Chapter 535

Blood Bodies

Indeed, just as Yang Chen had said, the battle in which Sargeras was initially greatly confident in winning, gave him anxiety before it had even started!

The power levels of two six-winged angels made the entire conference hall shake once they were presented!

Following the Angel’s Descent when the two six-winged angels possessed the two holy bodies, they exhibited their brilliant wings behind. The people around felt their eyes ache when they caught sight of the holy light.

To the eyes of most of the onlookers, a large platinum sword had materialized on each of the two angels’ arms. The swords were naturally intangible as they contained a pure luminous divine power of an angel.

The demon blaze surrounding the body of Sargeras had burnt furiously while the luminous divine power expanded uncontrollably, before the black demon blaze on his hand condensed into a relatively long knightly sword.

“Creature of darkness, today, your millenium-long life shall be ended by me, Cruyff!”

Following the cry, the Catholic Cardinal raised his hands above his head before placing his palms together, causing a white and endless light to shoot through the roof!

The light broke the roof and penetrated the night, as if he had split the darkness into two!

“Rain of the Holy Light!”

After Cruyff cast the spell, the people in the venue noticed that droplets of light started falling out of nowhere!

The milky-white light descended continuously, landing onto the attendees’ bodies, providing them warmth.

However, when the light fell on Lilith, who was still in the midst of battle on the roof, and Sargeras, being one of the blood race, they weren’t feeling well at all.

Once the light made contact with Sargeras’s demon blaze, green smoke could be seen. The friction and repeated collision between them were slowly wearing them out.

Lilith had activated a shield using a blood technique as well. She barely blocked the light outside her body; otherwise, once she was exposed to the light, a black, charred wound would surface on her skin.

Cruyff’s large-scale luminous spell wasn’t supposed to cause harm to Sargeras and Lilith. More importantly, it was used to restrain his enemies in addition to strengthening the power levels of the two six-winged angels!

Angel’s Descent had a time limit, so Cruyff hoped to end the duel quickly by exploding divine power.


In midair, two strands of light suddenly fell, directly heading toward Sargeras!

Sargeras snorted in contempt while he didn’t plan on dodging the strike. His sword made of black demon blaze was held in front of his chest, blocking the two huge blades head-on!


The thunderous, imposing light swords were blocked by Sargeras singlehandedly!

“He’s indeed the blood race’s prince. How is it that even he could defend against that?!” exclaimed Abbess Yun Miao who was watching from a distance.

Yang Chen pouted his mouth. “It’s not exactly easy to deal with six-winged angels.”

Just as Sargeras thought he had successfully defended the first wave of offense, he immediately noticed that he was fooled!


The sound of explosion resounded. The originally two-meter-long, huge light swords held by the six-winged angels cracked and enlarged!

The incredibly sharp light formed fog, directly engulfing Sargeras’s dark body!

The marble ground where Sargeras was standing on started breaking and collapsing before its fragments splashed!

An enormous wave of energy had caused the podium and the surrounding tables and chairs to shatter, as if a missile had hit the venue!


Quite a few organization representatives ordered their men to back off. Some of them had even left the venue.

They really wanted to witness the fight between the strongest powers in the world. However, keeping their lives intact was infinitely more important than watching a battle in which they may be caught up in.

Although only two and four people from the Dark Parliament and the Vatican had come respectively, these people represented the best of their teams. When they fought, victory would only be decided when either side was wiped out. None of them cared about the situation around.

When everyone saw that the floor Sargeras stood had sunk significantly, they all thought that he had been defeated. However, Sargeras’s cry of fury was soon heard while black demon blazes exploded like a tornado!

The two six-winged angels didn’t endure the attack mindlessly. They retreated back to the air quickly to dodge the surging demon blazes.

Sargeras had floated in the air, but his clothing was rather messy. His eyes were filled with a demonic scarlet while his sharp blood-race teeth were revealed, evidently displaying his rage.

“You’re six-winged angels indeed. I must admit that you are a lot more difficult to manage than I originally thought—I do believe I have to go all out now.” As soon as Sargeras finished his speech, the demon blaze covering his body had expanded once again, while his gaze was fixed on Gabriel and Cruyff who had been casting blessing techniques on the angels.

