Chapter 5: What I Hate The Most

“Yang Chen, have you prepared the money I let you prepare yesterday? My brothers are waiting for that money to go eat breakfast and have a drink.” Chen Feng swung a silver chain in hand in circles as he moved forward with a smile that was neither cold nor warm.

Old Li panicked, he stood in front of Yang Chen and called out, “Chen Feng, you people shouldn’t go overboard anymore! Even if your dad Boss Chen owns this area, what qualifications do you have to be collecting protection fees!? Boss Chen has long ago said that those who didn’t open a shop don’t have to pay protection fees, do you think we don’t know that!?”

Chen Feng’s father, Chen Dehai was one of the west region’s underworld bosses, otherwise Chen Feng naturally wouldn’t go around collecting protection fees absolutely unrestrained. At that moment, hearing Old Li use his father to pressure him, coldness abruptly surfaced in his eyes, “Old thing, who do you think you are…… You think I’ll be afraid of you just because you mentioned my father? That is my father, not your grandson! For me to collect protection fees is me thinking highly of you! Don’t refuse the toast just to eat punishment!

“You……” Old Li only realized after he spoke that he nearly offended Boss Chen, after all those two are father and son, what is he in comparison? But he just couldn’t hold it in anymore. Just as he was about to help speak up on Yang Chen’s behalf, he was instead pulled back by Yang Chen who stood behind.

Yang Chen frowned, and rubbed his forehead as he faced this headache. After pulling Old Li back, he dully said to Chen Feng, “You’re called…… Chen Feng right? I’ll call you big bro Feng, don’t pick a quarrel out of nothing anymore. I as a person dislikes trouble, however, I don’t have cash on hand today, I’ll give it to you in a few days, you can return first.”

“Whew!” One of the subordinates loudly laughed, “Big bro Feng, this brat thinks he is the boss!? He thinks we will return just because he told us to?”

The other little hoodlums also wildly laughed, and even hooted “let’s teach this brat a lesson.”

It was as if Chen Feng also heard the funniest joke in the world, but in his heart he was truly angered by Yang Chen’s words, he evilly smiled and said, “Yang Chen…… If you have the guts say it again, do you believe that I’ll cut your tongue off……” At the end of those words, there was obvious killing intent.

Yang Chen’s uncaring expression suddenly turned a little cold, and as he gave Chen Feng a complicated gaze he said, “Do you know what I, as a person hate the most?”


Without waiting for Chen Feng to finish speaking, Chen Feng suddenly felt his whole body flying high in the sky! Immediately after, at the same time he felt a sharp pain on his abdomen, his body slammed into the roadside garbage bin with a “bam”sound! The remains of vegetables, leaves and fish covered his whole body, even his clothes were soaked by the rancid water!

“I, as a person, hate being threatened the most……”

As if only a simple push was made, Yang Chen stood at the spot where Chen Feng was previously standing, and withdrew the palm he threw out.

Chen Feng was thoroughly disoriented by this push and knock/slam/dunk/crash. At the same time he felt blood in his mouth and nose, the putrid smell of the garbage dug its way into his nose, causing him to retch in a moment!

“Stinking brat dared to hit our big bro Feng, he wants to die!!”

“Beat him to death!”

Several hoodlums did not understand the situation clearly but saw that their boss was beat, relying on their numbers, they didn’t think about how Yang Chen did it, and like a swarm of bees, they disorderly swung their fists and legs at him!

Yang Chen was lazy to look at them more, he didn’t care how they punched with their fists or kicked with their legs, he caught all of them with his hands then threw them onto the side of the road.

The hoodlums only felt their hands or legs being clamped down by an immense force, and their bodies being flung away against their control, immediately following with a hard knock onto the cement floor, before they started crying in pain.

Everyone else saw that Yang Chen was completely unscathed, and finally realized they were no match. Even Chen Feng who just crawled up from the garbage bin had cold sweat! He had seen the skills of some retired special forces under his father, every single one of them were his father’s trump cards, and when in a fight they could hold their own against 10 people easily. But even those people didn’t have such a large amount of strength, or such ridiculous speed, in a flash flinging away 6 men so effortlessly like they were just some random cats and dogs. It must be known that these little hoodlums may not have learned any martial arts, but they grew up fighting all the time, how can they possibly be beaten by just anybody?

“Let’s go!” Although Chen Feng was so angry that he grinded his teeth, he had to save his face. At that moment, seeing the serene expression on Yang Chen’s face, Chen Feng felt like he was looking at something as scary as a ghost, and hurriedly ordered his followers to run away.

Old Li and several bystanders witnessed Yang Chen’s skills, and all loudly cheered. These little hoodlums had been too accustomed to being domineering, while the other peddlers were all afraid of them, so Yang Chen’s actions today naturally gave them satisfaction. However, these people also didn’t dare to get too close to Yang Chen. After all, Chen Feng wasn’t scary, but if Chen Feng’s father, Chen Dehai came to deal with Yang Chen, they were afraid of being implicated.

Old Li was incomparably excited, “I say, little Yang, I didn’t expect you to be so skilled at combat, did you learn martial arts in the past?”

“Yep…… I learned a little.” Yang Chen wasn’t willing to divulge more, fact was, if it wasn’t for Chen Feng going overboard, dragging out his inner demons, he wouldn’t have fought in the market even if he was beat to death. However, just as he told Chen Feng, he had his principle——hate being threatened the most! Perhaps, this type of eccentricity was something he could never erase, no matter how low-profile he lived, because, he had the dignity of being strong!

Old Li saw that Yang Chen wasn’t willing to speak more of it, and didn’t pursue any further, with worry he asked, “Little Yang, right now you have beaten Chen Feng back, but if he calls his father Chen Dehai over, what are you going to do? You must know that Chen Dehai is a part of one of the two big gangs of the west region, the West Union Society, and is also an important figure among them. In this area nobody dares to provoke him!”

West Union Society huh…… Yang Chen unconcernedly laughed, then suddenly said to Old Li, “Got a cigarette?”

Seeing Yang Chen’s indifferent expression, Old Li could only helplessly worry, hearing Yang Chen request for a cigarette, he couldn’t help but bitterly smile as he said, “Didn’t you brat say you want to give up smoking?”

“Forget that, I’m not giving it up, I’m not used to not having a smoke after beating people up.” Yang Chen sighed in his heart, he didn’t expect that Chen Dehai was part of West Union Society, originally he planned to keep his distance from this type of people, which was why he wasn’t willing to become any closer to Rose, but he didn’t realize that he was already standing in the front line of battle.

Old Li fished out a packet of a 1 dollar and 50cents Orchid brand cigarettes, and gave Yang Chen a stick, “Poor people choose the cheapest cigarettes when they smoke, this cigarette is strong, not too shabby to smoke right?”

“Hiss……” Yet Yang Chen smoked a breath with incomparable pleasure, with a grin he said, “That’s right, a strong one is needed.”

“Young people should smoke less, it’s bad for the body.” Old Li smiled as he kindly advised.

Yang Chen slightly smiled back, in his heart he said: If smoking can harm my body, then all these years I’ve wasted my time practicing martial arts.

After the two finished their break, they began working on their business. Yang Chen also started reheating his lamb skewers, and grilling the raw ones, with a stick in his mouth, taking it as his own breakfast. Although this job was filthy, but doing it felt enjoyable, from time to time he even grinned towards the other peddlers in the surrounding.

Not too long after, a police car drove by, two policemen and once police officer wearing a white shirt came out of it, walking towards Yang Chen with a grave expression.

The leading police officer coldly asked, “Are you Yang Chen?” Copyright 2016 - 2024