Ten Seconds

Chapter 11/15

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Sitting inside the Audi Cai Ning was driving, Yang Chen could get a whiff of her body scent which was splayed all over the car. This should be the car she usually drives.

Cai Ning wasn’t a talkative person. Although she wasn’t as cold as Lin Ruoxi, she still was considered a surprisingly dull woman, possibly due to her being away from home since young, in an effort to practise martial arts in Shushan. Yang Chen just didn’t know what to make of this woman.

Having driven for more than ten minutes, Cai Ning finally opened her mouth. “Actually, you didn’t have to promise the General. I know that you don’t like to be involved in these things.”

Being one of the core members of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, she was naturally aware of Lin Zhiguo’s intention. Their enemy this time was much stronger than expected. Her team would be fighting with their lives at stake.

However, they’d be emboldened with Yang Chen’s participation.

Smiling faintly, Yang Chen said, “How did you know that I’d accept his request?”

“General certainly has his way to make you agree to him,” Cai Ning said.

Yang Chen looked at Cai Ning strangely before saying carefreely, “Do you know why I agreed to help you guys out?”

Cai Ning frowned. “Is it because of Ruoxi?”

Yang Chen smiled slightly. “I previously thought so too. Your general is too cunning, and thinks that he’s so smart, he can predict my moves. He feels that he has the ability to make me help him. However, in fact, I’m only helping you guys for personal reasons.”

I’ve returned to this country for more than a year now. There are many people I love and people who love me here. At the very least, I owe it to them to ensure that they can live peacefully. I can’t bring them trouble because of my existence. So, I have to try my best to eliminate everything that could threaten them. This way, I can be a little selfish and at the same time help you all. After all, you’re still a layer of protective umbrella, aren’t you?”

Cai Ning nodded, and stopped raising more questions.

Yang Chen recalled about Cai Yan’s matter. He asked, “What happened to Cai Yan? You came to my house earlier and said a bunch of stuff blurrily. Why didn’t I see her at your house today?”

Speaking of Cai Yan, Cai Ning quickly turned cold. “You don’t need to ask. Just stay away from my sister in the future.”

Yang Chen was shocked by the answer. He sighed and didn’t try to prod any further.

When the car drove past a street of bars, Yang Chen suddenly thought of Rose whom he hadn’t visited in awhile. He had been rather busy ever since he came back from Japan, and started missing her already.

Rose was the kind of person who would silently wait for you to come when you were away. Every time Yang Chen thought of this behavior of hers, he’d feel extremely guilty.

“Stop the car here. I have something to do before I go home,” Yang Chen said to Cai Ning.

Frowning, Cai Ning asked, “What?”

“I want to look for my woman,” Yang Chen said happily.

“Your woman?” Cai Ning looked at the surroundings, only to find bars and nightclubs. Lin Ruoxi wasn’t someone who would come to such places. She instantly realized Yang Chen wanted to meet his other lovers. Staring at him angrily, she shouted, “Get out of my car, you shameless fellow!”

Cai Ning pulled the emergency brake, which confused Yang Chen. What’s happening to this girl? She isn’t the one I’m teasing, is she?

After Yang Chen hopped down from the car and walked towards Rose Bar, Cai Ning sat in her car as she stared at his back view which was slowly distancing away.

After quite a while, Cai Ning sighed slightly. She murmured, “My stupid sister… is a man like him really worth it…?”

Yang Chen was unaware of Cai Ning’s thoughts. Upon seeing the sign of Rose Bar, he had the urge to rush inside to hug Rose and kiss her.

Nothing would happen when he was too busy to think of her. However, once he got reminded of her existence, his mind would start heating up.

Since it was in the afternoon, the bar was relatively empty. Yang Chen walked to the front counter and saw Chen Rong who was diligently cleaning a crystal wine glass.

Upon seeing Yang Chen, Chen Rong let out a smile. “Brother Yang, you’re finally here. Elder Sister has been downhearted nowadays, which gave us heartaches when we see her.”

Yang Chen smiled in an embarrassed manner. “I’m quite busy nowadays. I just returned to the country. Rose isn’t angry, is she?”

“Brother Yang, even if you’re busy, you should at least consider giving Elder Sister a call every once in awhile. It’s not like you don’t understand Elder Sister’s personality. She’s not the type to take the initiative to call you out of nowhere,” Chen Rong said as she protested for Rose. Since she got close to Yang Chen, she could afford to be more straightforward.

