Directors of Different Branches

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After more than an hour of driving, the extremely dusty Bentley stopped outside Hotel Sofitel in Paris.

Being situated nearby La Madeleine and Place de la Concorde and shone upon by the magnificent street lights, this five-star hotel was not just a hotel but also an enormous sculpture. It was extremely eye-catching.

Two servers dressed in white originally stood proudly by the entrance. They revealed a courteous smile when the Bentley drove inside, but soon appeared rather shocked. That was because of the lines of scratches on the car in addition to the dust and mud stuck on the surface. The servers subconsciously looked at each other, only to notice surprise in each other’s eyes.

It wasn’t rare for luxury cars to stop outside Hotel Sofitel, but one in such a bad condition almost never happened to drop by.

However, before the two servers stepped forward to open the door, tens of formally dressed individuals rushed out from the hotel suddenly, stopping right beside the Bentley and opening the rear door.

“Director Goo, you’re finally back!” The man leading the pack looked moved. He had bent his waist respectfully and almost shed tears.

Dressed in a neat white suit, Goodman had recovered his usual noble demeanor. Nodding his head solemnly, he got off the car and turned around to gesture politely the siblings Stern and Alice out.

“Is it Boss Lin?”

“God bless! Even Boss Lin has returned safely!”

As the crowd chattered, a handsome guy and a beauty whom they hadn’t seen before got out from the car.

“Hi,” Stern greeted the crowd with a bright smile. Soon, his sister Alice shamelessly accepted the welcome from the crowd.

“Director Yang… these two are…” One of them looked at Goodman curiously.

Goodman coughed and said, “They are the members of the Cromwell clan, the British Lord Protector, Mr Stern and Miss Alice. When I was abducted, I was lucky enough to get out of there with them. Since they were staying in this hotel and attending the Paris Fashion Week, we decided to come here together.”

The Cromwell clan?!

Most of the people there were highly ranked managers in the European branches of Yu Lei International, with many of them being locals. Thus, it wasn’t surprising that they had heard of the ancient and wealthy clan. Among the crowd, none didn’t bow to greet them. Some even panicked a little as such significant people seldomly appeared in public.

The presence of the siblings made almost everyone forget that they were there to welcome the highest-ranked individual in the company—Lin Ruoxi, the CEO. She was the reason they were there after all.

Unexpectedly, not only did they fail to connect with the CEO, they lost contact with Goodman earlier, up till two hours ago when Goodman decided to give them a call. When the group was informed that Goodman was newly released after a kidnap, they quickly regrouped at the hotel.

At this moment, the doors of the driver and front passenger seats were opened at the same time. Yang Chen got off the car and took a deep breath of the fresh air in the night of Paris before stretching his body lazily.

Lin Ruoxi who had fallen asleep in the car tidied up her appearance before exiting the car. Looking sleepy yet elegant, her face was rather pinkish. In addition to her innate beauty and cold aura, dressed in a black laced dress, she was nothing short of a fairy from fictional books. Her flawless look had made the crowd outside the hotel hold their breaths. Even the tourists passing by would stop to admire her charm.

Seeing that a bunch of people stood by the car staring at her, Lin Ruoxi instantly realized that they were her employees in Europe. Being gazed upon in this manner, she naturally felt slightly uncomfortable.

Goodman noticed that Lin Ruoxi got down as well. He quickly squeezed through the crowd and yelled, “Split up, split up! Don’t block Boss Lin! Can you guys hear me?!”

Soon, these highly ranked employees finally realized the woman was their CEO whom they had only seen in pictures or on the television before! How was she so much more beautiful in real life?!

“Welcome, Boss Lin!” The crowd quickly stepped aside and opened up a path for Lin Ruoxi.

Taking a deep breath, Lin Ruoxi opened her eyes once again. As if she had recovered her demeanor in the office from her previous relaxed behavior, she swept her gaze across the crowd. The domineering aura which had condensed for years instantly caused all of their hearts to shiver a little.

“I don’t know how you guys usually behave at work. But judging from your acts, I have the right to fire all of you without hesitation,” Lin Ruoxi said in a dull manner. “You are managers. Managing you is not why I hired you.”

The crowd exuded cold perspiration. Although Lin Ruoxi didn’t speak furiously, her emotionless tone had sent a chill up their spines.

“Ruoxi, please don’t be mad. I believe they’re just too excited. It’s very rare for you to visit Europe after all. None of them have actually seen you before, not to mention some were your admirers, so it’s only natural that they were a little excited. At the end of the day, they’re just worried about us which is why they have gathered here. I think it’s best if you can forgive them this time,” Goodman said to loosen up the situation.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t speak a word. She directly walked across the path and entered the hotel.

Goodman exhaled in relief before angrily staring at his subordinates. He then smiled to the siblings and asked, “I believe your servants are in the hotel. I wonder where they are now. Do you need my help to notify them?”

“Servants?” Stern laughed. “Mr Goodman, unlike you, we don’t have such a large platoon. We came alone this time.”

Goodman was shocked. He found it unbelievable and dug his ears.

However, the siblings didn’t plan to give any explanations. They quickly followed behind Lin Ruoxi and entered the hotel.

When Yang Chen who was yawning wanted to return to the hotel to rest, he was stopped by a bunch of the employees of Yu Lei.

“You’re the driver, aren’t you? Go and park your car nicely. Don’t expect us to do it for you.” one of the employees ordered.

Yang Chen scratched his head helplessly but was too lazy to explain. I’ll just park it then, it’s no big deal.

However, before Yang Chen turned back, Goodman smacked the employee’s head and scolded, “Are you a damn pig?! He’s Director Yang who has come here with Boss Lin. Weren’t you told about it?! Quickly apologize to Director Yang!”

The Yu Lei employees were astonished after the scolding. In fact, no one had really noticed Yang Chen’s presence. Relative to the perfect combination of the good-looking siblings in addition to Lin Ruoxi’s appearance, it was indeed appropriate to label Yang Chen as the driver. Who in the world would expect the average-looking and seemingly lazy man to be on the same level as Goodman?!

“Sigh, Little Girl, forget about it. It’s only because he doesn’t know me.” Yang Chen patted Goodman’s shoulder before passing the key to him. “But if you insist, I’ll pass the car to you. See you later.”

Goodman maintained a smile on the face and agreed to his request without hesitation. “No problem. Feel free to voice any needs you have to me. Just treat this place as your home.”

“Woah, your attitude has made a one hundred and eighty degree change. No wonder Lin Ruoxi made you a director. You’re indeed rather smart.” Yang Chen was well aware of why Goodman wanted to please him. Goodman had had a life-and-death experience just a while ago after all. He knew that Yang Chen was the one who had gotten rid of the men dressed in black.

Goodman’s heart was shivering. He dared not disobey Yang Chen whenever he was reminded that the man in front of him had single-handedly ended the lives of multiple criminals. All he could do was bow and nod.

The managers beside were shocked. None of them understood why Goodman was so afraid of Yang Chen when both of them were directors. Furthermore, he was even called ‘Little Girl’...

In the company, was it possible for directors of different branches to receive varying treatments?

When Yang Chen was prepared to enter the hotel, police sirens echoed on the streets. Before long, three police cars had arrived in front of the hotel! Copyright 2016 - 2024