Chapter 553Vixen Under Great Pressure

The various games they played in the office were no quick, simple matters, and they didn’t exactly try to be discreet about it. They weren’t afraid of that—Yang Chen didn’t care at all, and An Xin wasn’t very bothered since that man was the only one she had seduced, so she didn’t need to hide anything.

But it was an office after all, so Yang Chen couldn’t be too intense. They wound down after a quick round of about half an hour.

An Xin tried her best to not be too loud, but the expression of satisfaction rippling across her face afterwards revealed her sweet charm.

After they tidied up, Yang Chen decided to go home for a shower, and then return to the office to pick up An Xin for lunch. This vixen had forgotten to take care of herself having been pestered by Lu Min and angered by An Zaihuan these days, worrying Yang Chen when he touched her.

But before Yang Chen could leave, the office phone rang. They could see that the number was from an inside worker.

Yang Chen picked it up, only to hear his assistant Zhao Teng panicking. “Director, the police from the western district has arrived, and it’s Chief Lu himself. He says that he is here to arrest someone!”

Yang Chen raised an eyebrow, said, “Got it,” and hung up.

Zhao Teng was so loud on the phone that An Xin had heard him. The flush left her face in an instant as she asked worriedly, “Is it Lu Min?”

“Humph, who else could it be?” Yang Chen snorted with a smile. “He’s pretty fast. He got the police chief in half an hour, barging into the office to make an arrest. It would seem like he is trying to exaggerate this case.”

Just then, the office door was opened from the outside, and a few police in uniform filed in. At their head was a short but vigorous middle-aged man—his uniform indicated he was the police supervisor, so he must be Chief Lu.

“You’re Yang Chen?” Chief Lu sized Yang Chen up as he asked gruffly.

Yang Chen nodded. “I’m not sure why the police is here in my office. I don’t believe I have done anything wrong.”

In fact, Yang Chen had some impression of this Chief Lu. Not because he had met him, but back when he had fought with Qi Kai over Liu Mingyu, Qi Kai had phoned to Deputy Chief Lu.

Only at that time Cai Yan was still at that precinct, and this guy was the deputy. Now that Cai Yan had left, he had been promoted.

Today, Qi Kai’s entirely family was exterminated, but this fellow had just gone with the flow and seemed to have gotten by well.

“Humph, don’t play dumb. Someone reported that you attempted premeditated murder, and had injured an individual. The evidence is conclusive so there’s no use denying your crimes. Take him away!” Without saying more, Chief Lu ordered his subordinates to arrest Yang Chen.

A few policemen rushed up and restrained Yang Chen unceremoniously.

An Xin was on the edge watching by the side, not knowing what to do.

Yang Chen didn’t think of resisting—there was no way he would slaughter a bunch of policemen in broad daylight as he was not quite ready to leave this city yet. Besides, they were just following Chief Lu’s orders and weren’t at fault themselves.

Yang Chen didn’t think that after Qi Kai had called for Chief Lu to arrest him, Chief Lu didn’t dare to touch him after seeing his profile back then. There must be some issue raised in Yang Chen’s information, plus he had Cai Yan’s special treatment. But today, once Lu Min wanted him arrested, Chief Lu had to ensure that it was done hastily.

Evidently, Lu Min’s influence is greater than Qi Kai of the Qi clan, and even surpassed the Cai clan where Cai Yan was from. This was rather surprising.

A few employees were standing outside the office, including Zhao Teng and Wan Jie. They were scared speechless at seeing Yang Chen being captured, and could only look at him worriedly, not knowing what to do.

“Don’t clog up the area, and go back to doing what you were. I’m not on death row.” Yang Chen kidded around, and turned to An Xin. “Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.”

At one side, Chief Lu laughed coldly. “Don’t bullshit so much. Whether you’ll be back is not up to you. Let’s go!”

With that, the police pushed past the workers and escorted Yang Chen out of the office.

An Xin watched helplessly as Yang Chen was taken away, biting her lips tearfully. Although she knew that Yang Chen had scary skills, it was still the police station, and obviously Lu Min had targeted him. No matter how powerful Yang Chen was, he couldn’t confront a national institution!

After the police had left, Zhao Teng and Wang Jie both continued their work. As they walked into the office, they reassured An Xin. “Miss An, don’t be upset. Director will be fine; they can’t just overlook the law.”

An Xin was bitter. As part of an upper-class clan, she knew that some powers were beyond the law, but she couldn’t just point it out.

Wang Jie said, “Miss An, should we inform Director Yang’s family? Or call a lawyer for him?”

Family? An Xin hesitated, Should I let his family know about this? What if I didn’t tell them but they hear that Yang Chen was arrested, would they be mad that I wasn’t the one who told them? But if I tell them, would Yang Chen blame me for worrying them?

After some thinking, An Xin decided to call for a lawyer and fight for his rights. It was better not to go around and cause trouble.

As the two employees exited, An Xin lifted the phone by the desk, and called the best lawyer in Zhonghai that she knew.

