The Key Person

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Although Yang Chen knew a thing or two regarding Panther Mercenary Group, due to him being based mainly in China, he hadn’t had many interactions with them before. He wasn’t bothered by the seemingly severely injured man who was beaten unconscious. He bypassed the strong man and walked into the entertainment lounge.

Upon setting foot in the hall filled with colorful lights, Yang Chen instantly identified the perpetrator of the incident earlier.

Four strong men similarly from Panther were blocking four Caucasians dressed in blue leather jackets.

Judging from their appearance, Yang Chen guessed that they were from Blue Storm of USA. We really are fated to meet, aren’t we? Yang Chen sighed helplessly. They really have everything to do with anything. They were involved in the matter at Tibet and Japan’s Nijo Castle. It seems as though they are here yet again to disrupt this secret meeting.

However, Yang Chen wasn’t interested in jumping on the bandwagon. Pretending to be a passerby, he walked past them and sat down at a nearby bar.

“Get me a glass of Jack Daniel's,” ordered Yang Chen. He had asked for the most common whiskey in America from the bartender to match the situation as he quietly sat and waited for the whole situation to unfold.

The bartender was specially picked from the military, so he wasn’t frightened by the fighting scene outside. Professionally, he got Yang Chen’s drink done in no time.

Yang Chen looked at the eight people in an argument and felt bored. They’ve already started to fight, why are they wasting time talking now? They should continue instead, he thought.

“You sure look like you’re gloating over their conflict.” A female voice familiar to Yang Chen could be heard.

Yang Chen turned his head to have a look before getting surprised. “Abbess?”

Two seats away, the middle-aged beautiful woman dressed in a black-red dress could be seen holding a glass of champagne, seated silently. She was Abbess Yun Miao whom Yang Chen had met right before leaving China!

The reason Yang Chen failed to realize that Abbess Yun Miao was so close to him was due to her appearance. He merely swept his gaze across the place and didn’t manage to recognize her.

Abbess Yun Miao currently looked nothing like the daoist nun that he pegged her with. Her hair was tied up in a bun behind her head, causing her to look rather young relative to her age. The crow’s feet on her face were covered, and she wore a delicate pearl necklace on her neck. Dressed in a black-red chiffon dress, she exuded a noble and elegant aura.

Although Abbess Yun Miao was in her sixties, due to her profound internal energy which would improve her appearance, it wouldn’t be an overstatement at all to say she appeared to be a mature woman in her forties.

Having taken a closer look, Yang Chen couldn’t help but feel sad for the old folk Lin Zhiguo. You had such a beautiful wife, why didn’t you cherish her back then? he thought.

Abbess Yun Miao flushed in anger when she was gazed upon by Yang Chen. “Brat, behave yourself. I’m in the same generation as your grandmother. Why are you staring at me like this?!”

Yang Chen hurriedly waved his head. Smiling bitterly, he said, “Abbess please don’t misread my intentions. Although you look rather fetching as of now, and even stunning among the ones of your age, I hold no intentions toward you. You mustn’t worry, otherwise the misunderstanding would be huge. I’m just taken aback seeing as though this is my first time seeing you dress like this.”

“Humph.” Abbess Yun Miao felt a little more at ease. She was aware of just how horny Yang Chen was, and had felt that sending her granddaughter Hui Lin to him was a huge mistake. However, what was done couldn’t be undone. She had held regret for his senior brother Song Tianxing, which was the regret she had borne with till this day. However, if Yang Chen was so absurd that he even held intentions for herself, an old bone, she would definitely retrieve Hui Lin back even if it meant that she had to worsen her relations with Yang Chen.

“I’m basically the only representative sent from Yellow Flame Iron Brigade to attend the secret meeting. I would attract lots of attention had I worn a martial arts robe here, so it’s better for me to put on a relatively normal clothing,” explained Abbess Yun Miao.

Yang Chen nodded as he felt that it made sense. Walking on the streets openly as a daoist nun would be a lot more eye-catching than an ordinary woman. Furthermore, Abbess Yun Miao even had the Lin clan to take care of nowadays. Being the clan master, she couldn’t just wear the robe all day.

Yun Miao squinted her eyes again to look at Yang Chen. “I initially thought you wouldn't come. You’ve been notified for the Sword of Thanatos, haven’t you? I believe you’re here for the sword, am I right?”

Yang Chen shook his head. “I’m not interested in that. I’m just here to join in the fun, and there’s something I’m worried about. I am here incase my suspicions are true.”

Abbess Yun Miao could tell that Yang Chen was indeed unbothered about the sword, so she didn’t ask more questions. Yang Chen didn’t look like he wanted to explain anyway.

“Abbess, have you been here watching the incident? How did that happen?” Yang Chen asked casually.

Abbess Yun Miao raised her head to point at the Panther Mercenary Group, saying, “The big guy who was kicked out earlier wanted to hit on the woman from Blue Storm, but not only did she reject him, she joked about him with her three other teammates which provoked the big guy. As a result, he started a fight, but wasn’t able to defeat the four people from Blue Storm. When you arrived earlier, he had been kicked by the tallest American.”

