Chapter 3/8

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This sudden knock instantly stopped Yang Chen in his tracks. Dispirited, he smacked An Xin’s bouncy buttocks and asked her to tidy up her messy clothes and hair.

An Xin understood the urgency of the situation. She was careless to not lock the door when she came in earlier. If the person came in without knocking, they would be in trouble.

After tidying her clothing, An Xin stood behind Yang Chen. The upbringing of the young lady of a major clan made her lose the charm she held earlier. This time she composed herself in a strict uptight manner, fitting of a well brought up woman. Yang Chen then said, “Please come in.”

The door got slowly pushed open. A figure whom Yang Chen didn’t expect suddenly walked into the office.

It was a lady dressed in a light gray coat and an orange-red, high-neck sweater. It was the newest trending winter wear, which made her look extremely stylish.

Lin Ruoxi’s hair was let loose. Holding a small, white, casual handbag, she walked into Yang Chen’s office.

As soon as she entered, the pair of ice-cold eyes swept across Yang Chen and An Xin back and forth. Soon, the coldness in her eyes intensified.

Yang Chen’s heart stopped beating for a split second. What kind of dumb coincidence is this? Why would she suddenly come into my office?! She had never been here before!

An Xin immediately recognized Lin Ruoxi’s identity. Although Lin Ruoxi seldom showed herself on public occasions, being the young lady of the An clan, she had vaguely seen Lin Ruoxi a few times before, but hadn’t had a chance to greet her properly.

Lin Ruoxi was standing right in front of her. Lin Ruoxi merely glanced at her for a while, but she carefully observed her appearance from top to bottom.

Other than the fact that Lin Ruoxi was more beautiful than her, An Xin could feel that coldness and arrogance was all she had going for her.

Lin Ruoxi only darted An Xin a glance, which meant she didn’t pay much attention to her, displaying her arrogance. It wasn’t because she felt contempt for others, this was just her inborn personality. Perhaps in her world, any women she didn’t know, beautiful or ugly, wasn’t any part of her interest.

Whereas most ladies would feel satisfied to see a woman with an inferior appearance, and feel envious to meet a more beautiful one.

However, when Lin Ruoxi looked at An Xin, it was obvious she wasn’t comparing anything.

Having travelled to many countries in the world, An Xin was quite good at reading people. She quickly formed two possible hypotheses regarding the wife of her lover: she was either so naive that she thought differently from most people in the society, or her mentality was simply incomprehensible by normal people.

An Xin found it hard to believe a young lady like Lin Ruoxi to have such mentality. However, that did not mean Lin Ruoxi was a naive lady, judging by her identity as the CEO of Yu Lei International, a formidable multinational company. It would be absurd if the mastermind of a business empire was a girl with a naive mind.

Of course, just because she was emotionally naïve did not make her a fool. The success of her company attested to her intelligence. Naiveness was merely used to describe her emotions.

An Xin personally felt that she was great in handling feelings and emotions. For example, during the nights in Hokkaido, she put in a lot of effort to please Yang Chen for as long as possible and ended up exhausted almost every day. Her intentions was to make Yang Chen unwilling to leave her, and to make up for the time she wasn’t able to spend with him.

However, An Xin was sure that this woman in front of her, despite her quick wit and sharp mind, could not flirt to save her life. It wasn’t because she didn’t want to flirt, but she simply didn’t know how.

Women usually had sharp instincts toward other women. An Xin’s prediction was really accurate. It was true that Lin Ruoxi indeed was bad in managing relationships between men and women.

If Lin Ruoxi would tease Yang Chen once in a while and let him enjoy a little sweetness, Yang Chen might not need other women. Also, he wouldn’t have visited the bar earlier due to his moodiness on that night, which meant he wouldn’t have bumped into An Xin.

Unfortunately, it was always hard to predict what would happen next. Lin Ruoxi’s shortcomings coincidentally formed the relationship between Yang Chen and An Xin. This same gap was also present which caused Yang Chen to be with Mo Qianni, Liu Mingyu and other women.

“Erm… Wi—erm, no, Boss Lin, why are you here?” Yang Chen asked as he tried his best to force a calm smile.

The moment Lin Ruoxi saw Yang Chen and An Xin together, her sharp instinct allowed her to suspect something. She found An Xin rather familiar, but failed to recall which family or clan she was from. However, she didn’t really care about it. The thing that truly pissed her off was—Is that a lip print on his face?!

It was as clear as day what had transpired in the office before.

“Is your right cheek bitten by a mosquito?” Lin Ruoxi asked coldly.

“How are there mosquitoes in the winter? Ruoxi, you’re really good at making jokes… Hehe…”

As soon as Yang Chen finished speaking, he quickly realized what Lin Ruoxi was referring to. He hurriedly rubbed his right cheek before looking at his hand. As expected, it was rather red…

Gloomily, Yang Chen glanced at An Xin who acted ignorant as he thought, What kind of shit quality is this lipstick… Why did the color come off? He then smiled awkwardly and said, “I can explain this…”

“You don’t need to. It’s not the first time after all. But I’m interested in knowing this lady’s identity.” Lin Ruoxi turned the spearhead to An Xin.

