Scarlet Revenge

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Seeing that Nine-tailed Arctic Fox died just like that, Nine-lived Demon Cat’s eyes immediately reddened, while Noriko Okawa noticed that his life was at risk in the battle. He shouted at his two helpers Hannya and Tanuki loudly, “If you want to live, give it your best!”

Hannya and Tanuki looked incredibly solemn. They didn’t move after listening to the order. Even an expert like Noriko Okawa couldn’t cope with the situation, what could they do if they stepped in?!

As Yang Chen closed in on Noriko Okawa, he finally stopped holding his power back.

He was seen raising the demon’s blade in his hand. The dragon carving which was covered with Yang Chen’s blood on the Mystical Masamura became lively again.

“You may not know this. The stronger the blood, the more the of this blade can be brought out. I’ll let you have a taste of the strength of the demon’s blade activated by your own blade.

Killing aura exploded from Noriko Okawa’s entire body while the blood light of the demon’s blade lit the place brightly, while his white hair reflected various colors when it was shone upon!

Yang Chen silently looked at him gather killing aura while he stood still.

“You’ll regret this!”

Noriko Okawa didn’t use any fancy moves. He merely raised the demon’s blade high up swinging it downwards!

Having reached Noriko Okawa’s level, one would’ve simplified complicated movements. Without any particular techniques, the most direct skill he could display was his robust strength!

All of the killing aura was condensed onto the blade, causing the dragon carvings on the demon’s blade to roar faintly while the red light of Mystical Lotus Sutra shone!

Nine-lived Demon Cat and the two jinnins Hannya and Tanuki all understood what they were witnessing. How is this still the same demon’s blade as the one before?

At the moment when Okawa’s demon’s blade swung towards Yang Chen, a humongous scarlet light with a height of more than five feet rushed towards him, with a thunderous sound of breaking the sound barrier, slashing onto the top of Yang Chen’s head!

Since the blade was overbearing and overly fierce, and had a height of more than five feet, the majestic energy dispersed into the surroundings violently. When the strong gust slid across the faces of the three people around, they even felt a slight pain!

When Demon Cat and the other two were dumbfounded by Noriko Okawa’s hidden ultimate skill, their hopes for survival raised… He may really slay Yang Chen with that!

At the same time, the roof which wasn’t very high to begin with got slashed apart, while the walls on the opposite were broken into small pieces.

The hundred-year-old mansion of Okawa clan got cut apart by Noriko Okawa himself!

The rain outside which was getting heavier as time passed wet their faces. The dust brought up by the huge blade light quickly got brought away by the rainwater.

Yang Chen who had been standing stil,l quietly waited for the blade light to land on him suddenly burst into laughter.

His laugh made everyone fall into despair once again!

“Blade Condensation of Killing Aura, this skill is quite impressive. Unfortunately, I’m not who I used to be a while ago anymore…”

Under the overcast sky, the only one who wasn’t drenched in rainwater was Yang Chen. Without the slightest injury, he stood still on the ground as he gazed upon Noriko Okawa who was heavily panting as a result of utterly depleting his energy with a fun look.

The entire half of the wall behind together with more hand half the area of the roof on top of Yang Chen had collapsed. However, the place where Yang Chen stood wasn’t the slightest affected!

Noriko Okawa appeared hopeless. He took a few steps back pathetically. His previously calm expression changed which evidently showed his panic!

“Attack! Attack! Quickly attack!”

Noriko Okawa immediately shouted to order Hannya and Tanuki. At such a moment, he really hoped he could gather all of the ninjas from Yamata Sect. Although he knew that it wouldn’t help, since such a level of battle could only involve true experts, it would still be good if there were more people to delay Yang Chen, even for a little bit!

Being most cunning, Tanuki saw that the situation didn’t look right since Noriko Okawa couldn’t fight anymore, he decided it was best to escape from the place. With his incredible speed, he thought Yang Chen wouldn’t necessarily manage to catch him, not to mention Okawa and Demon Cat were still there.

As he analyzed his situation, Tanuki took a small step back. Grasping the opportunity, he suddenly sneaked out as he disappeared from where he stood!

However, he didn’t know that the entire area had long been in Yang Chen’s control. Yang Chen could tell what Tanuki was going to do with ease.

Without waiting for Tanuki to leave the place, Yang Chen simply waved his hand to the back!

A shapeless field formed by internal energy blocked Tanuki’s escape!


Tanuki’s body got obstructed by an unknown wall of air which seemed impenetrable. His body shook violently before falling onto the ground from midair and spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Yang Chen walked to his front with an evil smile. “I haven’t liked you a lot since the time you came to China. I wasn’t in a convenient position to take action then, but it’s another story now.”

After he finished speaking, without waiting for Tanuki to say anything, he directly stomped his foot, turning TanukI’s skull which displayed terror into a lump of flesh.

Due to the rapid improvement of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture, Yang Chen didn’t feel any discomfort after killing a few people. Turning around, he looked at the remaining three people.

