Whom Have I Married

Chapter 12/14

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Yang Chen wasn’t surprised by An Xin’s cunning behavior anymore. Even he himself was fooled by her cunning behaviour when he first met her.

Lin Ruoxi on the other hand was basically new to everything that is not business based. She was incredibly naive when it came to romance, which An Xin unsurprisingly was a veteran at. However, the wilful An Xin didn’t aim to replace Lin Ruoxi as the wife. All she did was make small reports about Lin Ruoxi behind her back to Yang Chen, who wasn’t bothered about it at all.

After coming to the lobby, Lin Ruoxi received two door cards from the manager. The two rooms should’ve been booked beforehand.

Lin Ruoxi passed one of them to An Xin. Since they had somewhat bonded in the car earlier, she decided to play nice. “You’ll stay with Hui Lin while I’ll be in the same room with Yang Chen.”

Not only was Yang Chen astonished, even Hui Lin was dumbstruck.

Did Lin Ruoxi just say she wanted to stay with Yang Chen, i the same room?!

An Xin seemed to have noticed the unusual atmosphere, but didn’t say much as she smilingly received the card.

Yang Chen giggled as he leaned forward to Lin Ruoxi. “Wife, are we really staying together?”

“Why? Do you have any objections? Or would you rather stay with someone else?” Lin Ruoxi asked without hesitation while her eyes narrowed and shot two icy glares back at him.

An Xin felt a little embarrassed. Even if she knows our relationship, she can’t just refer to it so obviously. She’s indeed a little girl who’s so harsh in solving relationship problems, she thought.

Replying both ‘yes’ or ‘no’ would piss his woman off, so Yang Chen forced a laugh to survive the test.

Hui Lin felt indifferent. She originally thought she would share a room with Lin Ruoxi. Now that An Xin became her sister-like, close friend, she was fine with staying together with her. On the contrary, Hui Lin felt concerned if any problems would arise after Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen slept in the same room.

When the four came to the highest floor of the building, Yang Chen realized both of these rooms were for VIPs. Each of them could easily house four people.

It was no wonder that Lin Ruoxi was willing to stay with Yang Chen. Even if they were inside the same room, they would be miles apart from each other.

Lin Ruoxi felt joyous to see the disappointment on Yang Chen’s face.

“Let’s rest in the room for a while. We’ll head out for lunch later,” Lin Ruoxi informed before walking into her room.

The room was clean and nicely decorated. It was painted white with warm colors for contrast . A vague rose scent filled the room. There were delicate, wooden furnitures and a 43-inch television which hung on the wall, even a laptop was provided on the office table.

The room done in such a way the bedroom and living room took up most of the space. Sofas made of real leather were placed in the living room whose floor was covered by soft, wool carpet, while two single beds were in the bedroom.

Yang Chen picked the one by the window and lay down with his body facing the ceiling, before quickly starting to snore.

Lin Ruoxi frowned a little. A pink patch surfaced on her white face. In fact, the main reason she did so was to stop Yang Chen from having the opportunity to secretly have fun with An Xin, otherwise she wouldn’t have dared to share a room with him.

Currently, Lin Ruoxi realized she had no clue how she was supposed to interact with Yang Chen who was in the same room as her. Ever since their marriage, they hadn’t had much chance to interact intimately, let alone share a bedroom.

“Babe Ruoxi, stop daydreaming. Sitting in the car is tiring. Come and lie beside me for a while. It’s so comfortable here,” Yang Chen said with a wicked smile as he slanted his head to look at Lin Ruoxi.

“I’m not tired,” Lin Ruoxi answered resolutely.

“Aye, what’s there to be shy about? I’m your husband, not your tiger. I’ve never forced you to get along with me. Are you possibly afraid of me taking the bow by force?”

“Haven’t you thought of doing so before?” Lin Ruoxi said as she refrained from smiling.

“Erm…” Yang Chen recalled the night where he secretly entered Lin Ruoxi’s room to do just that, which he had much regretted, since it became the evidence of his ‘attempted crime’.

“You shall not hold onto your husband’s past mistakes all the time. You know that our mom is still waiting for us to give birth to children. If you’re this shy, even I’m embarrassed to sow seeds,” Yang Chen said. Since they were the only ones in the room, there was no need for him to hide anything.

Lin Ruoxi’s face immediately reddened. “N—no one wants your seeds! Why are you always this rude when you speak?!”

“I wasn’t raised a cultured man. I haven’t even attended a primary school before. Going to work is like hanging myself. Now that I’ve gotten the chance to have some fun, do you still want me to put on a mask?” Yang Chen said as he happily raised his calves. Giggling, he said, “Let me tell you. I’ve had much more freedom to speak when I was selling mutton skewers. You haven’t even heard the half of it. Do you want me to tell you?”

“You’re welcome to listen to yourself.” Lin Ruoxi gave him an angry stare before turning around and leaving to the washroom. Bang! She slammed the door as she left.

After a short while, An Xin and Hui Lin came to knock on their door. Yang Chen opened it for them, only to find Hui Lin who was dressed in white sportswear. Her hair was tied in a ponytail, causing her to look lively and adorable.

An Xin on the other hand changed into an extra-thick, Korean-style hoodie and a pair of tight-fitting jeans, displaying her alluring and curvy backside. She had applied a light layer of makeup on her face. Since Lin Ruoxi was nowhere to be seen, she gave Yang Chen a seductive glance.

Yang Chen felt that his sister-in-law and lover had drastically different styles. At this moment, Lin Ruoxi who had returned to normal came out from the washroom.

