Liu Yun's Performance

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The next morning, the numerous guests who were attending the wedding, started to board the Liu clan’s luxury cruise ship at Ishikari Bay.

Being the hosts of the wedding, Liu Kangbai and An Zaihuan had been standing by the entrance of the cruise ship together, with their men, as they warmly greeted their guests. Even the breeze of the ice-cold sea didn’t affect them at this moment.

Around an hour later, a white helicopter with the logo of the Jade Clouds Corporation slowly descended on top of the cruise ship as it parked at the helipad.

Being the host of honour, and the centre of attention, Liu Yun who was dressed in a well-ironed tuxedo exited the helicopter energetically. Looking bright and confident, he was complemented about his appearance by quite a lot of the guests.

Soon after, An Xin whose appearance was nothing short of divine, walked down from the helicopter. Her jet black hair was tied up in a tall bun. Covered in a cold-proof, red trench coat, she was escorted into the cruise by a few bodyguards.

An Xin felt that Liu Yun who was walking in front of her, acted rather weirdly. Ever since they met this morning, he hadn’t talked to her at all, and all the while the gazes that he gave her was not unlike something a person would give a stranger.

Recalling what Yang Chen told her last night, An Xin couldn’t help but wonder if Yang Chen poured some kind of soup into Liu Yun’s mouth and made him become idiotic.

After all of the guests had boarded the ship, the luxury cruise set sail towards the center of the ocean at Ishikari Bay. The cruise would be out at sea for two days as a celebration for the marriage.

The official wedding ceremony had not yet begun, but the banquet hall of the cruise was starting to get lively. Hundreds of guests toasted the marriage with wine as they chatted away. There were ten or so giant LED screens which were broadcasting MTV surrounding the venue, causing the people around to feel joyous due to the melodious rhythm.

However, most of these guests were families and friends of the An and Liu clans, in addition to their business partners. The major families in Zhonghai, including the Yuan clan, Cai clan and the others weren’t involved. The reason was really simple. Since Liu family planned to swallow the An family, it didn’t make sense to make the wedding a high-profile one, even the invited guests were merely used to lower An Zaihuan’s caution. Furthermore, An Xin wasn’t willing to marry Liu Yun, so it was logical for the wedding to be conducted in Japan.

Liu Kangbai and An Zaihuan stood on the stage together as they started to give speeches regarding the marriage of their children.

When Liu Kangbai walked off the stage, he turned around to look at An Zaihuan who was still standing cheerful on the stage, before the corners of his lips revealed a disdainful smile.

Liu Kangbai called an assistant over and asked, “Are Yun and An Xin here yet?”

The assistant answered respectfully, “Young Master said the wedding may start now. Everything’s in place.”

Liu Kangbai looked upstairs and noticed his son Liu Yun, who raised his wine glass towards him.

Liu Kangbai was satisfied. This son of his was certainly more merciless and cruel than him, and wouldn’t get affected by insignificant matters in his life.

He would give up his reputation, to marry into the An family, just to devour all of An family’s assets in a perfectly justifiable manner, even though he knew the lady had been with other men before.

After their plan succeeded, even if the Liu clan’s assets couldn’t surpass the Yuan clan who were still number one in Zhonghai, they wouldn’t be too far off. Unfortunately, Yang Jieyu was in Yuan clan, which made it impossible for the Liu clan to overpower the Yuan clan in terms of government official backgrounds. But Liu Kangbai would hold no regrets for what has happened in his life, should that happen.

Liu Kangbai took a glass of champagne from a server and raised his glass back at Liu Yun, before telling his assistant, “Ask the pastor to go on stage. The wedding will now officially begin.”

“Yes Boss.”

Not before long, the lights of the venue were dimmed, while the screens around stopped playing MTV, and changed to a wedding music.

When the emcee announced, “The groom may now make his way in ,” everyone’s gaze turned to the direction of the entrance in which they came in from.

Liu Kangbai was already seated as he waited for Liu Yun’s arrival together with the others, while An Zaihuan was being prepared at the backstage to bring An Xin into the venue as he held her hand.

However, after an entire minute, Liu Yun’s figure was nowhere to be found.

Liu Kangbai frowned and wanted to ask what was going on. At this moment, Liu Yun’s makeup artist rushed down quickly and came to Liu Kangbai. Softly but anxiously, he said, “Young Master, he… he’s gone!”

Liu Kangbai exclaimed as he tried to lower his voice, “Nonsense! We even greeted each other remotely just now. Why is he gone now?!”

“He’s really gone! He was still in the makeup room earlier. I turned around to look for a tie, but Young Master disappeared when I turned back around!” The makeup artists was extremely nervous.

“Idiot!” Liu Kangbai’s face reddened as he stared at the makeup artist fiercely. “If you dare to lie to me, I’ll throw you into the ocean!”

“I… Why would I dare lie to you…” The makeup artist was so anxious that he almost cried. What show is he putting up now? Is he a magician? Why did he suddenly go missing?!

The few uncles from Liu clan aside asked nervously, “What is it? What happened? Where’s Liu Yun?”

