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By the time the fashion week in Tuileries Garden had gone through the morning and approached noon, quite a number of brands had finished the launch of their new products. In fact, due to the emergence of the arrogant woman Meryl earlier which had caused a disturbance in the venue, a few relatively small designers didn’t get the chance to display their artwork on stage.

Sauron left himself after he finished the discussion of the meeting with Yang Chen.

Having wandered in the venue drinking cups of coffee and walking aimlessly, Yang Chen didn’t return to his seat at the fashion week. His mind was filled with neither the Sword of Thanatos nor the secret meeting, but how he would patch up his relationship with Lin Ruoxi instead.

Lin Ruoxi had put it really well. Regardless of what the two of them had in mind, they still had to live their lives as usual.

Things just aren’t going to be the same as they were in the past. When they first met, they behaved like strangers instead of husband and wife. At that time, they kept mentioning the keywords like ‘divorce’ or ‘marriage’, but this evidently wasn’t possible anymore.

Although they knew that they were separated by a strait, or even thousands of mountain, they had to admit that both of their lives would be significantly affected should they leave each other.

At the very least, Wang Ma, Guo Xuehua, Hui Lin, and Zhenxiu, all of whom being closely related to them, wouldn’t be able to accept it. Their working lives and relations would be disturbed as well, causing their initially peaceful lifestyles to turn into a mess.

After the event, Lin Ruoxi kept the documents into her bag. When she wanted to stand up, she realized that the siblings Stern and Alice had fallen asleep.

Stern was hugging Alice on her slender waist, while the latter leaned against the shoulder of her brother like a kitten, with her silver hair spreading downward. The facial expression of these siblings appear adorably naive.

Since young, among the people whom Lin Ruoxi had interacted with, Yang Chen was the most carefree one. But after coming to France, she was really surprised to see how Stern and Alice behaved.

Although she still felt that the siblings who partake in incest were a little disgusting, through the interactions of the past two days, she found a unique charm in them which was lacking in other nobles.

Lin Ruoxi hesitated for a bit before tapping Stern’s shoulder. “Mr Stern, you might catch a cold should you stay out here any longer.”

Stern was so deeply asleep that there was no reaction from him.

“How are you supposed to wake them up this way? They’re getting intimate in their dreams.” Yang Chen suddenly walked over.

Lin Ruoxi raised her head before her gaze met Yang Chen’s. Her face immediately heated up a little as she felt rather awkward and uneasy when she recalled the conversation she had with him earlier.

Yang Chen smiled understandably. It was just like a small argument within a married couple where the female realized that her words might’ve been hurtful, but wasn’t willing to put down her pride to apologize. On the other hand, the male had no idea how he should get back into the subject, so he chose to talk about something else.

“Let me help you.” Yang Chen walked forward and raised his foot before kicking Stern’s chair forcefully!


The chair was kicked from behind, causing Stern to directly fall on the ground in an unsightly manner!

“Who did it?” Stern finally woke up.

Usually, a laughter would break out as an unusual situation had taken place at such a large venue. However, the people there all acted like they had seen nothing as they dared not talk about Stern. Some of them even left the place.

Evidently, the mysterious guests Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi had evoked fear in their hearts. Thus, no matter how funny it was, no one was willing to risk getting themselves into trouble by laughing.

Following Stern’s fall, Alice who was in his arms almost fell head-down. Hurriedly grabbing onto her chair, she turned her head and looked at Yang Chen, displeased. Pouting her lips, she said, “Mr Yang, you’re really rude!”

“I was doing this in regards to your health. I don’t want you to catch a cold so I was forced to ruin my upstanding demeanor,” answered Yang Chen.

Stern stood up and swept the dust on his knees away. Pouting, he said, “Since Miss Lin will be treating us for lunch, we won’t mind.”

“What? We’re treating you lunch as well?” Yang Chen then looked at Lin Ruoxi gloomily.

Lin Ruoxi appeared to be surprised as well. She had never mentioned about it to Stern before. However, when she thought of his identity, she nodded. “Mr Stern and Miss Alice have lost their belongings. It’s only right that we help them.”

“Why should we help? They’re members of the Cromwell clan. What’s the worst that can happen to them? Also, everyone attending the fashion week is allowed to attend the banquet. I’m sure they have plenty there to go around!”

I’m trying to be alone with my wife to improve upon our relationship. Why must they cause a trouble now?! thought Yang Chen.

“Buffet? Oh my, Mr Yang, can you bear looking at us unique sibling lovers to be stared upon by strange gazes? We’re Miss Lin’s loyal supporters. We believe Miss Lin will not be so cruel to us!” Stern said righteously.

“Stop being shameless! You guys had never cared about anyone’s gaze before. Why care now?!” asked Yang Chen loudly.