“Elder Sister, let’s go downstairs. I have had a look at the map of this resort. There’s even a lake here! I believe it’s beautiful. I want to go and have a look,” Hui Lin said. She hadn’t been to many places before. To her, coming out for a vacation was an extremely rare event.

Naturally, Lin Ruoxi wouldn’t turn her down, not to mention she had come here to let Hui Lin relax. Smiling, she said, “Alright. I’ll ask someone to send cooking ingredients there. We can barbecue by the lake, so let’s just have lunch there.”


Yang Chen slapped his chest. “How dare you ask another person to barbeque? You have a professional right here.”

Lin Ruoxi frowned slightly. She almost forgot that her husband used to do barbeque for a living.

“Brother Yang knows how to do it? Alright, it should be fun.” Hui Lin’s eyes looked like they contained numerous stars, while her expression became the deciding factor.

The tools needed for a barbeque was naturally prepared by the workers there. The resort manager offered to send the four of them to the lake using a golf cart, but Lin Ruoxi turned down his offer as she had decided to walk.

In fact, being the CEO, it was rare for Lin Ruoxi to come here. Most people working at the resort were trying to get on her good side. Unfortunately, she had an aura which would reject people from miles away since young, making it hard for them to try and curry favour.

The weather was rather cold since it was the beginning of spring. There were still numerous guests in the spa resort. Yang Chen who was walking with three stunning beauties easily attracted countless gazes.

Hui Lin wanted to see the deepest part of the manmade lake. It could be said to be a small reservoir built on high grounds. They still had quite a distance to travel before arriving there.

As they walked, the trees swayed gently in the wind allowing for the yellowed leaves to float onto the ground. The conifer trees were particularly green, while the Chinese parasol trees and camphor trees were bare. This scene looked a little weird, but the fresh air made the four subconsciously slow down their footsteps.

An Xin discussed something softly with Hui Lin once in a while, causing Lin Ruoxi who was walking in front to reveal displeasure on her face. Hui Lin was her younger sister after all. She felt a little isolated.

Yang Chen smiled and whispered to Lin Ruoxi, “Little Ruoxi, if you’re feeling lonely, why don’t we hold hands as we walk?”

Lin Ruoxi instantly turned her head away and acted like she heard nothing.

It was noon when they finally arrived by the lake. The lake was reflective when shone upon by the sun. The oncoming wind was moist and cold, causing Lin Ruoxi and An Xin to lightly shiver. Hui Lin was completely unaffected as she practiced internal energy. She looked incredibly cute when she immersed herself in the scenery around the lake.

An Xin walked toward Yang Chen’s back and whispered, “Hubby, I’m hungry now. Quickly grill some food for us.”

“I believe you just want to eat,” Yang Chen said before reaching out to An Xin’s firm backside and pinching it.

An Xin’s eyes looked like it would release water when squeezed. Lin Ruoxi was standing less than a meter away. She found it fun and exciting when Yang Chen touched her buttocks like that.

“How naughty. You’re only bullying me. I dare you to touch Younger Sister Ruoxi,” An Xin said as she licked her lips.

Yang Chen took a deep breath as he suppressed the flame in his heart. He glanced at Lin Ruoxi who hadn’t noticed anything before clearing his voice. “Let’s have lunch now. It’s pretty cold here. It’ll be too bad to get sick on this trip because of the wind.”

Yang Chen was worried that he would fail to stop himself from touching Lin Ruoxi and An Xin together.

Since the area they were headed to was not very far, Hui Lin who was in love with the landscape wasn’t against the idea. Delighted she came to the rest area with the others.

The servers had prepared a large number of barbecue utensils together with lamb, beef, sausages, and other ingredients. Yang Chen only had to ignite the coals before he could cook.

Having walked such a long distance, the three ladies were actually rather hungry. Yang Chen removed his outer coat and ignited the coals. He continuously increased the heat before placing the barbecue net on top of the coals.

The cold surrounding the stove had been dismissed. Yang Chen stood the nearest to the stove, so it didn’t take long before he had started to sweat.

Yang Chen felt his upper body start to sweat too. Without hesitation, he removed his sweater as well, making him half-naked!

An Xin was rather open-minded, so she found it interesting that Yang Chen was this focused on grilling. Hui Lin was so shy that she didn’t dare to look at Yang Chen’s strong and lean upper body anymore.

Lin Ruoxi was shocked and annoyed. There are so many guests passing by. Who in his right mind would remove his clothing like that?! she thought.

It should be mentioned that being half-naked in public was illegal.

“Quickly put your clothes on. Are you aware of how you look right now?!” Lin Ruoxi complained in dissatisfaction.

Yang Chen smiled and explained, “I’m not trying to show off my body. My clothes will be wet if I don’t remove them. It’ll be extremely uncomfortable for me to stand in the wind drenched with sweat.”

“That still won’t do it. Everyone passing by is looking at you. How embarrassing!” Lin Ruoxi felt embarrassed for Yang Chen.

“Who the heck cares about them? No one knows me here.” Yang Chen pouted. Smiling, he said, “Don’t you think your husband is very masculine?” he asked before flexing his muscles.

An Xin laughed as she clapped. “Hub—erm no. Director Yang, you’re great!”

Lin Ruoxi gave An Xin a furious stare. Stupid vixen, she thought, before taking a look at Yang Chen who was smiling like nobody’s business and painfully shutting her eyes…

Just whom have I married...

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