The Door's Gap

Chapter 1/8

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Ling Xuzi was stunned. He didn’t expect anyone to stop him, but he wasn’t enraged. Smiling, he said, “Little Doll, step away. You are powerless against me.”

“Whether I can stop you or not is secondary to the problem,” Gray Robe said seriously. “I was rescued by Master and therefore I owe him my life, otherwise I wouldn’t be standing here today. Having lived for so many years as Master’s guard, I hold no regrets. I know that Senior will imprison Master till death takes its toll on him, which will cause him more suffering than death. Since I’m no longer able to stay by his side, I’m willing to die to thank Master for his act to me.”

“Gray Robe, move away!” Lin Zhiguo raised his head as his eyes reddened. “Senior Ling Xuzi is merely fulfilling a responsibility given by Hongmeng. I am the general of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, but everyone, even I, will still have to be punished for my mistakes.”

“Master, I have never once disobeyed you. Although I didn’t agree with your plans this time round, I stood aside without interrupting. However, this time, I will disobey your orders for my selfish wishes.”

As soon as Gray Robe finished speaking, he started condensing True Qi throughout his entire body before posing a fighting stance.

Ling Xuzi didn’t respond to him at all, as if he was waiting for Gray Robe to strike first.

Yang Chen who was watching by the side felt a bit odd as he looked at Ling Xuzi stand like he was floating.

It was a mysterious feeling. Ling Xuzi was obviously standing right in front of Yang Chen, but he appeared to be existing in a completely different world.

Yang Chen who was able to grasp space methods had a strong feeling—This man wasn’t constrained by space at all!

However, the other people including Yu Jizi failed to notice anything unusual.

At this moment, Gray Robe had finished condensing True Qi before suddenly exploding his energy. Like a grey silhouette, he dashed towards Ling Xuzi in a lightning-fast manner before slapping Ling Xuzi’s chest!


A thud resounded, but it wasn’t because Gray Robe hit something. Before his palm reached Ling Xuzi, a shapeless force swung his body away!

Gray Robe flipped a couple times in midair before crashing into the ground, causing him to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood as a result of receiving a severe internal injury.

Expressionlessly, Ling Xuzi sighed, “It’s a pity you had to be so loyal. In this world, there are sentiments and reasons, the former of which can be more important in life sometimes. However, this time, it is not. I have to do what I came for. He’s unable to continue being the general. Someone who knows too many secrets of the country must be brought away. But you shall be at ease. He shall live the rest of his life at a great place.”

“As long as I, Gray Robe, still breathes, I won’t allow Senior to bring Master away…” Gray Robe struggled to stand up as he intended to continue the battle.

“You can’t even get near me. How are you supposed to stop me?” Ling Xuzi asked.

“Even if I can’t stop you, I will not stop trying.”

When Gray Robe rushed over once again, Abbess Yun Miao who had remained silent suddenly kneeled down and said to Ling Xuzi, “Senior, please forgive this man. Although he’s at fault, he has come to a realization of his mistakes. Please allow me to bring him back to Shushan, and let him stay at Shushan for the rest of his life.”

“Yun’er…” Lin Zhiguo was touched when he saw that Yun Miao was willing to negotiate on his behalf. Tears dripped from his eyes as he got speechless.

“Regardless of your marriage, there’s no room for negotiation on this,” Ling Xuzi said before walking towards Lin Zhiguo again.

“In your dreams!”

Gray Robe had his eyes widened furiously while he dashed towards Ling Xuzi in an attempt to stop him.

Ling Xuzi frowned slightly. Even Buddha had his limits. Having tolerated him again and again, he didn’t plan on holding back anymore.

Seeing the heavily injured Gray Robe who was forcing himself to take on Ling Xuzi once again, resolution surfaced on Lin Zhiguo’s face. He suddenly took out a handgun from his shirt pocket before pointing it at his temple!

“Gray Robe, stop it!!!”


Gray Robe stopped advancing.

“The decision is final. There’s no need to trouble Senior Ling Xuzi anymore.” Lin Zhiguo forced a smile. “I understand your intention. I’m glad that you aren’t involved in this operation with me. Gray Robe, you have been my most devout follower for many years. Instead of saying you’re my subordinate, it’s more appropriate to say you’re my old friend. After I leave, I bet the Lin clan… will slowly decline as well. But I hope you can try your best to help.”

Gray Robe painfully shut his eyes.

Lin Zhiguo looked at Abbess Yun Miao. “Yun’er, pass the Lin clan down to Hui’er in the future. I know you have no interest in running a clan, but you’re the wife of the clan master after all. After I leave, I hope you can bring Hui’er home and educate her enough to be able to run the clan. Just treat this as the final shameless request by your husband who has repeatedly disappointed you.

