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“Miss, please take a look at this.” The man suddenly took a bouquet of colorful flowers tied with a red string. “I believe Miss remembers whom this belongs to.”

Lin Ruoxi was shocked as she remembered that it was held by Little Harry earlier. She instantly understood something. Coldly, she asked, “Are you implying that you did something to Harry?!”

“Hehe.” The man let out a strange snicker. “The kid is now in our boss’s hands. Our boss wants to invite Miss and her friends to come with me. We shall have a chat. When we get what we need… the child will be released.”

Not only did Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi manage to figure out the situation, Stern and Alice knew what the man was implying—it was a kidnap and extortion.

“You guys are really great at spotting ‘business opportunities’. It’s really impressive that you managed to get your eyes on a little child selling flowers,” Yang Chen said with a strange smile, “but I believe you’re aware that we’re completely unrelated to him. What makes you so sure that we will willingly follow?”

“Yes, you will. I saw the affection in this lady’s eyes when she was buying flowers earlier.” The man licked his lips and revealed an evil smile. “A person as kind as this lady wouldn’t leave the pathetic little fellow alone.”

Alice hugged Stern tightly when she witnessed the twitching on the man’s wicked face. What did it for her was either his ugly face or her fear of him.

Stern realized the situation and laughed awkwardly. “Mr Yang, they’re looking for Miss Lin, so I believe that our involvement is not necessary. Since you two are deeply in love, you guys should go. Aren’t men supposed to protect women at situations like this? Since I want to keep Alice safe, we shall take our leave.”

Having spoken a ‘righteous’ and ‘responsible’ speech, Stern planned to carry Alice and escape.

However, before he managed to start running, two tall and strong black men wearing leather jackets suddenly appeared and blocked their way.

The bony man sneered, “Please don’t go. If stuff like this is known to anyone else, none of us will benefit. Of course, it’s not that I don’t trust the two of you, but my boss said that it would work better for him if you came along with us.”

When Stern found out that he had no way of escape, he immediately turned around and patted his chest solemnly. “Mr Yang, I feel that only at moments like this will a true friendship be revealed. We’ll definitely stand behind you and Miss Lin to provide you with mental support to rescue the child!”

Yang Chen was too lazy to deal with the fickle fellow. Instead, he turned to look at Lin Ruoxi who had ice-cold cheeks at the moment and waited for her to make a decision. He naturally had nothing to be afraid of. On the contrary, he felt rather pleased as this situation made his trip much more interesting than the fashion week could ever bring.

Moreover, Yang Chen didn’t think it was an ordinary kidnap. The mastermind behind was what he was actually interested in…

Lin Ruoxi walked forward from behind Yang Chen and faced the bony man. Coldly, she said, “Let’s go. Bring us to your boss.”

It was a rare occasion in Paris that a child kidnapping case had taken place on the most beautiful street in the world. However, the occasion was just like an obscure singer popping out abruptly to sing an outdated song, inducing disgust.

The skinny man led the way, with the two black men guarding behind. After taking a turn at a relatively deserted corner, they headed to a narrow pathway beside an antique shop.

The sunlight was being blocked out by the shops. After going through the pathways, a small, empty land surrounded by houses slowly revealed itself in front of them. Due to the lack of sunlight throughout the years, moss was grown all over the place while the potholes contained rainwater.

“Where’s Harry?” Lin Ruoxi realized that the surroundings were completely empty. In the dark and cold environment, there was no one to be found.

The bony man suddenly turned around and snickered. “Please be patient. Miss, have a look above you.”

After Lin Ruoxi raised her head, Stern and Alice looked above them at the sky as well. Yang Chen was the only one holding helplessness in his eyes. Shaking his head, he didn’t move a single muscle.

Suddenly, a scarlet object fell from the sky!

Lin Ruoxi widened her eyes in astonishment, staring at the ridiculous item which looked like special effects covering the entire area around her.

Soon, a curvy woman wrapped in a black leather jacket fell from the sky, as if she had teleported there, she appeared in front of them in the blink of an eye.

The tall lady had brown hair and brilliant red eyes. Her face displayed elegance but crow’s feet and wrinkles were still present. Her age was not well concealed to the others. The cleavage at the center of her black leather windbreaker was depthless.

However, the woman’s strange emergence didn't frighten Lin Ruoxi. That was because her attention was completely focused on Little Harry who was currently in the woman’s arms.