Gloomily, Yang Chen realized that he didn’t have the habit of calling his women. It certainly looked like he had never taken the initiative to call the women around him to ask about them.

It could be because of his negligent behaviour previously, not to mention he had always been extremely independent, so keeping in touch with the people around him didn’t come naturally.

It sure seems like I have to change my bad habit. I can’t always let the people I love suffer.

“You don’t have to change. You wouldn’t be you anymore if you did.”

Suddenly, the gentle and joyous voice of Rose resounded from the front.

Yang Chen raised his head, only to see Rose who was smiling at him, dressed in a purple, low-necked cardigan together with a grey, ripple-like, Irish skirt.

Rose appeared to have gone to a salon and received a hair treatment recently. Her beautiful hair was originally straight and smooth, but was now slightly curled, causing her to look less heroic, but more gentle and charming.

Awkwardly, Yang Chen said, “I have to change. I can’t always make you suffer. It’s not like its a good habit anyway.”

Rose shook her head as she smiled. “To me, your habits are all great. So don’t change them.”

Why does this woman never fail to say something so heartwarming? If this was her way to bind men, Yang Chen felt that he’d willingly be tied up from all directions.

Chen Rong made an exaggerated expression, signifying sourness. “Elder Sister, so even you know how to spout cheesy lines like this.”

“What is it? Does our Rongrong want to look for a man who could say the same to her?” Rose asked with a smile.

Chen Rong stuck her tongue out before remaining silent.

Yang Chen walked forward and held one of Rose’s soft, jade-like hand before pinching it lightly. He then pulled Rose to a quiet corner in the bar. “I went to Japan a while back, and was extremely busy when I came back, so I haven’t had the time to come visit you.”

“There’s no need for an explanation. I’m not a spoiled little girl who wants to be with her boyfriend all day. I can wait,” Rose said helplessly.

Smiling bitterly, Yang Chen said, “Babe Rose, to be honest, if you acted like a spoiled little girl in front of me, hit me, or scold me, It’d actually make me feel much better. I don’t like looking at you silently waiting for my arrival.”

“I’m happy enough to hear you say that. Moreover, if I really wanted to, I could find you at your company if I really miss you. I’m a shareholder of your company,” Rose said before winking.

Yang Chen patted the back of Rose’s hand. He knew that saying anything more would be useless. The fact that Rose behaved this way was no different than him finding it hard to treat his women properly. It was hard to change.

Suddenly, Rose poked Yang Chen’s chin with her finger. “Hubby, raise your head.”


Rose’s bright, watery eyes stared right into Yang Chen’s eyes.

“Just like this. Don’t move, let me look at you face-to-face, while you look at me this way as well.”

“What’s going on?” Yang Chen didn’t understand what she was up to, but still obeyed her.

After the two held their gazes for around ten seconds, Rose chuckled, as if she was overjoyed.

“Babe, why are you smiling like a fool?” Yang Chen asked, confused.

“You’re the fool, not me,” Rose replied. “I read a magazine yesterday, which had a segment written about a foreign married couple, who lovingly lived together, all their lives. Some people asked them why they had never fought, and how they could keep loving each other so much. Their answer was, no matter how busy they got, they would free up around ten seconds of their time to look at each other. They maintained this habit ever since they got married, until they neared the end of their lives…”

Yang Chen’s heart shivered lightly. When Rose gently narrated the matter, her tone almost melted his heart.

“Although we can’t look at each other every day, starting from today, every time we meet, look into my eyes for ten seconds, can you give me that?”

Ten seconds… All this woman wants is ten seconds…

Yang Chen felt his eyes start to heat up. He didn’t know if it was because of the heater in the bar being too strong, or something else entirely

“You’re such a stupid woman. You’re always waiting for me like this. Don’t you feel aggrieved in any way?”

Rose quietly shook her head. “Not at all. I thought about it when I was making my decision, but still chose to follow you at last.”

“Hubby, to me, it’s a blessing every time you come to see me. Actually, every second I get to wait for you to come is a blessing to me as well.

“Happiness is always two-sided. I’m very blessed when you treat me nicely. Waiting for you is my blessing as well.”

Yang Chen smiled. Yeah… happiness is always two-sided. One gets happiness in return for giving out happiness. Rose understands this principle, but unfortunately too many people in this world do not.

As the two were sweet talking to each other, a couple walked inside the bar. Before Yang Chen and Rose looked over there, Chen Rong who was at the front counter shouted, “Elder Brother!”

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