“This unfortunate event was caused by me and me alone. I brought shame to the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade and caused the lives of the young people to suffer. The God’s Stone even nearly ended up in the hands of another. But I’m lucky to have taken revenge for our son and daughter-in-law.”

Abbess Yun Miao kept quiet. She nodded as she held back her tears.

Lin Zhiguo threw a complicated gaze at Yang Chen. “I may not be able to raise my head to you in this last few moments. But I guess it doesn’t matter, does it? I hope you can treat Ruoxi well. She’s a pitiful child.”

Yang Chen let out an evil smile. “You finally want to tell the truth?”

“Haha,” Lin Zhiguo laughed. “I’ve said all I needed to say. You’ll find out sooner or later anyway.”

“If that is all. We shall leave,” Ling Xuzi said as he walked forward before holding Lin Zhiguo’s back.

Lin Zhiguo nodded before turning around.

Ling Xuzi seemed to have thought of something. Turning his head towards Yang Chen with a smile, he said, “I was watching the battle earlier. I hope you are able to progress and understand more in the future.”

As soon as he finished, without bidding farewell to the others, while holding Lin Zhiguo’s back, he instantly moved hundreds of meters away!

Even Yang Chen couldn’t tell how Ling Xuzi managed to move like that. The space wasn’t bent at all nor did it have any abnormality. It looked like… he was using a teleportation skill!

Before the others could witness the magical scene any longer, Ling Xuzi disappeared in the distance with Lin Zhiguo.

Silence filled the room before Yu Jizi said, “I never expected that Sect Uncle would have really entered that threshold. Is there really such a level above Xiantian…”

Previously, Yang Chen could vaguely tell that he still had room to ascend back then. He could finally make sure of such an existence. Having seen the teleportation-like way of departure used by Ling Xuzi earlier, Yang Chen had received a little more insight.

In front of him, he felt as if an unprecedented door opened slightly and revealed a tiny gap.

“What are you thinking about?” Cai Ning asked softly.

Yang Chen shook his head. “Nothing much. It’s nothing I can explain well anyway. Oh yeah, what will happen to you guys at the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade now that Lin Zhiguo has left?”

Abbess Yun Miao wiped the tears in her eyes before saying, “Don’t worry. Hongmeng has two major responsibilities—to protect the core of the country and to supervise the general of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. Yellow Flame Iron Brigade is an unconventional hidden organization after all. It can’t go through regular legalities. Thus, if the general were to receive judgement, Hongmeng will be the ones to put forth a new candidate for the position of general. For now, all we can do is wait.”

Yang Chen nodded. He wasn’t too worried. Now that the trouble was dealt with, he was reminded of Mo Qianni whom he placed at Rose Bar earlier. Together with Rose, They should be worried sick for his safe return.

“Since there’s nothing else here, I shall return for now,” Yang Chen said to them.

Yu Jizi held his fists together. “Thank you, Mr Yang. This daoist wouldn’t have survived should it not be your presence earlier.”

Yang Chen waved one of his hand hands before turning around and leaving.

He ran as quick as he could to his parked car. Yang Chen then drove back just as dawn was about to break.

The incidents last night presented were so sudden. Yang Chen remembered that he hadn’t made a call home last night. He couldn’t help but get irritated. Lin Ruoxi must have gotten mad at him again. She had to endure seeing Yang Chen having dinner with another woman. Wasn’t he considered looking for trouble by not going home that night?

However, he couldn’t just make a phone call this early in the morning, not to mention his inability to explain what had happened last night. Thus, Yang Chen gave up on explaining.

When he came to Rose Bar, there was basically no one inside. Two unknown men from Red Thorns Society were guarding the shop, while Yang Chen could sense the presence of numerous men surrounding the bar. Apparently, they were people asked to protect the place.

Upon seeing Yang Chen, quite a few elites of the Red Thorns Society who knew Yang Chen bowed to him and greeted him.

Yang Chen greeted back by waving his hands. He walked to the back of the bar and came to Rose’s room. He asked the two bodyguards outside the door, “Is your boss sleeping inside?”

They shook their heads. “Mr Yang, we don’t know if Boss if asleep or not.”

Yang Chen felt stupid at that point. It would be weird if the bodyguards knew whether his women were asleep or not, since it would mean that they had peeked inside. Thus, he opened the door himself and walked inside.

The scent of perfume filled the room. Yang Chen raised his head to look at Rose’s bed. Instantly, he felt that the blood from his entire body gushed towards his brain. He gulped his saliva audibly as his mouth turned dry... Copyright 2016 - 2024