Chapter 55: Young Master Is Wise

At night, in Zhong Hai’s Xu family’s brightly lit huge villa; surrounded by large gardens and alleys, with security personnel patrolling everywhere.

In a Baroque-styled room that was relatively dim, Xu Zhihong who wore a black pajamas sat by a bar counter, and poured himself a glass of Lafite red wine. He raised it and swirled it a few times, before he took a sip, the sound of knocking was heard from the door.

“Enter.” Xu Zhihong creased his eyebrows.

Hairy Ball happily walked in wearing a t-shirt that was washed till it lost color and a pair of holey jeans. The beard on his face looked as if it hadn’t been shaved for weeks, while his body odor could be smelt from far away.

“How many times have I told you this, the door is an art piece. If you want to enter, shout.” Xu Zhihong felt helpless towards this subordinate of his.

Hairy Ball laughed and said, “I was too excited, and forgot this matter.”

“You never remembered it before.” Xu Zhihong glared at Hairy Ball.

Hairy Ball’s mood became deflated, and he subconsciously scratched his oily head, “Young Master, do you know what I saw today?”

Xu Zhihong walked to the window, and dully said, “Don’t beat around the bush.”

“You’re so unhumorous, no wonder you can’t pick up that little girl with the surname Lin……” Hairy Ball murmured, then said, “Lin Kun came to visit, he asked for help to deal with that Yang Chen, I wanted to take advantage of that situation, and lent him 5 retired soldiers. Unexpectedly, those 5 people were put down by Yang Chen alone today. That Lin Kun was thrown into the garbage bin again! Don’t you think it’s funny, Young Master? Haha! That is his father-in-law, and he threw him into the garbage bin twice!”

Xu Zhihong swirled the wine glass in his hand, contemplated for a moment, and said, “Seems like this Yang Chen’s truly not simple. It’s a pity that there’s so little information on him, it’s too difficult to understand him.”

Hairy Ball spoke a line in ridicule, “It can’t be that Young Master is afraid, right?”

“Afraid?” Xu Zhihong coldly smiled, “All he knows how to do is a few punches and kicks, and speak with a rogue tongue. Why would I be afraid of him? A crouching tiger can’t deal with a hidden dragon. He’s a small character that returned from overseas a little more than half a year ago, is it possible that he can overturn the heavens?”

“Then how about I go deal with him now, I heard the few useless henchmen say that his movements were very fast, my hands are itching right now.” Said Hairy Ball excitedly.

Xu Zhihong shook his head, “No need, regarding this matter, we shan’t meddle in it temporarily. To speak of how Lin Ruoxi is like normally, she probably doesn’t even know herself. In this city, she might not be the most intelligent woman, and might not be the most low-key woman, but she is definitely one of the most dangerous women. Don’t push her over the edge and force her to do things that she doesn’t want to do.

“Young Master, you’ve always looked at Miss Lin with such importance, just what capabilities does she have?” Hairy Balls puzzlingly asked.

Xu Zhihong sipped a little of the red wine, “Actually I’m not entirely sure as well, but it’s never wrong to be more careful. As for the matter regarding Yang Chen, you need not worry, for we don’t need to do anything. That brainless Lin Kun definitely won’t let this matter rest.”

“Young Master is wise!”

“Boot-lick less! Get the hell out of my room and take a shower!”

“Actually I just bathed last week……”

At dawn, on the next day, Yang Chen drove his car to the west region’s food market to procure breakfast.

As expected, Old Li as before set up his stall at his usual spot, with a happy face. It seemed like he was in a very good mood, it seemed like he learned of what happened to the Chen family’s father and son, and been released of all the burdens in his heart. Seeing Yang Chen walk over, he smiled and greeted, “Little Yang you’ve come, I heard from the others that you’ve started working at a company. That’s great, that seems more like something a youngster should do.”

“Both jobs are work, there isn’t much of a difference.” Yang Chen smiled and said, “It’s a pity that in the future I won’t have much time to boast and idly chat with you guys, working in an office is actually less comfortable.”