After that, An Xin debated whether to call An Zaihuan, but gave up. An Zaihuan was so afraid of Lu Min, how could he go against Lu Min by helping Yang Chen?

Just then, someone knocked on the door.

An Xin thought it must be a worker. “Come in.”

But it was two strangers who walked in—a man and a woman. The man was tall and huge and looked like a soldier, with a fitting short-sleeved gray shirt. His muscles were clear under his shirt.

And the woman looked fresh and friendly. Her height only reached the man’s chest. She wore a simple shirt and jeans, without makeup.

“You are…” An Xin stared at them distrustfully.

The woman smiled. “You’re An Xin, Miss An, right?”

An Xin nodded. How do they know me?

“I’m Ye Zi, and he’s Sky Dragon.” Ye Zi pointed at the man beside her. “We wanted to tell you that if you want to rescue Yang Chen, calling his family will be the best option.”

An Xin wasn’t stupid and knew immediately that these two definitely knew Yang Chen and had a plan to save him. Frantically she grabbed Ye Zi’s arm, and said emotionally, “Miss Ye Zi, Mr Sky Dragon, you can save Yang Chen right? I beg you to help him, please, it’s all because of me that he’s in trouble, he was slandered…”

Looking at An Xin’s distress, Ye Zi and Sky Dragon exchanged a bitter smile.

They weren’t worried about Yang Chen being slandered at all, for that didn’t matter. What they were worried about was keeping those idiots at the police station from irritating Yang Chen lest they be killed, then the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade would really lose a lot of face.

Ever since Cai Ning was recalled to Beijing, the task of overseeing Yang Chen was handed to Ye Zi and the recovering Sky Dragon. Now that they were the couple of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, the new general Cai Yuncheng learned that they were rather close to Yang Chen. With meticulous consideration, they were allowed to rest for a year or two, and were assigned to watch over Yang Chen in critical moments. This of course, was to ensure that he didn’t screw things up for the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade.

At first Ye Zi and Sky Dragon thought that after what happened with the Zeng clan, no one would provoke Yang Chen. Yet he seemed to be jinxed, being provoked by Lu Min just as soon as he returned to Zhonghai from Paris!

Lu Min alone wasn’t that big a threat, but his support system was something not even the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade could easily handle. So they didn’t directly fetch Yang Chen from the police station, but detoured to let An Xin inform Yang Chen’s family.

Of course, the key person that the call had to reach was Guo Xuehua.

“Miss An, don’t be too nervous. Mr Yang will definitely be fine, we’re just worried that things will become too messy to clean up. So please call Yang Chen’s family, especially his mother—then, a reasonable solution will arise.” Ye Zi’s spoke softly—as a woman, she knew when the man you loved was in trouble, no matter what it’d be hard to control your fear. This was the reason that she had nearly run out of tears to cry when Sky Dragon was heavily injured by Sandstorm.

An Xin was slightly stunned. She had never seen Yang Chen’s mother—in her mind, Yang Chen seemed to have mentioned that he was an orphan, causing her to be rather confused.

“Miss An, don’t hesitate, there’s no time for delays,” said Sky Dragon solemnly.

An Xin gave a start and nodded hurriedly, but then she thought of something—she didn’t know Yang Chen’s house number!

“Here.” Ye Zi passed a red cell phone to An Xin. “It’s this number.”

As assigned caretakers of Yang Chen, of course they knew all the ways to reach Yang Chen. Ye Zi was long prepared, only she and Sky Dragon perhaps were not the best people to make the call. After all, they were supposed to operate behind the scenes, and they couldn’t just ask anyone, so they thought of An Xin. In any case, An Xin was his woman, so it wouldn’t be wrong.

The both of them were used to Yang Chen fooling around with women, plus Rose and Mo Qianni were living openly next door. They had always thought that Yang Chen wouldn’t hide this from his family, so they let An Xin call Guo Xuehua. If Yang Chen had known about this, he most likely would have booted them off the window instead!

He was already a total womanizer in his elders’ eyes; wasn’t revealing An Xin adding fuel to the fire? Did he still have a place in the family? Surely, even Wang Ma and Guo Xuehua who were so tolerant would roll their eyes at him, to say nothing of Zhen Xiu who looked down on him.

How wonderful—including Lin Ruoxi, he had to face four pairs of rolling eyes in his own home!

At the mention of calling Yang Chen’s mother, An Xin immediately became nervous. Yang Chen being kidnapped was less important now. She cleared her throat, took a few breaths, calming herself down, before carefully dialling the number on the phone.

Sky Dragon and Ye Zi exchanged a glance and smiled cynically. A daughter-in-law meeting her mother-in-law would be under great stress—and the stress was greater for a mistress!

They didn’t know that An Xin had scolded Yang Chen a thousand times in her mind. Damn this man, this bastard, making me talk to his mother for the first time with bad news! I’m already a vixenish mistress; after this call, I can forget about them liking me! It’s completely ruined!!

But it was still only her thoughts, and she still dialled the number.

“Hello, may I know who you’re looking for?” A soft matrimonial female voice came out, sounding warm and refreshing. Copyright 2016 - 2023