Alice suddenly pouted while tears somehow filled her eyes. She complained to Lin Ruoxi, “Miss Lin, Mr Yang is too fierce on us. We’re not trying to trick you to treat us a meal. We’ll definitely repay Miss Lin’s kindness…”

Lin Ruoxi almost went crazy. Why does Yang Chen mind such an insignificant matter so much? It’s not like he lacks money, but he’s this stingy. He also isn’t uncultured, but he speaks like he is all day.

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes at Yang Chen. Gently, she said, “Please ignore him. What do you two want to eat? I’m not too familiar with Paris so I’ll let you guys decide.”

Alice instantly raised her hand. “I know a great Italian restaurant at Avenue des Champs-Élysées. I recommend Miss Lin to try the food there.”

“I’ll eat whatever Babe Alice wants to have,” Stern answered without hesitation.

Yang Chen rubbed his face gloomily. He then secretly darted a disdainful glance at the siblings, but the latter acted like they had seen nothing. Instead, they began to thank Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t notice anything abnormal. “Let’s go, we still have to come back for the afternoon event,” said Lin Ruoxi to Yang Chen in indifference.

“You’re indeed hardworking,” Yang Chen replied helplessly.

“I came here to work.” Lin Ruoxi was dissatisfied with Yang Chen’s sloth.

Sighing, Yang Chen had to obey his wife.

Among the four, Yang Chen was responsible to drive. They didn’t take long to arrive at the world-famous street Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

Stepping out of the car, Stern and Alice dashed out like overjoyed birds while Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi trailed behind, slowly walking on the street.

The pathway of the street had dense London planetrees on both sides, exuding a relaxing vibe, matching the Parisian life and romance. There were various shops around including a cinema.

Gorgeous, elegant, cosy, and beautiful soon became the descriptions of this street.

Although Yang Chen used to come here often, it was his first time experiencing the leisure and elegance of the place. Being a leader in the fashion trend, Lin Ruoxi was deeply immersed in the manifestations of the place.

Among the crowds were people dressed in their own unique ways. Some looked glorious and elegant, while the others were simple and casual, but none of them looked unpleasant.

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help but smile again when she looked at just how cheerful Stern and Alice were, not to mention they would give each other a kiss occasionally.

Yang Chen walked beside Lin Ruoxi, so he naturally realized her behavior. “What is it? Are you jealous that they get along really well? There’s no need to feel jealous, I actually don’t mind hugging and kissing you.”

“How vulgar.” Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes.

Smiling, Yang Chen answered, “So what if I’m vulgar or noble? Look at Stern and Alice. I bet most people can’t understand what they have in mind. But despite all that, can’t you see that they are still enjoying life?”

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes flashed. She remained silent for a while before saying, “Do you know the implied meaning of the street name?”

“Hmm?” Yang Chen blinked his eyes. “I don’t. What do you mean?”

“Elysée actually means bliss. I guess this place is the land of happiness for the French,” Lin Ruoxi said.

Yang Chen nodded. “Now that you mention it, I feel that this street looks a lot better. How unfortunate…”

Lin Ruoxi was confused. “What’s so unfortunate?”

“In my eyes, the beauty of this street is still incomplete,” Yang Chen said with his brows furrowed, looking regretful.

“Why?” Lin Ruoxi asked as her interest had been aroused.

Yang Chen turned to look at Lin Ruoxi with a naughty smile. The next second, his right hand grabbed Lin Ruoxi’s empty left hand from behind…

Lin Ruoxi instantly blushed when she felt that her left hand was covered by Yang Chen’s rough and burning-hot large hand. She struggled to get away from him but failed.

“What are you doing?” Lin Ruoxi was nervous. She wasn’t used to holding a man’s hand in public.

“Holding your hand. Take a look around. Can’t you see that that’s the way people walk around here?” Yang Chen pointed at the couples around with his lips.

Lin Ruoxi bit her lower lip as she panted a little. Lowering her head, she dared not face the passersby, although no one would look at her and Yang Chen in a discourteous manner.

“To me, only by holding your hand to walk on this street, will it truly be a land of happiness…”

Lin Ruoxi heard the words Yang Chen murmured. Her face reddened even more. She knew that Yang Chen was expressing his feelings honestly, but she chose to act unaware.

After a long time, Lin Ruoxi mumbled, “What a hypocrite.”

Yang Chen was able to tell that Lin Ruoxi had said it with delight. He then laughed and pulled Lin Ruoxi’s hand. “Let’s go, the shameless siblings are waiting for us in front. Do you want them to mock us? We’re a long-married couple already, what’s there to feel shy about?”

“No one wants to be your long-married wife…” Lin Ruoxi finally raised her head, revealing her large eyes and pouting lips, looking incredibly adorable.

Even a goddess had a charming side, but it was exclusive to that special person.

So what if I’m a replacement? Even if I’m one, I’ll just dismiss the thought of it like a fleeting memory… thought Lin Ruoxi.

The two caught up to Stern and Alice while holding hands. After walking for a few more minutes, they arrived at the Italian restaurant.

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