Being pressured by the ‘first wife’, An Xin’s ‘mistress universe’ exploded. Clearing her voice, she said, “Nice to meet you Boss Lin. I’m An Xin, a newly appointed secretary of Director.”

Complex thoughts flowed through Lin Ruoxi’s eyes. Soon, she seemed to have thought of something. Frowning, she asked, “You’re the young lady of the An clan?”

“I don’t know which An clan Boss Lin is referring to. But An Zaihuan is indeed my father, however much I hate to admit it.”

Lin Ruoxi appeared to have thought of something absolutely ridiculous. With her face filled with disappointment, she said to Yang Chen, “So… the mysterious person whom the entire Zhonghai had been discussing about last year, the one who snatched the bride of the Liu clan away and helped the An clan take over their assets… is you?!”

Yang Chen was astonished. Lin Ruoxi knew about the incident that took place in Hokkaido! Yang Chen noticed he was being overly careless.Of course the people from the upper classes would be privy as to the knowledge of such a major event

Although Lin Ruoxi didn’t usually involve herself in public occasions like banquets, her subordinates would make frequent reports to her.

The Liu clan which used to be the second largest clan in Zhonghai got swallowed up together with the elopement of the An clan’s young lady with a mysterious man was all over the news. For once, the rumors proved to be true.

Lin Ruoxi originally found the incident bizarre, but didn’t pay much attention to it. Today, she managed to find out that the highly competent mysterious man was her seemingly useless husband.

An Xin pouted her mouth. She had nothing left to say. She was aware of just how infuriated Lin Ruoxi would become for this matter.

There is not a single wife in this world that would like to hear that their husband had snatched another woman away from a wedding.

Yang Chen’s body stiffened. Only a bitter smile was left on his face. He had no clue what he was supposed to say to make the situation better.

“I’m impressed. I finally realized how much potential you actually have as director. You’re so competent that you can destroy the Liu clan just because you want to, while the An clan quickly became the second largest clan in Zhonghai under your lead…” Lin Ruoxi’s eyes had turned watery. Coldly, she said, “Yang Chen, I think I’ll let you be the CEO of Yu Lei International as well. How about turning Yu Lei into the largest company in the world? After you took Miss An over, the An clan received such wondrous results. At the very least, we’re legally married, aren’t we?”

Yang Chen felt incredibly guilty and regretful when Lin Ruoxi spoke to him this calmly, as if she was making a joke. “Ruoxi, please don’t do this. I’m sorry that I have to do this to you…”

“What is there for you to be sorry about? Why would I dare to make you feel sorry to me? You’re such an influential person that you can obliterate the Liu clan by messing around, and take any women you want, even one from Hokkaido,” Lin Ruoxi said with her eyes reddened.

“Look at you. You’re not giving me a chance to explain. Stop being unreasonable!” Yang Chen yelled.

“I’m being unreasonable?! Did you just say I was unreasonable?!”

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes were wide open while her face paled. She staggered backward, as if she found it hard to believe what she just heard.

Yang Chen realized the mistake in his words. But like all other things, what has been said cannot be unsaid.

“Yeah, I’m being unreasonable. I wanted to come and invite you out for lunch, and check on the progress of your project. Who would have thought that I was going to interupt your celebrations with your new secretary. It’s my fault… I’ll leave right now and stop disturbing you two. I’ll stop being unreasonable…”

Nothing but coldness and resolution filled Lin Ruoxi’s eyes. She turned around and walked out of the office.

Yang Chen wanted to stop her, but didn’t know what he should say. He subconsciously slapped his forehead before sighing

An Xin looked troubled as well. It wasn’t her intention to cause such a scene, but she was indeed the root of the problem. Because of her, there was no turning back for the situation.

“Sorry… I… I didn’t mean to worsen your relationship…” An Xin murmured softly before clenching her teeth. Her eyes had reddened as well.

Yang Chen smiled as he patted An Xin’s head. “Stupid, how is this your fault? These are the consequences I have to face for messing around so much. There’s nothing I can say.”

“Do you want to chase her? I’m a woman as well. I know that Boss Lin must be depressed right now. I… I feel that you should go console her,” An Xin said reluctantly.

Yang Chen sighed, “What do I do after I catch her? I can’t tell her I’m willing to cut off any relations with you and stop contacting you right… No matter how I spin this tale, the result will still be the same. I can only blame one person and that is me. I can never change my bad habit.”

An Xin silently lowered her head. She too had noticed nothing could be changed. It was impossible for her to let go of Yang Chen.

Lin Ruoxi, you shall hate me. It was me who stepped foot between you two. But I won’t give up just because you’re suffering… An Xin thought resolutely as she clenched her teeth.

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