Old Li mischievously smiled and said, “That little girl Jingjing was very cheerful last night, did you say something to her?”

Yang Chen pondered for a moment, and said, “I promised to visit her in her school today.”

Old Li had an expression of sudden enlightenment, he patted Yang Chen’s shoulders, “Young people should get together well, my family’s Jingjing has a very pure character, you better not let her suffer, otherwise I won’t forgive you!”

Seeing Old Li’s “I knew it” expression, Yang Chen wanted to explain, but the words that went up to his throat was too difficult to say, so he could only swallow it back in and awkwardly nod.

Once again bringing in various bags of breakfast to the office, the group of PR Department ladies had already raised their heads in longing, seeing the myriad of breakfasts, they once again sang praises at Yang Chen.

Soon after Yang Chen sat on his chair, he felt the urge to turn on his computer and begin a new day of his “professional gaming” career, but saw Mo Qianni who had a tired expression enter the office.

Mo Qianni glanced at Yang Chen, saw the remainders of a big bag of youtiao on Yang Chen’s desk, and was immediately overwhelmed by anger.

This fella, as somebody’s husband, his wife is in the hospital, yet he didn’t attend to her, and instead bought a heap of breakfast for the ladies in the office.

She couldn’t help but look at him with disdain and ridicule, “You’re very considerate to your colleagues, and even do your best at buying breakfast. But I wonder if you will remember to bring some to a certain someone.”

“Miss Mo wants some? It’s alright, there’s still a lot left.” Yang Chen raised a meat bun in his hand, generously extending it to Mo Qianni.

“You know who I am talking about.” Mo Qianni said softly.

Yang Chen helplessly laughed, “Ruoxi should be eating light and healthy food, Wang Ma would naturally send it after cooking. I can’t possibly be bringing meat buns and youtiaos to a patient that needs to recuperate, right?”

“Heartless. You don’t need to find excuses.”

Although this explanation was very reasonable, Mo Qianni didn’t accept it.

Discovering that this woman’s prejudice against himself was already humongous, Yang Chen didn’t plan on wasting his efforts trying to please her. He shrugged his shoulders, put the bun into his mouth and began to eat it.

Mo Qianni had accompanied Lin Ruoxi all night at the hospital, and she was hungry. After smelling the aroma in the office, her stomach rumbled in hunger. Seeing Yang Chen take back the meat bun, made her even madder, and cursed Yang Chen for being petty and tactless. She quickly reached out and grabbed a bag of steamed dumplings from the table and breeze walked into her office.

“Hungry yet still tries to argue.” Yang Chen whispered as he laughed.

When it was lunch time, Yang Chen gracefully declined the three ladies’ invitation to eat lunch together, and drove to the hospital.

During the day, Zhong Hai First Hospital was rather cold, after all the hospital was big, yet the patients were few, however this was perfectly suited for patients to convalesce.

Yang Chen followed the path to Lin Ruoxi’s ward; the door was opened, and voices transmitted outwards from the inside. Walking closer and taking a careful look, it was the two “acquaintances” from two days ago.

“Ruoxi, I have good relations with this hospital’s chairman, how about I have them give you the best nursing ward, take this as my little gift.

Lin Ruoxi leaned against the pure white pillow, her ice mountain-like fair face looked out of the window and at the sky, and clearly said, “Not necessary, thank you for visiting me.”

“Ruoxi, these words are too cold, if it wasn’t because I have been rather busy recently, I would accompany you in the hospital more. Actually for people like us, this type of peaceful contact is what we lack.” Said Xu Zhihong with some regret.

This time Lin Ruoxi wasn’t even interested in replying, as if nothing was heard, she stared blankly out of the window.

Wang Ma who was at the side cleaning up the breakfast utensils felt that the silent atmosphere of the room was too awkward, and was just about to speak some polite words on behalf of Lin Ruoxi when she saw Yang Chen standing at the entrance of the ward. She immediately revealed a relieved smile and said, “Young Master, you’re here.” Copyright 2016 - 2023