Chapter 51: Returning With A Cloud Of Dust

Yang Chen’s keen nerves had him immediately start the car, and step on the accelerator. The M3 roared as it dashed out of the basement carpark.

Several of Yu Lei International’s security guards stared blankly at the silhouette of the car disappearing off into the distance, and looked amongst themselves in confusion. None of them knew which of the big figures in the company had such skill in driving cars.

While driving, Yang Chen asked, “What happened, Wang Ma?”

“The moment Miss got off work and returned home, Master came, and they’re now quarreling outside……” Wang Ma spoke with a sobbing tone, “Young Master please hurry on back, Master even brought a large number of people back, they don’t seem like good people, I’m afraid that they will harm Mi……”

Before Wang Ma finished speaking, a knocking noise came from the other side of the line. Immediately after, a familiar male voice entered Yang Chen’s ears……

“You’re the stinking brat with the surname Yang right? I am Lin Kun, I’m right here waiting for you. If you have the guts come here at once!”

Yang Chen’s hand which was holding the steering wheel immediately had its veins pop out, he could clearly hear Wang Ma’s wailing on the other side of the line. It was obvious that her phone had been forcibly snatched away.

“Do you know what you are doing?”

“I’m very clear of it. You with the surname Yang, if you have the guts, get over here now. I want to see what abilities you, a mutton skewer selling bastard have that made my Lin family’s little slut do such unfilial things!”

Yang Chen didn’t speak further, he expressionlessly cut the call. Fact is, if this phone wasn’t a gift from Lin Ruoxi, he might have already crushed it into pieces.

In a flash the accelerator was floored, although it was peak hour with highly congested traffic, the roaring engine made a substantial number of cars obediently give way.

The white BMW blew past like a hurricane, provoking a countless number of rebukes, but all of these didn’t matter to Yang Chen. At that moment, in Yang Chen’s eyes there was only a straight path, there were no traffic laws, no traffic lights, what he wanted was speed, speed and more speed!

On the route which usually required more than 20 minutes, Yang Chen, like a missile, had spent less than 10 minutes to reach his destination.

In front of the villa, the car came to a screeching halt, throwing up a cloud of smoke and dust.

At that moment, it was already dusk. The waning golden light scattered across the spacious and top grade villa area of Dragon Garden. This caused the trees to reflect a hint of red, while causing the grass to appear like a river of gold, and the landscape to be exceptionally beautiful.

But Yang Chen simply didn’t have the mood to appreciate this rare view. After getting out the car, he walked towards the villa’s main door with a grave expression.

Before Yang Chen had reached the door, it was vigorously opened. The figure of Lin Kun, with an upright posture and in a suit came walking out, his face that originally looked smart and mature instead seemed shady and excited in this moment. It was as if he could foresee that he would be able to take revenge against Yang Chen for the humiliation he brought onto him.

Behind him, were 5 young men that wore identical clothing; black tight short-sleeved shirts. From their bulging muscles it wasn’t difficult to tell that they had unordinary combat skills.

“Haha. Bastard, you really have the guts to come back here, I thought you were frightened to the point of being too afraid to return.” Lin Kun slanted his head, raising the corner of his eye. His eyes revealed deep hatred from within.

Yang Chen sighed.

It seems like my temperament has indeed mellowed. Otherwise, simply based on that line of profanity from him, there would have been enough reason to slice off his tongue.

Unenthusiastically, he stared at Lin Kun and asked, “Where is Ruoxi and Wang Ma……?”

The moment those words were spoken, two figures walked out from the villa’s door.

“Young Master, Young Master be careful!” By the door, Wang Ma who was wearing an apron supported the pale-faced Lin Ruoxi out.

Lin Ruoxi hadn’t changed out of her office clothing, it was like her cool and radiating pretty face had lost its soul. Her gaze was gloomy, her hair seemed messy, and she blankly stared at the floor without any focus, as if everything that was happening in front of her eyes was of no relation to her.

If one was to say this scene of Ruoxi made Yang Chen feel some pain in his heart, then the red handprint on Wang Ma’s face instead made a murderous look flash through Yang Chen’s eyes……

It was a pity, Lin Kun evidently didn’t notice such a change in Yang Chen’s expression.

“Brat that sells mutton skewers, let me tell you, since you returned here today, you asked for it. My brothers’ fists and kicks have no eyes, if you wish to receive less of a beating, then kneel on the ground and kowtow to me dozens of times, then lick my leather shoes clean, and obediently walk into the garbage bin. Perhaps I would let you off with that, and let you get lost!” Lin Kun laughed weirdly, his voice seemed to include traces of madness.

“Lin Kun……” Yang Chen raised his head, and coldly gazed at this insolent man in front of his eyes, “I seem to have told you before, I as a person, hate being threatened the most. You can threaten me, but you better be prepared to bear the consequences of it.”

“I’m threatening you! Bastard! What can you do!? Do you have the ability to knock down these 5 brothers of mine!?” From anger into laughter, Lin Kun roared out.

Yang Chen didn’t speak more, step by step he closed in onto Lin Kun.

The 5 hired thugs obviously didn’t take Yang Chen seriously, after all, judging solely by appearance, this youngster simply didn’t have the strength to retaliate. So when they saw Yang Chen approaching, only a single man walked forward, he looked at Yang Chen with contempt while walking towards Yang Chen.

Yang Chen was too lazy to look at the black-clothed man blocking the way, seeing the black-clothed man raise his arms and swing his fist at high speed, as if it went through precise calculations, Yang Chen also swung a fist to receive it!


The two fists collided, and a cracking sound actually came from it, but the result that emerged was something that left everybody present incomparably shocked!


The man who took the initiative to raise his fists had a warped expression, he hugged the fist he swung, and kneeled onto the ground in pain!

“Hand……Hand……” Bean sized drops of sweat dripped down, the man actually felt that all the bones in his whole arm were smashed into pieces. After feeling the severe waves of pain from it, he fainted on the spot!

Before the remaining 4 thugs seemed to have gained awareness of the situation, Yang Chen had already walked forward.

“Quickly! Quickly go up and fight!” Lin Kun felt that something was amiss, and commanded them in a flurry.

Only then did the 4 men fiendishly launch their kicks at Yang Chen, intending to bring Yang Chen down onto the ground.

But when the 4 men’s attacks landed on Yang Chen’s body, they suddenly realized, it didn’t matter whether the kick landed on Yang Chen’s chest, stomach, thigh or wherever, the attacks didn’t even make Yang Chen’s body flinch, as if their kicks landed on a thick and heavy iron plate, or a gigantic boulder, their strength was simply insufficient to cause any form of harm towards this monster!

The 4 men immediately had their backs full of cold sweat.

This fella, is his body made of steel?!

Yang Chen’s gaze had been rigidly set on Lin Kun in front. After receiving the attacks, he casually raised his hands formed into the shape of knives. The 4 pitiful hired thugs basically didn’t have any chance to launch another attack or jump away before they felt their vision turn blurry, every single one of them had their nape fiercely struck with a chop!

What the others saw seemed to be just Yang Chen’s figure gently wafting past, when the 4 originally healthy and robust men fell onto the ground, unconscious.

At this moment, Lin Kun feels a wave of regret bubbling inside him, however he doesn’t feel that it is a mistake to take revenge against Yang Chen. He instead feels that he should’ve asked ‘the person’ helping him for a few more helpers! Copyright 2016 - 2024