“What have you done to Harry?!” Lin Ruoxi questioned furiously.

Harry’s initially round face was incredibly pale at the moment. Shutting his eyes painfully, he was currently asleep in the woman’s arms.

In English, the woman smiled and said using a hoarse voice, “Don’t worry, he’s still alive. I wouldn’t finish such a delicious food in one go,” before licking her firm lips with her scarlet tongue.

“Fo—food?” Lin Ruoxi finally noticed that the woman in front was abnormal. Subconsciously, she leaned closer to Yang Chen again.

Smiling, Yang Chen lay his hand on Lin Ruoxi’s shoulder. “Don’t be afraid, I’m here with you. She’s just pulling tricks.”

Stern and Alice were deeply frightened by the weird woman. When no one was paying attention, they wanted to retreat from the pathway they came from.

However, after they ran for a few steps, they were stopped by an invisible wall!

“Ouch!” cried Stern before he touched the ‘air wall’ while scratching his head. Gloomily, he complained, “Damn it, are you guys demons? What’s happening?!”

The woman chuckled. “Resistance is futile. This dimension is temporarily isolated from the outside world. No one is able to see or hear anything here.”

“Who are you guys? Do you want money? Let Harry go and I’ll give you money,” Lin Ruoxi said while staring straight at the woman’s eyes.

As if the woman was admiring a valuable craftwork, the woman kept examining Lin Ruoxi from top to bottom, especially Lin Ruoxi’s face, while her eyes were filled with excitement…

“Such a masterpiece from God. Gais, I really like this body. You’ve done a great job,” the woman said to the bony man.

Gais laughed like a maniac. “Madam Viscount, I want the blonde man’s shell. The body which hosts me is decaying more and more each day.” As he said, he pointed at Stern who was looking around anxiously.

“Humph. Take it if you want. But leave the silver-haired shell for me. I’ll preserve her for another old woman from the race. She should serve a great present,” the woman said coldly while gazing upon Alice.

Lin Ruoxi frowned as she listened to the conversation. She couldn’t understand what they were talking around. What ‘shell’? What ‘race’? she thought.

Yang Chen finally opened his mouth. Full of excitement, he pointed at himself with his thumb, asking, “How about me? Since the shells of Stern and Alice are both useless, and you apparently want my wife, what do you plan to do with me?”

The woman was surprised by Yang Chen’s calmness. She snorted with contempt. “Human, do you know what you’re talking about? But you need not know. I’ll be honest with you. Judging by how you look, you’ll qualify as my servant’s food at most.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the woman flung her hand at Yang Chen and the others, spreading a pinkish gas in the surroundings!

Just like pollen, the fog spread out to the entire sealed dimension. Before the four could react, they had inhaled the air into their lungs.

Almost instantly, Lin Ruoxi and the siblings shut their eyes while they fainted away.

Yang Chen didn’t allow Lin Ruoxi to fall on the ground. After the siblings fell, he placed her on their bodies so that her clothing didn’t have to be stained.

The woman, Gais, and the two black men were dumbstruck when Yang Chen behaved like he was totally fine.

“Wh—who are you? It’s impossible… How is it possible…” The woman refused to believe that Yang Chen was unaffected by the fog.

Yang Chen turned around and shrugged his shoulders. “Although I have no clue what you want to do specifically, it seems like you have had a terrible piece of luck concerning your prey.”

Ferocity filled the woman’s eyes. “How absurd. Kill him!”

Following her order, the two black men’s eyes turned scarlet. Soon, their sharp teeth were revealed. As they roared, they pounced at Yang Chen’s neck and chest in a lightning-fast manner!

However, three feet away from Yang Chen, the two strong black men looked like they were frozen. They stayed in the air with the same posture!


The two men spat out fresh blood at the same time before being knocked away by an enormous unknown force!

After the two men fell on the ground violently, the woman found it unbelievable while her eyes were filled with surprise.

“It is not wrong to hunt in the jungle. But if you target the wrong prey, it is very possible for the hunter to become the hunted,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

“Don’t underestimate us.” The corners of the woman’s lips twitched. “Although I don’t know who you are, having messed up this viscount’s plan, your life remain with me!”

After she finished speaking, she revealed even sharper teeth. Her scarlet eyes looked like they would bleed anytime. Following a burst in her aura, her muscular body wrapped in the leather jacket started expanding, displaying her powerful body.

Yang Chen squinted. “The blood race?” Copyright 2016 - 2024