Noriko Okawa paid full attention at Yang Chen as his hand which was holding the demon’s blade shivered. Cold sweat flowed down his forehead repeatedly. One had to get near death to truly experience fear.

Having killed countless people, Noriko Okawa was still afraid of death!

It wasn’t a matter of courage. It was the most basic human instinct!

“Hannya, strike later together with Father! We’ll fight with our lives!” Noriko Okawa said to Hannya who was behind him.

Hannya looked cold and emotionless. Drawing her short knife out, she replied, “Yes, (Adoptive) Father!”

Yang Chen got slightly surprised. He didn’t expect Hannya to be Noriko Okawa’s adopted daughter. No wonder Hannya was the leader during the mission to China earlier, although Tengu was the strongest.

“Demon Cat, don’t even think about escaping. Attack together!” Noriko Okawa said to Demon Cat who looked hesitant. He knew that the woman may really be thinking of an escape if he didn’t remind her.

“Humph,” Demon Cat snorted in contempt. She was indeed considering an escape, since Yang Chen had too strong of a power level, so they basically had zero chance of defeating him. However, escaping wouldn’t cut it as well. After listening to what Okawa said, she knew that she had to fight with her life.

Noriko Okawa looked solemn as he gazed upon Yang Chen. He didn’t dare to behave incautious for even half a second. The masamura in his hand beamed red again. However this time, he evidently didn’t have enough killing aura anymore to output the blades light earlier. All he could do was to focus his energy and pose a fighting stance.

“Hannya, you go first!”

Okawa’s plan was really simple. He’d sacrifice Hannya as a vanguard, and find a chance to sneak an attack with Demon Cat. This was his only chance!

Hannya nodded without any emotions. She gathered killing aura on her glowing short knife before suddenly launching forward!


The sound of a broken sound barrier could be heard. Violently, she used her short knife to pierce through Noriko Okawa’s heart!

This sudden twist caused the situation to become strange once again!

Noriko Okawa was originally gazing upon Yang Chen. Unexpectedly, he received a surprise attack by Hannya from behind. The knife which penetrated his back came out from his chest, causing blood to splash out!


Noriko Okawa slowly turned around, only to find that Hannya moved a few feet away. Evidently, she was defending against Noriko Okawa’s counter-attack.

Joy and hatred could be seen in Hannya’s eyes, while viciousness which didn’t match her aura could be seen on her oriental face.

“Are you surprised? I’ve been waiting for today for ten years,” Hannya said coldly.

Noriko Okawa was aged to begin with. His excellence in fighting fully depended on the accumulation of his training. Having depleted a huge amount of killing aura and been pierced his lethal body part, he finally fell onto the ground as he died, with his eyes rolled.

Clunk! The demon’s blade fell while the red light dispersed.

Yang Chen didn’t see this coming at all, for a show of an adopted daughter killing her father to be put up. However, he didn’t mind it too much. Smiling weirdly, he said to Hannya, “If you’re thinking I’d let you go because you killed your father, you must be looking up to me too much. I’m not that generous.”

Hannya shook her head. “I have nothing to say if Your Majesty Pluto wants to take my life away. I just want to take revenge on him killing my entire family, and for abusing me since young. I didn’t do it to ask for Your Majesty’s forgiveness.”

Yang Chen realized it was a hatred formed long ago by blood. As he thought about it, it made sense that she’d want to kill Noriko Okawa for abusing and humiliating her since young.

Unfortunately, Noriko Okawa was too powerful. So Hannya only managed to succeed because he was forced to the blind alley by Yang Chen today.

At this moment, Yang Chen’s silhouette flashed again. He appeared on top of a wall of the courtyard!

Under the wall, Nine-lived Demon Cat who was trying to escape revealed horror on her face. She grasped the opportunity earlier when Yang Chen and Hannya were talking to secure her life. However, she got blocked by Yang Chen again.

“Your sisters are all dead, Okawa is dead as well. I feel it’s best for you to die as well.” Yang Chen smiled brightly, as if he wasn’t going to kill, but was sending someone to a good place instead.

Demon Cat retreated in fear as she shook her head repeatedly. She couldn’t think of resisting anymore. She turned around immediately as she wanted to run away!

Yang Chen didn’t say much this time. He moved and appeared in front of her. Turning around, he raised his palm and slapped Demon Cat on her skull!

Demon Cat’s body shook violently. Following closely, her limbs and upper body expanded…

Boom! Her flesh scattered in all directions. Her entire body got smashed into meat pieces by Yang Chen!

Yang Chen had to do it this way. He knew that Demon Cat had strong self-healing abilities. Although this way of dying was disgusting, it was the best way to take her life, by smashing her with internal energy.

Hannya paled after witnessing the scene. Even when she had killed numerous people before, she still couldn’t stand the bloody and violent method to kill.

Yang Chen didn’t mind it too much. Turning around, he walked back to the courtyard. The dramatic battle with multiple conflicts was finally coming to an end. The only one left was the female ninja who was trembling in fear. Copyright 2016 - 2024