Moving the Spearhead

Chapter 8/8!

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Yang Chen wasn’t aware that his mother had picked up on his mistake. But there wasn’t much to explain even if she did. It was his personality and these stuff cannot be changed so easily.

However, Guo Xuehua was not one to approach these topics head on. Not only was it inappropriate, if she wrongly interpreted his words, the relationship between her and her son would worsen. Yang Chen would start to distance himself from her.

Thus, she grasped the opportunity when Yang Chen sent Zhenxiu home to get her luggages after lunch to invite Lin Ruoxi into the study room to ask her about the incident earlier.

“Ruoxi, tell me about your conversation with Yang Chen in the afternoon. What was the other meaning behind your words?” Guo Xuehua asked, concerned.

Lin Ruoxi thought that she might have somehow displeased her mother-in-law again when she was pulled into the study room by Guo Xuehua nervously. After listening carefully to Guo Xuehua’s question, she was still rather confused. “Aunt, what do you mean? What words?”

“Don’t be afraid to tell me. I was just curious to the assumption you jumped at after Yang Chen took Zhenxiu’s necklace. Also, Yang Chen said there really was nothing between him and Zhenxiu. There obviously was another meaning in his sentence,” Guo Xuehua said.

Distress could be seen on Lin Ruoxi’s cold face. She didn’t expect Guo Xuehua to be able to notice such a minute and insignificant detail. However, she was struggling to provide an answer.

If she told the truth that Yang Chen indeed had special relations with other women, Yang Chen might accuse her of talking behind his back, lacking courage to confront him face-to-face. If she gave a vague answer to Guo Xuehua, not only would she be lying to a senior, Guo Xuehua was not naive at all.

“Actually… there isn’t much.” Lin Ruoxi attempted to avoid the question.

However, Guo Xuehua wasn’t so easily deceived as expected. When Lin Ruoxi first revealed her reluctance, Guo Xuehua had confirmed some suspicions. Sighing, she said, “Ruoxi, even when you don’t want to tell me, I know that Yang Chen indeed has another woman outside. You’re afraid of being suspected by Yang Chen for backstabbing him, but you also don’t want to lie to me, am I right?”

Lin Ruoxi remained quiet. She knew that she couldn’t fool Guo Xuehua so easily.

“I was wondering what was wrong between you and my son…” Guo Xuehua frowned as she felt annoyed. “These acts are frowned upon in most families. Once a man gets a woman outside, the relationships of the family start to fail too. He can’t stay faithful when you two are still so young. It’s no wonder that you can’t accept him no matter what.”

Lin Ruoxi felt sour at heart when she glanced at Guo Xuehua’s worried look. In the past, she hadn’t seen Yang Chen as her husband before, so she wasn’t bothered when she found out he had other women. She even hoped that he could cling on other women and stay away from her. However, times have changed and so has she. She has tried to help him stay faithful but is hopelessly failing at it.

Back then, she was the one who allowed him to do so. Today, how was she supposed to have him cut off his relations with the others? Ignoring whether Yang Chen would obey her or not, the women wouldn’t let go of their hands on Yang Chen.

Although Mo Qianni was her best friend, they almost never talked about men. This only proved that Mo Qianni wouldn’t give up so easily, let alone other women Yang Chen had.

Guo Xuehua contemplated for a long time. Worried, she asked, “Ruoxi, what do you plan to do? You aren’t thinking about a divorce, are you?”

Divorce? Lin Ruoxi smiled faintly. She found it hard to even think about it. She shook her head and said, “I don’t know. Fortunately, I am not so free to ponder about these things. I’ll forget them once I start working.”

Guo Xuehua sighed, “Being Yang Chen’s mother, I initially felt the need to interfere in stuff like this. But… you know that I spent much effort to have Yang Chen recognize me. If I cross the line, it is a possibility that I would be shut out again. I… Ruoxi, I hope that you can understand my position. I previously thought you were mistreating Yang Chen and made him suffer. It looks like I had been wrong. Utterly wrong. I’m a woman as well, I know how you feel. Although Yang Pojun’s heart is blurred by authority and power, he has been faithful to me since day one. I can’t imagine how much suffering I’ll bear if my husband has another woman outside.

“Ruoxi, I won’t pester you about you and him sharing a room anymore, or how cold you’re treating him. It’s most definitely all his fault. Although I’m his mother, I still can’t accept my son for having relations with another woman.”

Lin Ruoxi was slightly surprised. She didn’t think her mother-in-law would move the spearhead away from her after the incident took place. From Lin Ruoxi’s perspective, it was a very meaningful matter. It was not unlike a break from the battlefield.

