old, he’s a reception official. I want to know his specific location. You have three minutes.”

Molin just said ‘yes’, and hung up immediately.

At this point, Guo Xuehua, An Xin, and the rest had rushed over from the door. The guard at the door also knew that something had happened and couldn’t stop them.

Guo Xuehua saw that Yang Chen was fine and uninjured, and calmed down right away. She rushed forward to hug Yang Chen tearfully, saying emotionally, “Yang Chen, what happened? They didn’t mistreat you, did they? What’s with the gunshots?”

An Xin also gave a happy sigh of relief. Although she knew that Yang Chen was not ordinary and had great skills, she was still worried. Seeing that he was alright, her guilt diminished somewhat.

Yang Chen’s heart softened, and the redness in his eyes faded slightly. The concern that he had for his family and lover was something that kept him grounded. It was for this sincere lover that he had stayed in Zhonghai regardless of the trouble, even if he was closely monitored, even if he couldn’t cause trouble like when he was overseas, spilling blood at any conflict.

However, in this instant of warmth, his murderous intent also solidified!

That’s right, for my family and lover, threats like Lu Min need to die!

“An Xin, bring my mom home, I have matters to deal with.” Yang Chen turned and spoke to her.

An Xin turned blank, not knowing what he meant.

“Yang Chen, you… what are you going to do?” Guo Xuehua sensed that something was off, and said hurriedly, “Son, please don’t be hasty, I know you won’t stand for this, and that you have powerful skills, but dealing with Lu Min isn’t going to be so simple. His grandfather is someone that even your grandpa might not be able to contain!”

Yang Chen smiled. “I don’t care who he or his grandfather is. I’ll rely on my own strength, and I don’t need the help of the Yang clan.”

With that, Yang Chen turned to Zhao Teng and Wang Jie. “Help An Xin send my mom home together, and continue your work in the office.”

Guo Xuehua couldn’t bear to let go, and wanted to advise him more, but Yang Chen didn’t want to waste time. There were some matters for which he had no time to understand.

Therefore, he channeled some True Qi into Guo Xuehua’s body, making her fall asleep, and passed her to the blank An Xin, letting her support his mother.

“Take good care of our mom, and do as you’re told.” Yang Chen said this plainly, and left the police station in a flash.

Wang Jie and Zhao Teng were dumbstruck to their spots. They didn’t expect that the usually cheerful Director Yang was actually like a legendary martial expert.

As for An Xin, besides worry, she also felt a sweetness, for Yang Chen had said ‘our mom’.

Yang Chen appeared outside the police station and walked towards the road, ready to call a taxi to head to Lu Min’s location. His phone vibrated at this time; he picked it up and heard Molin’s voice.

“Your Majesty Pluto, I’ve found it. The thirty years old or so reception official Lu Min—it must be the director of Zhonghai’s broadcast television. The signal shows him rushing to Zhonghai International Airport. He has booked a ticket to Beijing and will be leaving in the next hour.”

“Airport…” Yang Chen became cold as he laughed. “Got it. Keep an eye on him, let me know if there’s any changes.”

Yang Chen was about to hang up when Molin suddenly said, “Your Majesty Pluto, please allow me to ask. May I ask if you’re going to kill Lu Min?”

“Yeah.” Yang Chen frowned. His own subordinates had seldom dared to ask him questions. What was happening with Molin?

Molin seemed to be struggling. “Please allow me to be brutally honest this one time. This would make Your Majesty Pluto’s stay in China… very detrimental.”

Yang Chen narrowed his eyes. “What do you want to say? I’m in a hurry.”

Molin pressed his luck. “According to the information, Lu Min’s father is the head of Beijing’s Lu clan, as a central manager at the Cultural Department. While it isn’t much, his mother is the daughter of Li Moshen, the head of the Li clan, one of the four great clans of Beijing. Li Moshen is the current vice premier of the State Council of China, an important leader amongst the Chinese political peace party.”