“Oh…” Yang Chen looked at the sparsely seated guests and smiled. “Everyone is seated calmly. I guess they’re all watching the performance.”

“These unwise men from Panther will not win Blue Storm whose all four members are genetically mutated powerusers. I cannot understand their desire to continue arguing. Sigh…”

Listening to Yun Miao’s sigh, Yang Chen swallowed a mouthful of whiskey and murmured, “That isn’t necessarily the case…”

Abbess Yun Miao could more or less hear Yang Chen, but didn’t take him seriously. Looking at the four men, she shook her head once again.

At this moment, the four from Panther were enraged. Facing Blue Storm’s unapologetic attitude, even if they didn’t want to make a scene on the cruise, they couldn’t just sit there and absorb all the insults.

“Damn Americans, do you think you’re better than us?! I’ll give you one last chance. Kneel down and admit your mistake to Sloth!” a bald man yelled and pointed at the big guy who had woken up from unconsciousness.

The codename of the dark-skinned man who was kicked earlier was Sloth. He sat on a chair near the entrance and panted slightly while staring furiously at Blue Storm.

“Are you an idiot? Or have you guys all become orangutans now that the forests have increased?” mocked a brown-haired lady from Blue Storm. “You shouldn’t hit on me if you can’t even withstand a normal kick, let alone ask for an apology.”

“Millie, stop wasting your time by talking to them,” said the tall man who had struck the kick earlier disdainfully. “Piss off. Otherwise I’ll send the rest of you flying as well.”

The eyes of the four men were filled with fury. “This is ridiculous! You guys started a fight just because Sloth decided to open his mouth. Don’t think that we’d be afraid of you! We’ll fight you with our lives for justice!”

Upon the baldy finished speaking, a silhouette suddenly flashed and appeared before him. Soon, his shoulder was suddenly grasped by an arm which had exerted a little strength before letting go instantly.

“Ahh!” shouted the baldy in agony. He then kneeled on the ground before gripping his shoulder which was attacked.

“Allen, don’t you think he has spoken enough? Just do something already,” said a skinny man to the tall American. He was the one who had appeared in front of the baldy. He wore a pair of sunglasses and had a little moustache on his face.

“Bastard! What did you do to Rhinoceros?!” shouted the baldy’s teammates.

The man in sunglasses snorted with contempt. “Nothing much. I just crushed a few pieces of the bones in his shoulder.”

His words had instantly infuriated the three mercenaries. All of them posed a fighting stance and pounced at the members of Blue Storm.

Unfortunately, despite being elites among mercenaries, they were evidently much more inferior to the powerusers of Blue Storm.

Before one of them could reach the tall American, he raised his foot and struck at the direction of the oncoming mercenary’s chest, standing one meter away.


The mercenary felt an unknown, shapeless force and was flung outside, just like what had happened to Sloth earlier, hitting on the steel wall around ten meters away!

The lady called Millie seemed relaxed. She merely opened her lips and murmured something when she was faced with the mercenary who leaped toward her.

Almost making contact with Millie, the body of the big guy suddenly froze before he quickly covered his ears and fell on the ground, rolling on it painfully.

Crack! The bone-cracking sound could be heard coming from the arm of the final mercenary who had targeted the man in sunglasses…

All the bones throughout his palm had been crushed in the blink of an eye!

Abbess Yun Miao fronwed as she witnessed the utter defeat of the Panther. “They’re no match for Blue Storm. The powerusers have utilized sound waves which could trigger the brain, vibration strong enough to crush bones, and use a force capable of travelling through the air. Not a single one of them moved a muscle. No matter how good the mercenaries are in wild combats involving firearms, they would never defeat Blue Storm at close range.”

Most of the surrounding guests weren’t surprised by the show. Blue Storm from USA, while not as strong as the ‘authentic’ Sword in the Stone, relied on their extremely advanced gene-mutating technology. Although their members weren’t the strongest, they had always held the strongest group in the world. On the other hand, most of the members from the Sword in the Stone had inherited bloodlines and talents. While they were much stronger than the powerusers from Blue Storm, they were simply outnumbered by the latter, as it was much easier to genetically mutate people than procreate.

Yang Chen had remained quiet. He poured the alcohol from the glass into his mouth before saying, “Don’t look down on the people from Panther. It’s impossible that just the five of them have come. The key person will arrive really soon.”

Abbess Yun Miao was confused as she didn't understand Yang Chen.

“Oh? They’re here.” Yang Chen pointed at the entrance.

Abbess Yun Miao turned her head to have a look before her eyes were filled with doubt.

It was a weirdly dressed woman with relatively dark skin. Colorful feathers were inserted in her black hair on both sides of her head. She wore a gorgeous dress, similar to those usually worn by Chinese women from rural areas. There were even lines of various colors on the woman’s face which had piqued the curiosity of the occupants in the room. It was what football fans would do, but they usually drew country flags on their faces, while this girl had a mess on her face like a kid’s drawing.

Some people even noticed that the lady walked barefoot into the hall. Copyright 2016 - 2024