The best way to deal with angels was to look for their weakness. Obviously, it was the Catholic Cardinal who was in himself weak!

Sargeras’s body flashed in midair. When his black knightly sword appeared again, it was just a few meters away from Cruyff!

Cruyff had seen it coming, thus a light shield was already formed in preparation to block the sudden strike!

“Humph. Do you think you can block it?!” roared Sargeras. Unexpectedly, before he was able to touch the light shield, an angel had emerged before him and blocked his way!

The three pairs of light wings looked like the most agile shields. They were gathered in front of the angel, blocking Sargeras’s strike with the strongest region of the wings!

“Damn angels!”

The holy wings seemed soft and weak, but the long sword of demon blaze had failed to penetrated them. After a series of deafening explosions, Sargeras was flung backward!

At this moment, due to the intense vibrations, a majority for the roof had either collapsed or broken through. No one in the venue would even consider that a roof at this point.

In the dark night, the fight between darkness and luminosity carried on.

Lilith originally thought that obtaining the Sword of Thanatos would be a piece of cake since her father was there. Moreover, Yang Chen, the only one who could stop them, had expressed his disinterest in obtaining it.

Unexpectedly, the Vatican had brought two holy bodies capable of summoning six-winged angels!

If that was the case, Camarilla definitely wouldn’t have just sent Sargeras over. They would only be confident if they had two princes.

“Demon, you mustn’t get distracted. I’m your opponent!”

Gabriel who had gotten stronger as the combat carried on slid a sword past Lilith’s ear, causing the latter who was distressed to almost fail to dodge the strike!

Lilith carried the Sword of Thanatos with one of her arms and the Massacre Blade on the other to fight Gabriel while she clenched her teeth in hatred. If it wasn’t for the Catholic Cardinal’s blessing, she would’ve slain the leader of Crusaders—Gabriel with ease! At the very least, she could help her father deal with the two angels, or aid in retreat.

However, since that was not the case, it remained just wishful thinking. Lilith was well aware that Sargeras only had himself to depend on to survive this catastrophe!

It couldn’t be said that Prince Sargeras was barely surviving the battle. Although six-winged angels were far stronger than those of four wings, being one of the third-generation blood race, Sargeras could hold them off with his power of a demigod.

However, Cruyff was casting blessing techniques occasionally, or fire arrows and crosses of light, or even luminous pillars…

While these spells weren’t very damaging, Sargeras had to spend a lot of energy to either dodge or block them.

As a result, Sargeras was basically facing three enemies alone, while the entire venue was cast with Rain of the Holy Light. This high-level spell enhanced his opponents’ powers significantly. If it wasn’t for Cruyff’s century-long practices, he wouldn’t have the ability to materialize these spells!

The twelves wings of the angels were repeatedly shedding off feathers of light containing luminous divine power. Although they looked magnificent, they were unimaginably destructive toward dark creatures.

Sargeras activated his scarlet shield while his demon blaze exuded a tornado-like aura. Breaking a small hole open, it shot directly at the angel nearer to him!

After the angel dodged the attack, the light sword he was holding enlarged once again, directly slamming the ground!


The hundred-square-meter marble floor where Sargeras stood collapsed, causing mud and rocks to scatter all over the place!

There were around a hundred other people watching the intense battle. Together with the special forces stationed at the island, they had all backed off far away.

Yang Chen and Abbess Yun Miao, however, didn’t go too far back. On the contrary, a few young officers had almost peed their pants…

Ar—are these people even human?! Why does it look like a sci-fi movie?! They’re all special effects, aren’t they?!

The winner of the duel between Sargeras and the six-winged angels couldn’t be decided. The demon blaze and the luminous holy swords took turns to dominate each other.

The ground had been smashed open several times, with the deep holes being the evidence to their combat.

At this moment, Sargeras’s eyes were completely scarlet. His silhouette flashed out of the blue before three figures which looked the exact same appeared midair!

The three Sargeras’s stood at different positions, but each held a ten-meter-long sword burning with demon blaze. They then rushed toward the two angels in unison to launch an attack!

“The Blood Body Technique could summon so many of them?!” Yang Chen was immersed in the scene. Soon, he frowned and cried, “No, no it isn’t blood bodies that he has summoned. It’s something else entirely!” Copyright 2016 - 2024