Guo Xuehua suddenly said, “Ruoxi, tell me honestly, who is Yang Chen together with? I won’t do anything reckless. I just want to understand why the kid would mess with another woman when he has such a beautiful wife at home.”

Lin Ruoxi bit her lips and said, “Actually… there’s more than one.”

“What?!” Guo Xuehua was dumbstruck as she opened her mouth widely. Manners didn’t matter to her in the slightest anymore. She looked like she heard a terrifying news.

Lin Ruoxi pouted and confessed the truth. “There are at least three of them whom I’ve met before. Two of them work in my company, and I don’t know who the third one is. I think there are more than the three… but I haven’t seen him with them before.”

Lin Ruoxi was referring to Mo Qianni, Liu Mingyu, and Rose whom she bumped into at the shopping mall. These three were confirmed by her. Regarding others like Li Jingjing, Tang Wan, Cai Yan, Cai Ning, Zhao Yan, and other women, she noticed a strange intimacy between him and them, but that wasn’t enough to confirm anything.

Guo Xuehua quickly turned speechless. She didn’t know if it was better for her to cry or laugh. “This kid… I would’ve had the urge to take a rolling pin and whack him out of the house if he wasn’t my own son. Sigh… I owe him too much as his mother. Ruoxi, it’s really unfortunate of you…”

Lin Ruoxi had her head lowered while the corners of her lips revealed a small smile. When this was all over, she felt that Guo Xuehua was on her side of things, which meant Yang Chen couldn’t team up with his mother to bully her anymore. She couldn’t help but feel pleased when she thought about it, and temporarily tossed Yang Chen’s issue aside.

The next day brought around the new year. Being the only man in the house, Yang Chen didn’t have much to do. He sat in the living hall as he watched the news while the ladies busied themselves in the kitchen as they chatted happily.

Yang Chen found days like this satisfying. He wasn’t displeased by the fact that he was staying in a female dorm anymore.

Rose called him early in the morning on the phone. She talked about moving to her old house together with Mo Qianni, and blamed Yang Chen for not helping out in the process.

Yang Chen knew that she was just complaining about the lack of time spent with her during the new year. Rose had numerous men under her control. If every man were to only move a single screw each, they were still able to move the entire house.

At the same time, inside the Cai residence in Zhonghai, Yang Lie who had been recovering on the sickbed didn’t feel very happy about the new year.

Upon waking up in the morning, the first one he saw was his master Yu Jizi. Yang Lie felt that his body was nearly fully recovered. He was originally elated, but soon felt infuriated when he heard it was Yang Chen who saved his life.

He was then informed of the recent occurrence, which made him almost burn in blazes of fury.

The guy Yang Chen is my long-lost older brother?! Who are you kidding?!

Also, he even brought my mother away from Father?!

Yang Lie initially thought the first one he would see when he woke up was Guo Xuehua who was most concerned about him. Unexpectedly, even Guo Xuehua’s shadow was nowhere to be seen. To Yang Lie, it certainly was a bolt from the blue.

When Yang Pojun received news of Yang Lie’s awakening, although he was pleased, he couldn’t find time to visit Yang Lie as he was too busy with the election. All he did was make a phone call. Yang Gongming had returned to Beijing some time back. It wasn’t practical for him to fly back just to see Yang Lie.

All of these combined made Yang Lie deeply irritated in the Cai residence.

He used to be a proud member of the Yang clan. He came down from the mountains to take up an important mission. However, he completely lost the chance to prove himself after getting beaten by Yang Chen. Moreover, Yang Chen somehow ended up being the eldest son of the Yang clan, not to mention he had snatched his dear mother away from Yang Lie!

The thing that irritated him the most was that his life and his abilities are still his today because it was saved by the very man who put him in that spot, Yang Chen!

The heater in the room was very strong, which made the room warm and comfortable. However, Yang Lie felt a bone-penetrating cold in his legs which were under the blanket.

Being an old and wise man, Yu Jizi didn’t fail to notice the issues his apprentice was having, but he didn’t have a way to help him. He was aware of the enormous impact received by the proud and arrogant Yang Lie. It was impossible for him to calm down within such short period of time. As a result, all he could do was cross the bridge when he came to it. He had decided to bring Yang Lie back to Kunlun Sect after his injury was almost fully recovered. Having met his sect uncle Ling Xuzi this time, he was made sure that levels beyond his wildest imaginations existed, so he couldn’t wait to enclose himself and cultivate to climb higher.

Under such a condition where some people’s hearts were warm while the others cold, Yang Chen’s first night of the new year after returning to the country was finally here. Copyright 2016 - 2023