Smell of Jealousy in the Car

Chapter 3/14

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There stood the body of Ning Guodong, who held the smile of a perfect gentleman, usually reserved when meeting diplomats. However, no matter how much he tried, he could not contain the burning desire in his eyes. From his perspective, Lin Ruoxi’s smooth neck and the snow-white skin between her collars could be seen. When matched with her unique fragrance and coldness, Ning Guodong struggled with the urge to toss the flowers and give the woman a hug.

Lin Ruoxi had noticed his strange gaze, which greatly discomforted her. However, regardless o what he did, he was still the son of the premier. It wouldn’t end up well should she treat him like she treated any other men.

Citizens shall not fight against the government, no matter how bad one was at communicating. Lin Ruoxi was aware of this point.

“Ruoxi, these flowers were specially imported from Netherlands through flight. They had bloomed yesterday night, and are matched with carefully modulated French rose perfume. Don’t you like them?” Ning Guodong asked intimately.

Lin Ruoxi frowned slightly. The thickness of his skin was certainly comparable to that of her husband’s. She wasn’t close to him at all and barely knew him, but he didn’t hesitate to call her without her surname. However, that alone didn’t warrant any hostile behaviour.

“Head Ning, these flowers are very rare under such a cold weather. But we’re not close at all, it’s inappropriate for me to accept your gift. It’s better if you can take them back,” Lin Ruoxi said.

“Sigh, pretty flowers have to match a pretty person.” Ning Guodong looked serious and sincere. “Ruoxi, I actually wanted to come over during Chinese New Year. I’ve been thinking of you after returning to Beijing ever since I first saw you at the meeting. Don’t take my advances as aggression, I’ve always been this straightforward and practical. I won’t back off so easily when it comes to women I fancy.”

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t stand Ning Guodong’s straightforwardness. Due to her coldness, there had basically been no guys who chased after her. Now that she was faced with such a fellow where a whip to him is like a tickle to his skin, she had given up her attempt to isolate him. She couldn’t help but feel get a headache.

“Head Ning, it’s about time for me to head off. The sky is turning dark, it would be on your best interest to head home as well.” Lin Ruoxi frowned as she walked toward her Bentley.

Ning Guodong blocked her from proceeding. “Ruoxi, if you refuse to accept these flowers, you’d be looking down on me, Ning Guodong. Even if you wish to return home, i’ll still follow behind you. No matter what, you have to accept this gift of mine. This is my one and only request for now. Are you so heartless to reject an innocent gift of flowers from an admirer?”

Ning Guodong was no stranger to politics. His words were crafted to be more convincing than others, which made Lin Ruoxi who was not familiar with these, stand there with a lost for words. She had heard of the Ning clan’s authority in Beijing. It wasn’t a side Yu Lei International could afford to anger.

Lin Ruoxi turned her head away to think for a while. Soon, she sighed deeply before taking over the flowers from Ning Guodong’s hands.

At this moment, the headlights of a BMW flashed a couple of times from the road in front. Soon, the sound of the friction between the tires and concrete floor resounded loudly through the parking lot!


The BMW was like an enraged beast as it headed right toward Ning Guodong and Lin Ruoxi!

Lin Ruoxi felt relieved when she recognized the car. She didn’t know what Yang Chen was up to, but one thing she did know was that she was safe. Thus, she stood there calmly as she waited.

Ning Guodong, however, had no clue that it was driven by Yang Chen. He immediately assumed it to be an insane person who was practicing their drifting in an underground parking lot. His face instantly paled!

“Ruoxi! Get down!”

Although Ning Guodong yelled at Lin Ruoxi to ask her to get away, he had long retreated to the rear of a pillar before nervously looking at the oncoming car.

Screech! The BMW’s break paddle was violently stepped on. It flicked its tail beautifully before parking in front of Lin Ruoxi. There was only a meter between her and the car.

The windows of the car rolled down slowly, revealing Yang Chen’s smiling face. He winked at Lin Ruoxi who was as calm as usual before looking at Ning Guodong who was hiding behind the pillar. “Oh, isn’t this Young Master Ning? Fate must’ve brought us together again. What happened to you now? Is your body not feeling well? Why do you look so pale? Do you have foundation applied on your face?”

Ning Guodong finally realized he was being played by Yang Chen. It was obviously intentional, while LIn Ruoxi evidently knew what car Yang Chen drove so she wasn’t afraid.

“Did you… did you just… dare… dare to scare me with a car?!” Ning Guodong stammered nervously.

“Hmm? Did Young Master Ning get frightened?” Yang Chen asked as he put up a curious look.