Yang Chen frowned. He had heard Tang Wan explain before: the four great clans of Beijing were Ning, Li, Yang, Tang. The Ning clan was the strongest; the business of the Tang’s head was relatively weaker; the Yang clan had endured because Yang Gongming was there as their backbone; as for the Li clan, he didn’t understand much and had no mood to find out. Listening to Molin, it seemed that the Li clan had more than just this vice premier; otherwise, it won’t be a reason to stop him.

Indeed, Molin continued, “Although on the surface Li Moshen’s position is the vice premier, second only to Ning Guangyao from the Ning clan, the true authority that Li Moshen wields is the Chief of the Chinese Security Bureau. Based on this position alone, he is more powerful and influential than that of Cai Yuncheng. Only, Yellow Flame Iron Brigade is autonomous. Besides, the eldest grandson of the Li clan, Li Dun, together with Yan Buwen from the Yan clan, form the ‘Beijing King Duo’. Li Dun is in control of two-thirds of China’s most elite special forces…”

Listening to Molin’s constant narration, Yang Chen was finally moved a little, and his face became solemn.

Chief of Security Bureau? In other words, he was the head of spies! The scariest part of places like the Security Bureau wasn’t in its fighting power, but the information that they held which could tear a person down right where they stood!

You could have a high position, or be extremely well-off, but no one was a complete saint, and it was difficult not to have dirty secrets. And the higher up you were, the more afraid you would be at being exposed!

Li Moshen was in control of the Security Bureau for over twenty years—if he didn’t have some extreme methods he couldn’t have been so stable. Unless you didn’t provoke a person like this, once you angered him, it was hard to say what information he would reveal to make his enemies forever unable to free themselves.

The officials in Beijing would rather provoke Ning Guangyao; at worst they would clash on the surface, there was still a chance of victory. But they didn’t dare to irritate Li Moshen who held this much dark information. Fighting with the head of spies? You had lost before you even began!

And Li Dun from the Li clan had become a controller of over half of China’s special forces at such a young age, which was a trump card indeed, same as Yan Buwen from the Yan clan. One as a young leading talent of scientific research, the other was the young leader of special forces, so together they were the king duo.

Although spies and special forces might not be that much of a threat to Yang Chen, it didn’t mean that they were useless towards the people around him!

Lu Min was Li Moshen’s grandson. If Yang Chen harmed him and the Li clan didn’t react at all, their reputation would never survive, and they might as well withdraw themselves from the four great clans of Beijing!

This meant that if Yang Chen killed Lu Min, the Lu clan had not much retaliation power; the problem was the people backing the Lu clan—once the Li clan took action, even if they couldn’t face Yang Chen head on, it would be easy for them to target those beside Yang Chen!

And if Yang Chen indeed fought a bloody battle with the Li clan, the casualties would not be that of the Li clan alone, but the whole of China!

Powers like the Security Bureau and special forces would be utilized to confront Yang Chen. If Yang Chen killed off any main personages, the political and military affairs of China would be in chaos! This might even attract countries which had been watching China covetously, allowing them an opportunity to exploit!

By that point, Yang Chen would be no different than the cause of China’s downfall, so what would be the point of staying on?

What made Yang Chen hesitate even more was that since Li Moshen oversaw the Security Bureau, he couldn’t possibly not know of Yang Chen’s identity, and must have been ready to defend against Yang Chen.

If he suddenly made a move, and the upper echelons of China were thrown in disarray, causing danger to the country, who’s to say that the people from Hongmeng wouldn’t show up yet again to stabilize the situation—that was the real head-scratcher!

No wonder Guo Xuehua had said it was someone that even Yang Gongming might not be able to suppress. The grandfather-grandson pair of the Li clan musn’t be despised indeed; even if Yang Chen wanted to attack, he must have a comprehensive scheme…

Just then three military jeeps sped from the road to where Yang Chen was standing. In a blink they braked in front of Yang Chen.

A few formidable military hulks got out of the jeeps and lined up in a row in front of Yang Chen. From the center jeep alighted a sturdy, upright man—who else could it be if not Yang Pojun?! Copyright 2016 - 2024