Tough Blessing

Chapter 5/8

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The south was especially cold during the beginning of the year, around February to March. Cold air billowed all around the land, with spring nowhere to be seen.

Initially, this wasn’t an issue for the people in the villa. Everyone would go through New Year’s as per usual. However, Hui Lin had been grieving over the supposed ‘death’ of Lin Zhiguo, causing her aura and the people around her to feel cold.

Being concerned seniors, Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma had asked her what had happened, to which Hui Lin wasn’t willing to confess to, but shrugged the question off instead. They concluded that Hui Lin was troubled by things normal to people her age, so they decided to stop asking her.

Yang Chen was well aware of the situation and how she was feeling. He was discussing with An Xin if they should bring Hui Lin out for a trip to take her mind off things. Being Hui Lin’s sister-like friend, An Xin was really supportive of this suggestion. Hui Lin had been downhearted in the recording studio for the past few days. Singing and learning to write songs for the whole day wasn’t helping solve anything. They were still discussing where to bring Hui Lin to. Although spring was coming soon, it was still too cold to travel outside.

On the Friday night near the end of February, Yang Chen returned to his room and prepared to take a shower after he finished watching the news downstairs.

At this moment, the door of his room was knocked on.

Yang Chen expected it to be Guo Xuehua, as she would deliver snacks to him occasionally. He quietly accepted the love from his mother. While it was definitely a strange feeling, it wasn’t unpleasant in the slightest.

However, upon opening the door, he saw Lin Ruoxi who looked slightly nervous, anxious, shy and reluctant.

It was the first time Lin Ruoxi was willing to interact with Yang Chen since the day they argued in Yang Chen’s office because of An Xin. As a result, Yang Chen was shocked and delighted at the same time.

Lin Ruoxi wore a red crew-neck cardigan and a gray skirt on her lower body. She looked extra stunning when matched with her charming eyes, especially when she was biting her lower thin lip, as if colorful azaleas bloomed in spring, looking incredibly gorgeous.

“Babe Ruoxi, are you finally willing to see me?. Did you miss my hugs? Or are you looking for some warmth during the winter night?” Yang Chen giggled.

Lin Ruoxi clenched her teeth while she stared at Yang Chen angrily. She then walked into Yang Chen’s room before turning around and taking out a knitted, gray scarf from her back.

The scarf had a simple design, and was made using high-grade soft cashmere which was adequate in keeping people warm.

“Is this for me?” Yang Chen was stunned as he gazed upon Lin Ruoxi. “Babe, did you knit this scarf for me?”

Embarrassed, Lin Ruoxi turned her head away before saying, “It’s made by Aunt Guo. But she asked me to… wear it for you…”

Lin Ruoxi’s voice became softer and softer as she spoke. She was having difficulty in explaining what she wanted to say.

Yang Chen understood the situation. His mother was constantly concerned about his relationship with Lin Ruoxi as husband and wife. Guo Xuehua wanted to smooth things over this way, and hopefully help them become closer than before.

However, Yang Chen didn’t expect Guo Xuehua to secretly knit a scarf for him. Although he essentially didn’t need warmth from any clothing, it was the significance behind the gift that was the gift itself. Yang Chen couldn’t help but think if he should start calling her ‘Mom’.

“I’ll put the scarf here. I… I’ll go now…” Lin Ruoxi placed the scarf onto Yang Chen’s bed before turning around to leave. She couldn’t imagine what it would be like if she really put on the scarf for Yang Chen. It would have made her extremely unconfortable.

“Don’t go,” Yang Chen said before grabbing Lin Ruoxi’s arm with a wicked smile, “Are you going to disobey your mother-in-law?”

“You… you’re bullying me again.” Lin Ruoxi was so nervous that her face had reddened.

“How is this bullying? What’s wrong with a wife putting on a scarf for her husband? I’d be glad to put on your panties for you if you’re willing to,” Yang Chen laughed.

“I don’t need your help to wear the… the something.” Lin Ruoxi stomped her foot. As she failed to get away from Yang Chen, she took the scarf over angrily and said to Yang Chen, “Take your pig hand away. How am I supposed to do it with one hand?”

Yang Chen replied, “Pigs don’t have hands. They have trotters.”

Lin Ruoxi ignored him. As Yang Chen let go of her hand, she shut her eyes to avoid looking at Yang Chen’s teasing gaze, so that she could spare herself from getting mad and awkward. She swayed the scarf out and wrapped it around Yang Chen’s neck.

However, Yang Chen was quick in taking advantage of Lin Ruoxi’s shut eyes. Hastily, he pulled Lin Ruoxi’s fragrant body into his arms and hugged her.

“Ah,” Lin Ruoxi moaned softly. When she opened her eyes, her scented lips were covered by Yang Chen’s.


Lin Ruoxi widened her eyes in shock. Her watery eyes were filled with agitation, shyness, and anger. However, she lacked the energy to resist. Her entire body softened as if she was without bones, and allowed Yang Chen’s robber-like tongue enter her mouth. Her clumsy dodges then became Yang Chen’s toy.

