Chapter 555The True Background

Once the call was connected, Yang Jieyu’s excited voice could immediately be heard through the other end of the phone. “Sister-In-Law, why are you suddenly free to call me? I thought you wanted to abandon me as well since you’re mad at Elder Brother.”

Guo Xuehua smiled bitterly, feeling rather guilty at heart. If it wasn’t for her son’s situation, she certainly wouldn’t be reminded to give Yang Jieyu a call.

“Jieyu, this isn’t the time for chit-chatting. I called you because of Yang Chen,” said Guo Xuehua.

Yang Jieyu was slightly surprised. “What happened to Yang Chen? Did that kid cause trouble again? Or has he made you mad?”

“I don’t know what kind of trouble he has caused, but it was big enough to have caused a scene. He was arrested by the west-district police just now, and I’m heading there now,” Guo Xuehua said and sighed.

Yang Jieyu exclaimed, “What?! Does anyone even dare to arrest him?!”

She was aware of Yang Chen’s unusual background and had witnessed Red Thorns Society exterminating Dongxing under Yang Chen’s plan. Yang Chen then injured Yang Lie, the disciple of the true inheritor of Kunlun Sect. Even the government’s secret organization Dragon Group feared him. Who in their right minds would go up against him?

“Sister-In-Law, you need not be too worried. I bet it’s just some blind guy who has consumed medication wrongly. I’ll ask Wei to call the police department and clear up the situation. I believe he’ll be fine by then,” said Yang Jieyu calmly.

While Guo Xuehua felt that it wasn’t a simple matter, she hoped that would be the case. As her daughter-in-law Lin Ruoxi had excess cash, cars, and houses, Guo Xuehua picked a random car from the garage and drove toward the police station. It was much faster without the whole entourage of policemen following her.

Guo Xuehua didn’t take more than twenty minutes to arrive at the west-district police station as she had sped through the roads. Getting out of the car, she noticed a few people nervously waiting outside the place.

Her attention was immediately caught by the beauty dressed in a black suit and a brown skirt. Almost instantly, Guo Xuehua figured the lady should be An Xin who had given her a call earlier.

When An Xin saw an elegant, mature woman walking toward her, she shouted in her mind repeatedly, This isn’t Yang Chen’s mother. She definitely isn’t his mother. How is this possible?

Soon Guo Xuehua approached An Xin and offered her hand. Smiling gently, she said, “You must be An Xin. I’m Guo Xuehua, Yang Chen’s mother.”

An Xin was so shocked that she almost fainted. While she believed that her hubby has quite the interesting background, no matter how one looked at it, he didn’t seem to be a man who came from such a beautiful and noble mother. The disparity was ridiculous. One was just like a queen in the palace while the other was no different from a thug in the streets, although An Xin really liked that thug.

Dumbstruck, An Xin shook Guo Xuehua’s hand foolishly, not knowing how to break the ice.

Looking at An Xin’s pitiful and fearful behavior, Guo Xuehua couldn’t help but sigh. What a naive a pure girl. My son really is great at ruining girls’ lives, isn’t he? she thought.

Should Guo Xuehua fail to identify the relationship between An Xin and Yang Chen, she must’ve lived the past forty years or so blind and deaf.

Actually, it wasn’t that An Xin couldn’t accept the fact. She was essentially the reason Yang Chen was caught, even if she too didn’t want it to happen. Thus, she had no clue what she was supposed to say.

As Guo Xuehua wondered just how much Yang Chen had hidden from her, she asked, “Have you guys entered the place yet? What’s the situation now?”

An Xin replied, “I don’t know what’s wrong with the police station, but they’re not allowing us to enter. We have hired a lawyer who went in by force earlier, and we’re still waiting for the outcome.”

At this moment, a bald man dressed in a suit ran out of the police station anxiously with a briefcase in hand. His forehead was filled with cold sweat, as if he had seen a ghost.

Wang Jie who was beside rushed over and asked, “Lawyer Zhang, what’s the situation now? Why did you come out alone? Where’s Director Yang?”

Lawyer Zhang pushed Wang Jie’s hand away. Infuriated, he yelled, “Just who have you guys offended this time?! You’ve made such a huge mistake and yet you still ask for me to bail him out? Are you deliberately trying to get me into trouble?! I’ll refund all the money to you. Take care of the case yourself; a small lawyer like me can’t do anything about it!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he rushed away furiously, unwilling to explain a single thing.

Wang Jie was frustrated. “Why did this happen? Just who are they? Lawyer Zhang isn’t even afraid of the mayor.”

“I believe the case isn’t simple. Not only did he back off from the case, he made it sound really serious,” Zhao Teng said.

Guo Xuehua frowned, realizing that the situation seemed to be different from what she had expected. Furthermore, Yang Jieyu should’ve given her a call by now. Why wasn’t there any news yet?

As a result, Guo Xuehua felt all the more worried.

“I’ll have a look inside,” said Guo Xuehua in displease before she walk toward the entrance.

Before she reached the entrance, two policemen blocked her arrogantly. “We’re sorry, there’s a criminal interrogation now. It’s not safe inside, please leave.”

