Power of Gods

Chapter 5/8!

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No one other than Ares, was there to witness the mind boggling scene. Cai Ning and the other two had escaped from the site, leaving only Yang Chen and Ares there in addition to the unconscious Lin Zhiguo.

“Not bad. I’m looking forward to our fight even more now. At least your space methods look decent,” mocked Ares.

“It’s my second time using it. But you can’t classify someone as unfamiliar or highly practised when it comes to this. So it’s no big deal,” Yang Chen replied.

“If that is all,” Ares said before licking his lips in excitement, “Let’s begin…”

Yang Chen looked at the giant screen to ensure that the Sandstorm mercenaries were not entering the house. They were just holding God’s Stone. Relieved, he turned his head back to Ares and said, “Can I have your word that you won’t order your mercenaries to capture my family in the middle of our fight?”

Ares snorted coldly. “Why are you lumping me in with those idiots from Brahma? To me, Ares, the word ‘threaten’ doesn’t exist in my dictionary! I rely on my strength and my strength alone. No one can stop me from getting the God’s Stone. Today, I came here to send you to rebirth, after which I’ll bring the stone back to the Middle East.”

Yang Chen pouted. “I don’t believe that is going to happen. Five centuries ago, Athena sent you to rebirth, to which she reincarnated not long after. Now that you’ve awakened, is it not likely that she would’ve awakened as well? What if she tries to take God’s Stone from you?”

“Humph. What makes you think i’m afraid of that bitch? She only managed to beat me by relying on her ‘prophecy’. When it comes to a raw combat, there’s no way she can defeat me!” Ares roared.

“I don’t know what happened between the both of you. But it certainly wouldn’t be ideal if God’s Stone ended up with a combat crazy mad man such as yourself. The other gods choose not to intervene as they are well aware that they aren’t able to defeat the both of you. Even I don’t think I can beat you. I’ll just have to draw the fight out for as long as I can. You may end up agreeing to leave the God’s Stone with me after that,” Yang Chen said confidently while smiling.

“Haha. Do you really think you have the potential to be my rival.? Having obtained god status by ‘god killing’? I’m fully aware that the old fellow Hades had gotten bored of his life and dismissed his ‘god consciousness’ himself. He committed suicide. He wasn’t killed by you!” Ares said.

“Whether or not I can rival you isn’t your choice to make. Fight me if you want. Why must you spout so much nonsense, even more than I usually do? Have you, the God of War, gotten rusty after sleeping for five hundred years?” Yang Chen ridiculed.

Ares was enraged. Without saying anything more, he stared straight at Yang Chen and roared, causing the insides of the aircraft carrier to vibrate!

Cracks appeared all over the seemingly rigid steel plates while the ground started to fracture.

Yang Chen frowned and moved to hundreds of meters away from his previous position.

At the moment Yang Chen dodged the roar, three extremely tall, sharp objects containing granite and metal rushed out from the ground to where Yang Chen stood earlier, like a skyscraper that rose from the ground!

“Wow, an ambush right after the battle started.” Smiling faintly, Yang Chen started walking in circles slowly and calmly.

Every time Yang Chen moved, different kinds of steel plates and stone walls would rise from the ground, or huge rocks would fall from above.

Yang Chen wasn’t only focused on dodging. Using the same space techniques as before, he utilized various rocks and metals from the ceiling and the floor as his weapons, causing different kinds of huge objects to collide as if they were playing a game.

The falling rocks and metal plates weighed tonnes at the very least. Should anyone get hit by it, there was no doubt in either of their minds that they would become like minced meat. However,when watching them battle, the supposed heavy objects looked as light as feathers!

“The place is too small. Let’s go outside!”

As Ares shouted, the seemingly indestructible site split apart from the center!

“That’s exactly what I thought!”

Yang Chen glanced at the unconscious Lin Zhiguo who was at the upper platform. Using his will, he moved two metal plates to cover Lin Zhiguo, granting him protection.

It didn’t take long for Yang Chen and Ares to split the already cut mountain in half, yet again!

At the same time, around half a kilometer away, Abbess Yun Miao, Cai Ning, and Yu Jizi who had escaped were dumbstruck at what they saw.

They refused to believe that, from the foot of the cliff to the summit, which was a few kilometres in height, had been cut into four portions by a mysterious and enormous force!

Soon, countless rocks, soil and vegetation turned into debris before sinking into the violent tides!