Yang Chen indulged in the kiss. Every time he hugged this treasure, an enormous amount of pleasure surged through his body. His sense of achievement when he managed to conquer the goddess-like woman was indescribable. The feeling of hugging her was one not to be compared to the warmth of a woman but to the warmth of the world.

When Yang Chen’s arm tried to reach to Lin Ruoxi’s firm bosom, Lin Ruoxi finally couldn’t bear with it any longer. Her irresistible panic caused her to forcefully separate her lips from those of Yang Chen, and block the approaching arm.

Yang Chen too noticed he was too impatient. Why would he expect to succeed this time after slightly reconciling with Lin Ruoxi?

As he looked at Lin Ruoxi’s teary eyes, Yang Chen smiled awkwardly and said, “Alright, alright, I won’t kiss you. I’ll just hug you.”

“Let go of your trotters,” Lin Ruoxi said coldly.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. Her learning ability is too strong, he thought.

“If you’re really that thirsty, you should look for your secretary instead. Don’t expect to open a dyehouse after I give you a little bit of colors. Had Aunt Guo not asked me to come over, there would have been no reason for me to entertain you,” Lin Ruoxi said coldly.

Yang Chen didn’t get mad. He said, “I know. I’m thankful enough that you’re willing to come over. It’s all my fault after all.”

Lin Ruoxi stopped talking as Yang Chen admitted to his mistakes. However, she was sure that the fellow, despite being aware, wasn’t about to correct his mistake. The fact that he had more and more lovers caused Lin Ruoxi to feel exhausted, not to mention she had to endure the suffering herself.

As the man got more absurd, her foot in the mud seemed to have fallen deeper. When she was hugged and kissed earlier, she had lost the intention to resist deep down her heart. All she did was try to instinctively dodge as she was a reserved person.

Does this mean that I have started viewing his actions as logical things to do…

Every time she thought about this, Lin Ruoxi would try her best to avoid thinking about it. She soon thought of something else. “Hui Lin told me that person passed away. Is this true?” she asked.

Lin Ruoxi stared at Yang Chen calmly.

Yang Chen was slightly surprised. He didn’t expect Hui Lin to tell her about Lin Zhiguo. But nonetheless, this relieved him from telling her himself.

The obstruction lying between the sisters was their different viewpoints at their grandfather Lin Zhiguo.

Now that Lin Zhiguo was gone, they didn’t have to avoid such things anymore.

“It’s real. He’ll never appear in front of you ever again.” Yang Chen nodded.

Sorrow surfaced in Lin Ruoxi’s eyes. “Even he is gone…”

Yang Chen remained quiet. He was aware that although Lin Zhiguo wasn’t a responsible senior, and could even be considered as someone she hated, he was still family and family was something she treasured alot.

However, Lin Zhiguo was less significant to Lin Ruoxi than Hui Lin. In a way, his passing was actually a kind of relief for Lin Ruoxi.

“You’ve found out Hui Lin’s identity, haven’t you?” Yang Chen asked.

“Mhm,” Lin Ruoxi hummed in acknowledgement. “I found out when I heard Yang Lie call her ‘Lin Hui’... But Hui Lin was still Hui Lin. I won’t treat her badly just because she’s the granddaughter of that person. She’s a good girl. I like this younger sister a lot.”

“Your good younger sister has been really moody lately. An Xin and I are discussing to bring her out to do something someday. Where do you think we should go?” Yang Chen smiled weirdly.

Lin Ruoxi expectedly asked another question. “Why are you and that woman bringing Hui Lin out to play?”

“Oh? Judging by how you put it, Babe Ruoxi, are you willing to bring Hui Lin out with me?” Yang Chen asked.

Lin Ruoxi frowned. “Hui Lin is my younger sister. Why should I allow her to be brought away by someone else? I have no interest to be with you.”

Yang Chen slapped his forehead. “Yikes. What should I do now? An Xin is Hui Lin’s good friend, and I’ve brought it up to Hui Lin before. I can’t just tell her we’re not going with her anymore, but her elder sister will be bringing her out instead, can I?”

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes. “I want to bring Hui Lin to my spa resort. Drive yourself if you want to follow.”

Yang Chen said seriously, “Then do I stop An Xin if she wants to tag along? Babe Ruoxi, I bet you don’t want to see her very much.”

“I don’t care about her. Do you think I have so much time to intervene your shameful relationship?” Lin Ruoxi ridiculed in dissatisfaction.

Yang Chen smirked. “I knew it. Why would the much-respected Boss Lin be afraid of An Xin? We’ll go together at that time then.”

Lin Ruoxi was exasperated, but decided that it was in her best interest to remain quiet. Otherwise she would really appear afraid of An Xin. Subconsciously, she snorted coldly before walking out of the room.

Yang Chen felt relieved. He came to a sudden realization that it was possible for them to get along if they met more often. It was no different from Mo Qianni, who was Yang Chen’s lover as well. She was well and alive even when she had to face Lin Ruoxi every day.

Although he felt guilty that he put Lin Ruoxi through this, there was still no way that he would hurt one woman for another. Unless of course he stopped messing with them from the start, which was impossible now. How was he supposed to abandon his other women after taking advantage of them? This blessing of being loved by beauties wasn’t as easily enjoyed as imagined. Copyright 2016 - 2023