“Do you have any clue who I am, and what consequence you’ll have to face by stopping me?” asked Guo Xuehua as she stared at them coldly. She had a high status after all; her gaze caused the policemen to feel a little scared.

However, it wasn’t known why they were so daring. “No matter who you are, we’re just following orders.”

Guo Xuehua’s expression turned dull. “I’m Guo Xuehua, the wife of the general commander in the Jiangnan District. Do you dare to stop me?”

Civilians might not know what the title was, but anyone from the police force definitely did!

Expectedly, the two policemen were a little stunned. Judging by Guo Xuehua’s appearance and bearing, they honestly felt that it might be possible. But soon, one of them said, “Even if that’s really the case, we still can’t allow your entrance, not to mention Madam hasn’t provided sufficient proof.”

Guo Xuehua was shocked. She used to have bodyguards from the military all day, which could prove her identity anytime. Now that they were gone, she didn’t know what to do. Although she didn’t care about the title too much, it would have proven useful in a time like this.

Her phone suddenly rang, making her surprised. When she took her phone out, she noticed it was a call from Yang Jieyu.

“Hi, Jieyu, how is it now?” Guo Xuehua sounded much relaxed. She expected Yang Jieyu to have solved the issue by now, which was the reason she took so long to call back.

However, surprisingly, Yang Jieyu’s tone was inexplicably complicated. “Sister-In-Law, this time Yang Chen seems to have gotten himself into a serious trouble.”

Guo Xuehua was downhearted. “What happened? Did you manage to find anything out?”

An Xin, Zhao Teng, and Wang Jie all looked immensely worried when Guo Xuehua was on the call. They didn’t know what happened specifically, but Sky Dragon and Ye Zi had said that Guo Xuehua was capable of bringing Yang Chen out. Why wasn’t there any progress yet? Could they be lying?

“Sister-In-Law, I asked a few people working closely with the police force. They told me that, because of a lady, Yang Chen committed a deliberate attempted murder on Lu Min from the Lu clan. This is a criminal case, which he will face severe consequences for,” said Yang Jieyu.

Lu Min? The Lu clan? Guo Xuehua suddenly thought of something. “Jieyu, are you referring to the Lu clan from Beijing?”

“It naturally is. Who else has the power to order Chief Lu to arrest Yang Chen? No matter what, Chief Lu wouldn’t dare to do anything to him after discovering his profile,” Yang JIeyu said with a bitter smile.

Guo Xuehua finally got rather nervous. Hurriedly, she said, “Jieyu, you have to help Yang Chen. I—I am at a loss right now. The police isn’t allowing me to enter no matter what.”

Yang Jieyu tried to console her. “Don’t worry, Sister-In-Law, although the Lu clan can’t be quickly dealt with, our Yang clan isn’t easily bullied as well. Wei is now talking to Elder Brother, and I’ll try to convince him as well. Yang Chen is his son after all; he couldn’t just watch, could he? I believe he won’t make the wrong choices this time.”

Guo Xuehua wanted to stop them from begging Yang Pojun, but felt it was the most effective means. Yang Pojun was far more influential than the Yuan clan. As this area was under the protection of the Jiangnan District military, the Lu clan had to back off a little to make way for Yang Pojun. Thus, Guo Xuehua didn’t mind it too much although the situation was stiff.

Yang Jieyu, however, was still a little worried. “Sister-In-Law, if Elder Brother really is merciless, I’ll personally request Father to do something, even if I have to endure being scolded by Father. You need not worry too much.”

Guo Xuehua felt much relieved, hoping that Yang Jieyu could quickly call Yang Gongming, but she knew that wasn’t possible. Yang Gongming had ignored the outside world for many years after all. Unless he was willing to, he would certainly be irritated should any juniors ask for his help.

When the call was ended, An Xin couldn’t hold herself back anymore. Cowardly approaching Guo Xuehua, she asked, “Aunt, how is Yang Chen now?”

Guo Xuehua’s gaze turned cold as she stared at An Xin. “You’re the one who has provoked Lu Min, aren’t you?”

An Xin felt that she was lacking energy to stand. She didn’t expect the polite woman earlier to speak in such a tone so suddenly. But she still nodded her head in fear.

“Do you know what status Lu Min holds? Do you know just how much trouble you have caused my son, my family?!” yelled Guo Xuehua loudly.

An Xin’s eyes had been watery since the start. Despite being a tough lady, being blamed by the mother of her loved one, she was filled with resentment and guilt, thus causing her tears to finally fall.

“Aunt, I’m sorry. I know that Lu Min is from a clan from Beijing, and my father doesn’t dare to do anything about it, so he must be really powerful. Bu—but I didn’t expect the whole thing to turn out this way,” sobbed An Xin.

Guo Xuehua wasn’t a soft-hearted person. Similarly being a woman, she didn’t sympathize with An Xin. Coldly, she asked, “A clan from Beijing? Really powerful? Do you think this will end up so badly if Lu Min’s clan is just a powerful one from the city?! Do you really know his true background?!” Copyright 2016 - 2023