Liu Kangbai really wanted to slap these retarded old fellows till they meet death’s door. He felt that something was definitely wrong with this situation. Ignoring the questions by the uncles, he summoned a few bodyguards. “Search every corner of the ship. The cruise is on the ocean, how it possible that he went missing just like that?! Search immediately!”

Liu Kangbai’s voice wasn’t soft at all. Many people around him heard what he said. In an instant, the news started to spread around like wildfire —the groom was missing!

Right before the wedding started, the groom was nowhere to be found. Not only was it a joke, but it was a rare occasion as well.

An Zaihuan who was at the backstage heard the news as well. His expression immediately turned sour. Looking at his expressionless daughter beside him who was wearing a wedding dress, he frowned as he asked, “Is this something you did? Where is Liu Yun?”

An Xin raised her head and said in contempt to her father, “Something I did? You dragged me to Japan, forcefully I might add, and I have been kept monitored ever since. This place is within the domain of the Liu clan, what do you think I can do here? He’s a living man, what can I do to him?”

An Zaihuan merely brought it up. He knew that the incident wasn’t related to An Xin after asking her. Worry could be seen on his face as he looked around nervously. He put in so much effort to become related to the Liu clan through marriage, but the groom disappeared during the key moment. How was this acceptable?

An Xin appeared calm, but inside, she was extremely pleased with the situation. She was worried that Yang Chen’s plan had failed, since nothing happened even when she was almost at the venue.

So the problem appeared on Liu Yun’s side. Although An Xin didn’t know why and how Liu Yun disappeared, she knew that everything was definitely under Yang Chen’s control.

Presently, An Xin wasn’t worried about whether she would be forced into marriage, but was rather looking forward to what was going to happen next.

After ten, full minutes, the entire cruise was searched, but the security staff from the Liu clan didn’t manage to locate Liu Yun’s shadow. The crowd in the hall had started to become more restless and disorderly.

Liu Kangbai looked furious. He had been calling Liu Yun but his phone was always shut off. There was even no news from Liu Yun’s assistant.

Suddenly, a subordinate beside Liu Kangbai looked like he just witnessed something horrifying. Ponting at the giant screen nearest to him, he shouted, “Boss, look!”

Annoyed, Liu Kangbai raised his head to look at the screen. His eyes immediately widened while he almost fainted due to hyperaemia in his head!

No one knew when the giant screens around started displaying a video. The main character in the clip, was Liu Yun whom everyone was looking for!

Under everyone’s attention, Liu Yun who was on the screen, was in a dimly lit room, with only a searchlight shining on him exposing his body. In the video, Liu Yun wasn’t wearing anything. His skin was exposed in the air while his limbs were fixed on a recliner.

A stout Japanese woman, weighing roughly more than 100 kilograms, whose body was covered entirely with tattoos of banshees sat on Liu Yun’s thighs, naked!

Worsening the situation, the man-like woman was conducting the ‘ultimate exercise’ with Liu Yun, while uncontrolled moans echoed throughout the venue. The elderly and young included, male and female, all recognized the savageness through the sounds and the beast-like roughness.

The most depressing yet laughable thing was, Liu Yun appeared to have been ‘used excessively’. His firm and healthy face were sunk in while his eyeballs were bloodshot. His gaze looked lifeless, his face appeared apathetic, and his lips were pale. He looked like his life force had almost been depleted, and he would die at any moment.

However, under such circumstances, Liu Yun’s little junior was erected particularly upright. It was being unstoppably toyed with by the grinding-disc-like butt of the woman, but it still didn’t fall down!

“This… this…”

Liu Kangbai wished he could have caved his brain in with a brick! He looked like he was pissed to death and angered to life again!

“Shut it off! Shut it off! What the heck is this?! It’s all fake, it’s all fake!” Liu Kangbai crazily shouted at the subordinates around. “Quickly call the people in charge to turn off all of the screens!”

“Yes!” The staff in charge of audio and video used his walkie talkie as he tried to establish a connection, but the signal suddenly got cut off!

“Boss! They can’t be turned off! I can’t contact the people in the control room!” The person yelling almost cried. It would cost his life to say something like that!

At the backstage, An Xin and her father similarly witnessed the ‘wonderful performance’ on a mini television. Dumbstruck, An Zaihuan stood still while his eyes turned white, while An Xin covered her mouth and burst into laughter.

The other guests there didn't have to be described. Naturally, all of them laughed scornfully while a lot of swearing could be heard. Some of the Liu clan’s maids and servants facing the screens couldn’t hold themselves back from laughing as well.

On the screen, Liu Yun seemed like he reached climax once again. His eyeballs turned white and foam came out from his mouth before fainting away. However, the fat woman on his body started scolding Liu Yun using Japanese and slapped his face violently, in an attempt to wake him up for another round of exercise.

Liu Kangbai found it hard to breathe. Holding onto his chest, he pointed at his son on the screen, mumbling, “Unfilial child… unfilial child… you animal… do you want to infuriate me to death…”

However, before Liu Kangbai could speak any more, a bodyguard rushed in swiftly and reported something as he panted…

“This is bad! This is bad! Boss! A missile-equipped destroyer is behind us. They sent us a signal warning us that they want to launch a missile at us!”

Liu Kangbai staggered and his eyes turned white before he fell onto the ground, fainting on-the-spot!

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