Ning Guodong’s expression turned serious. “Who said that? Why would I—”

“Then why did you accuse me of scaring you, Young Master Ning? I thought you weren’t frightened,” Yang Chen said.

Ning Guodong got an immense headache after getting fooled by Yang Chen. Before he could analyze the situation, Yang Chen said to Lin Ruoxi who was standing by the car, “Wife, get in. We’ll be having dinner ourselves tonight.”

Lin Ruoxi hesitated for a bit. She originally didn’t intend to have dinner together with Yang Chen. She was still mad about An Xin’s matter. However, with Ning Guodong present, it would be inappropriate if she turned down Yang Chen. After all, deep down in her heart, she had already accepted Yang Chen as her husband.

Lin Ruoxi hummed in acknowledgement. Holding the flowers, she got into Yang Chen’s car.

Ning Guodong’s eyes were wide open in shock. He looked at Yang Chen take Lin Ruoxi away as he got speechless.

“Wife? Did Yang Chen call Lin Ruoxi ‘Wife’? Are they married?!”

Earlier at the Chamber of Commerce held in Zhonghai, Ning Guodong had briefly asked about Lin Ruoxi’s family. However, he was unaware that she was married. So he decided to start going after her under broad daylight. But that was far different from the actual case.

If Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen are married, then why does no one in the Zhonghai government know about it? The CEO of Yu Lei International isn’t just the average person on the street, he thought.

What further irritated Ning Guodong was the fact that Yang Chen could indeed be Lin Ruoxi’s husband, since she had accepted his invite personally. In his mind, this constituted to an insult of the highest degree! The cheap fellow managed to marry such a goddess? Ning Guodong felt that his veins almost exploded out of anger.

At the same time, Yang Chen had his mouth pouted in the car as he glanced at the expressionless Lin Ruoxi occasionally and the bouquet of flowers she was holding.

Lin Ruoxi looked at him emotionlessly. “He didn’t let me leave if I didn’t take it.”

“Then you should’ve called me. I would’ve dealt with it for you,” Yang Chen said hurriedly. “Get rid of the flowers. I’ll look for a roadside trash can for you to throw it in.”

Lin Ruoxi vaguely sensed Yang Chen’s jealousy and felt rather pleased. This man had always made me feel bad when he goes out looking for other women. Does he finally know that I’m in demand by men now? she thought.

Lin Ruoxi shook her head and acted innocent. “These flowers smell good. I don’t see how it could hurt if I left them at home.”

“How are they good?!” Yang Chen scolded. “The pussy might’ve poisoned them!”

“Is being rude all you know? Aren’t they just a bouquet of flowers?” Lin Ruoxi frowned and looked displeased. However, she was so contented that she actually wanted to laugh.

“How can I talk passively and sit idly by as my woman has been gifted flowers by another man?” Yang Chen sighed. He then tried to please her. “Babe Ruoxi, please be obedient and get rid of them. I’ll get you more and bigger flowers. The perfume is horribly overdone. I’ll get you some lighter ones.”

Lin Ruoxi shook her head. “No way, it’d be a waste. These flowers are good enough.”

Yang Chen turned displeased. Strictly, he said, “No! Before we have dinner tonight, you have to throw them away!”

Lin Ruoxi finally couldn’t hold back her laughter anymore when Yang Chen put up a tough act. She gazed upon the man and said, “You’re jealous.”

“Why should I be jealous? I just dislike the pussy, and ergo dislike anything he gifts,” Yang Chen said as he avoided to look at Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes before putting the window down.

The car was on a highway at this moment. The cold wind outside blew Lin Ruoxi’s hair into a mess. With her eyes half-opened, she forcefully tossed the flowers out!

The bouquet of flowers flew down the bridge of the highway. They scattered into different directions after being blown by the wind.

When Lin Ruoxi rolled up the window again, Yang Chen asked gloomily, “Why then have you decided to throw them? What happened to putting it at home?”

“I felt the aura of jealousy thicken to a suffocating degree in this car, so I chose to throw them away,” Lin Ruoxi said with a smile.

Yang Chen shut his mouth in awkwardness.

“Let’s head for dinner. I’m hungry,” Lin Ruoxi said.

Yang Chen was surprised. “It’s so rare of you to say you’re hungry.”

Lin Ruoxi bit her lips and nodded. Smiling, she said, “I’m in a good mood now. Of course I’m hungry.”

When Yang Chen carefully analyzed her words, he finally understood what she meant. He couldn’t help but hold a bitter smile on his face. She finally found something to control him by.

However, Yang Chen felt more relaxed and pleased to finally see Lin Ruoxi smile again. Even the distaste he had toward Ning Guodong had slightly weakened. Copyright 2016 - 2024