Chapter 49: Accidental Meeting In The Hallway

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Upon returning back to Yu Lei International from Hua Cheng Gangster Company, it was already 4 in the afternoon, and approaching the time to get off work.

Yang Chen was in a fantastic mood, disregarding the exercise, he even earned some allowance, he no longer had to worry about the money needed to buy breakfast for the ladies in office.

Right after he got out of the elevator, he walked through the hallway towards the PR Department, this hallway was built using reinforced glass. The transparency allowed the gentle orange radiance of the setting sun to fall upon every nook and cranny inside. This made the hallway exude an aura of warmth, beauty, and peace.

Right at this moment, a scene in front made Yang Chen suddenly stop in his tracks.

It was a man and woman, the man should belong to the higher management in the company. He wore a white business shirt and suit pants, and he had a seemingly fat figure with an already bald head. He wasn’t tall, but had a clean appearance, and a pair of small eyes.

Yang Chen remembered seeing this person during lunch time, so he knew that this person was a department-head level person.

As for the woman, he could recognize her merely from the rear view . She wore a light purple outfit, and dyed her hair with streaks of purplish-red, along with that graceful and well developed curves. This was precisely Liu Mingyu from his office.

“Department Head Ma, I really have something on today. We can go another time when there’s a chance.” At this moment, Liu Mingyu’s face was a little pained, as she forcefully smiled and said.

The one addressed as Department Head Ma smiled with deep meaning as he said, “Oh, Mingyu, you have already rejected my invitation more than 10 times consecutively. What? Is it so hard to have a drink with an old man like me? Or do you simply look down upon me, this Ma?”

“That’s not it Department Head Ma.” Liu Mingyu eyebrows creased, “I…… I really have something on, tomorrow I still have to negotiate with a client, I honestly have no time.”

Department Head Ma’s smiling face gradually faded away, and he spoke with some coldness, “Liu Mingyu, you better not fail to appreciate kindness. Don’t think that I’m unaware of the rotten things you did with those clients of yours. In the whole company about 70 to 80 percent knows, what are you pretending to be pure and virtuous for!”

“Department Head Ma, you……” Liu Mingyu’s eyes turned a little moist, but she still resolutely endured, with her voice clearly turning cold she said, “Department Head Ma, please do not spout nonsense. Rumors and slanders cannot decide what kind of person I truly am.”

“Haha…… Number one in performance every year, you think everybody is too stupid to see? You are a flower in our PR Department that only lets outsiders pluck, Liu Mingyu you are being too stingy……” Department Head Ma revealed a wretched smile, “Be at ease, if you go for a drink with me…… I won’t treat you unfairly. The end of year bonuses and whatnot can be discussed……”

“Department Head Ma please take note of your image!” Liu Mingyu turned her head away, seemingly unwilling to speak more, pain was shown on her charming pretty face.

Department Head Ma wanted to say something more, yet suddenly felt that someone tapped his shoulder from behind.


Displeased, Department Head Ma turned around, and saw an unfamiliar young man giving him a strange smile.

“Who are you!?” Department Head Ma’s heart shivered, and he asked carefully.

Yang Chen roughly understood the situation by listening to their conversation nearby. At this moment he didn’t have a favorable impression of this fat old man that had no skills in picking up girls, hearing the question, he only smiled and said, “Hi Department Head Ma, I am the PR Department’s new male employee, my name is Yang Chen.”

“Male employee?” Department Head Ma revealed a pondering expression, “What are you doing here, what did you hear?”

“Oh, I was just coincidentally passing by, hearing Department Head Ma discuss with big sis Mingyu about going out to play at night, I wanted to ask if I could join. Department Head Ma, you might not know this, but I am very familiar with the brothels around here.” With that said, he even winked at Department Head Ma.

Department Head Ma’s eye twitched, “Brat, you want to threaten me? Do you know who I am? Just what did you hear? If you have no evidence, speak drivel and I will personally fire you!”

Seeing Yang Chen appear, Liu Mingyu at first felt a little happy inside, but when she saw Department Head Ma grilling Yang Chen, she was worried about him, and constantly tried to hint at Yang Chen to quickly leave.

Yang Chen naturally wouldn’t just leave, he drew out his phone with a smile, shook it and said, “Department Head Ma, you should be aware that phones are now very advanced, not only can they record voices, they can also do it really clearly.”

With that, Department Head Ma’s face immediately turned ugly, clenching his teeth he said, “What do you want……”

“I don’t want anything, depending on Department Head Ma’s attitude in cooperating. Pretend that nothing happened, then I shall do the same, and everybody will be safe and sound.” Yang Chen indifferently spoke, “If Department Head Ma wants to deal with me, then I’m sorry to say that it will be a life and death struggle. But I think, for a small employee and Department Head Ma to mutually self-destruct, Department Head Ma would be the one who loses more for sure.”

Department Head Ma had never experienced this kind of blackmail before, and almost fainted from anger. After saying the word “good” thrice consecutively, he fiercely glared at Yang Chen and Liu Mingyu, then left the scene in a rage.

Liu Mingyu sighed in relief as she patted her chest, those plump breasts of hers shook a little, causing Yang Chen to stare blankly.

Unhappily rolling her eyes at Yang Chen, Liu Mingyu also wasn’t shy, “Hey, stop staring, your eyeballs are falling out.”

“Hehe, big sis Mingyu’s figure is really good.” Yang Chen honestly commended.

Liu Mingyu’s pretty face blushed, and she playfully said, “It is unexpected that you can be so quick-witted, and even know to record with your phone, otherwise I really wouldn’t know what to do. Department Head Ma is a senior in the company, and also the Finance Department’s Head, not many people dare to go head to head with him in Yu Lei.”

Yang Chen didn’t seem to mind as he laughed and showed the cellphone’s display to Liu Mingyu.

Liu Mingyu stared blankly, then immediately laughed to the point her body shook, “Spoiled brat! So you were fooling him, this shows that he is really stupid, he didn’t even check if he was really recorded.”

“His skills in picking up girls was so bad, his brain definitely can’t be any good either.” Said Yang Chen as if this was to be expected.

Once the discussion was over, the two stood in the empty hallway with an awkward atmosphere, Liu Mingyu stayed silent for a while, then lowered her head and said, “Yang Chen, can I trouble you with something?”

“Speak.” Yang Chen could roughly guess what it was about.

“Don’t spread what happened here today, just treat it as if nothing happened.”

“Actually you don’t have to be like this, getting harassed often isn’t a good thing, why not think of a way to deal with that Department Head Ma.” In his heart, Yang Chen considered whether to inform his wife Lin Ruoxi, although that girl liked acting cold, she can’t possibly ignore her female employees, right?

Liu Mingyu bitterly smiled as she shook her head, “From the moment I entered the company, I have gotten best performance in the PR Department every year for the these few years. Suspicion and jealousy from others is something that will definitely exist. Moreover, I have never gone to look for a boyfriend, so it’s natural that everybody thought I’m that sort of person…… Even if Department Head Ma was gone, there would be others like Department Head Ma that come. Rather than that, why not keep the peace. The sisters in the office trust me, that is enough. I don’t want to make everybody worry……”

“With your qualifications, why don’t you find a boyfriend?” Yang Chen found the crux of the problem.

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