Even though they were stood far away from the battle, they were still able to hear the thunderous sounds of their fight.

It should be mentioned that the aircraft carrier site had been constructed using stainless steel! However, through the combat of two people, it was split so easily and reduced into dust!

Cai Ning and the others finally understood why the Treaty of Gods had to be formed in the first place. It was to ensure that the gods were never to unleash their abilities against non-gods. Was such a power even supposed to exist in the world?

If they weren’t fighting near the mountains, but on an aircraft carrier instead, wouldn’t it be destroyed into scrap?

Moreover, if gods were fighting in a city, not only would numerous people disappear out of thin air, the entire city would be obliterated in the blink of an eye as a result of massive space disruptions!

“This… this is the legendary battle between gods…” Yu Jizi murmured to himself.

“Luckily our aircraft carrier isn’t inside. Otherwise there was no way in hell it was going to survive this,” Cai Ning said.

Yun Miao suddenly remembered, Lin Zhiguo is still inside!

“Crap, I have to go save him!” Abbess Yun Miao said, while dashing back to the site. No matter how often they argued, Lin Zhiguo was still her husband at the end of the day.

Cai Ning and Yu Jizi glanced at each other before quickly following Yun Miao, as they couldn’t leave her and not help.

The gleaming moon hung in the sky, bone-biting cold wind blew across the ocean, clear skies all round.

Sky-reaching waves rolled across the sea. There stood two silhouettes midair a hundred meters away; they were Yang Chen and Ares!

The two of them were able to manipulate space and time. Something as trivial as floating in mid-air was a piece of cake to them.

When they could both control space, it was impossible to crush each other into dust or cut their bodies in half like what Yang Chen did to the people of Brahma earlier. It was possible, however, to destroy their opponent’s body to force them into rebirth, or destroy the opponent god’s consciousness, but it wasn’t very practical.

Thus, as the battle raged on, they destroyed the nearby mountains in the process. Their battle was impressive, but had no strategic elements to it. All they could do was compare their ability to manipulate space while predicting future moves and only strike when one side made a mistake.

“It seems like you inherited Hades’s understanding towards space methods. However, the old Hades couldn’t rival me. Nothing has changed.” As soon as Ares finished speaking, through space folding, he directly appeared in front of Yang Chen!

A punch with the quality of a crushed space was thrown at Yang Chen’s waist!

Yang Chen waved his arm as he instantly condense the crushed space, and at the same time caught Ares’s fist, before using his other arm to chop Ares’s neck!

Ares bent down as he withdrew his fist, dodging Yang Chen’s seemingly mediocre knife-hand strike.

However, although Ares managed to dodge Yang Chen’s attack, the ocean beneath didn’t. A trench tens of meters deep and hundreds of meters wide appeared in the middle of the ocean! The cause was obvious, Yang Chen’s attack, which had a space fracturing element to it!

Ares wasn’t one to give up. It wasn’t in his nature. As fast as lightning, he threw countless number of punches at Yang Chen, which appeared to be normal techniques, but all contained the elements of numerous, delicate space methods. Should Yang Chen fail to counter one of them, his body would easily become a broken punching bag!

Yang Chen welcomed each of his strikes. As he repeatedly strengthen the surrounding space to rectify the impacts caused by the usage of space methods by his opponent, while looking for opportunities to strike back.

Their space methods collided unstoppably. Although they have yet to have done any significant damage to each other, they gave rise to various trenches, tides, and high currents in the ocean beneath them.

Their surging auras immediately sent tsunami-like waves to the port.

Yang Chen and Ares, however, didn’t spare the time or effort to be wary of their surroundings. They continued using space methods on each other as they swirled in the air.

Abbess Yun Miao together with Cai Ning and Yu Jizi arrived nearby the site. They almost panicked when they were faced with the tsunami-like waves.

When seen from afar, although the battle between the two was frightening and the destruction was severe, it was still comprehensible. However, when they neared the battle scene, they finally felt the sky-flipping and ground-engulfing force!

Luckily, the three were proficient in their use of the lightness skill. They managed to get themselves to higher grounds before the waves came. They only got drenched afterwards, and weren’t swallowed by the waves.

When the three came to the site, it was destroyed beyond any recognition. Having searched carefully for a while, they finally located Lin Zhiguo. However… Gray Robe who had been nowhere to be seen all this time was currently standing beside Lin Zhiguo!

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